Labour & Birth

Natural ways to bring on labour

Natural ways to bring on labour

You are in your last few weeks of pregnancy, and you may be itching for baby to come out now. But, ... »

Rock your childbirth on Mother's Day -

Mother’s Day Tips: Your Guide to Help You Rock Your First Birth

So you’re going to be a mum for the first time. This means that you are entitled to expect a l... »

Mumsnet Bumpfest 2014

Mumsnet Bumpfest 2014 – Pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond from an experienced mum’s point-of-view

*I apologise in advance for the length and detail of this post on Bumpfest 2014. I have literally wr... »

Top ten tips for preparing for a new baby

My Top Ten Tips for Preparing for a New Baby

It’s true when they say that you can never really be fully prepared for the birth of a new bab... »

Toco monitoring labour (CTG)

Toco Monitoring in Labour (CTG)

I have been thinking about VBACs, i.e. Vaginal Births After Caesarean. There is a very strong argume... »

Boy caesarean

My thoughts on caesarean section

I created this blog post after what Kirsty Allsop said about birth and parenting. On reading the art... »

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