switching energy providers

Switching energy suppliers when you’re renting

Energy providers are continually raising their energy prices and the advice is to switch energy prov... »

Woman drinking coffee working on laptop

How to be more productive at home

I often find myself procrastinating when I should be finishing a deadline, completing a household ch... »

JML Product reviews

Review of JML Products

There are some products you have in your house that becomes your staple to help you survive the dai... »

10 weird and wonderful things about flats

10 weird and wonderful thing about flats

With two-thirds of the UK population looking expected to be living in cities by 2050, due to the ri... »

7 floor plan mistakes to avoid

7 Floor Planning Mistakes to Avoid

You've stocked your house with the best furnishings you can find. You've opted for the finest floor ... »

Is using domestic cleaning services worth the money

Is using a domestic cleaning service worth the money?

When was the last time your oven was cleaned out completely? Do you bleach your bathroom(s) every we... »

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