Get outdoors!

Boys getting outdoors to their local parks and playgrounds

The decline of outdoor parks with playgrounds linked to child health problems

Do you remember back in the day (around twenty to thirty years ago) when smartphones and tablets did... »

Kids playing outdoors

Early activities that your kids can get involved into

If you think back to your younger years, you may remember taking part in numerous extracurricular ac... »

Lady running with buggy

Healthy lifestyle habits when you have a hectic schedule

"A healthy body is a healthy mind." The above age-old saying is 100% true. However, for a lot of... »

Benefits walking pregnancy

The benefits of walking during pregnancy

In some cultures, exercise is considered detrimental to the pregnancy, but it is becoming increasing... »

kids bikes

Fun things to do with the kids that don’t involve them using a screen!

The topic of screen time damaging children's minds has ironically been on every screen available, bu... »

Boys on their bikes outside

The importance of exercising outdoors this winter

When the temperature plummets, the usual notion is to hibernate indoors like bears and come out aga... »

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