My breastfeeding experience got me down

My breastfeeding experience got me down

My sister-in-law was the first person ever I knew who breastfed because on my side of the family, no... »

Breast lactation

Breastfeeding massage technique to stimulate breastmilk, unclog milk ducts and ensure baby is getting full fat milk!

I produce a lot of breastmilk, especially foremilk, so I learned a breast massage technique, called ... »

How i lost breastfeeding and got it back

How I Lost Breastfeeding and Got it Back

Someone I know once said to me that becoming a mother for the first time was "a bit of a shock to th... »

The truth about pregnancy

The truth about breastfeeding

It was so much easier than I was expecting. After attending a breastfeeding workshop before my son w... »


Breastfeeding basics: advice for new mums

Reference: Trotter S (2008). Breastfeeding basics: advice for new mums. Nursing in Practice (Septemb... »

Biological nurturting let the baby do the work

Letting baby do the work: Biological Nurturing

It was late afternoon on a dark November day and I was at the end of my tether. Week 6 of breastfeed... »

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