Third Trimester

Week 27 of My Pregnancy – My third trimester has arrived!

I’m now in my third trimester – only three months to go! Hubby is even more stressed and crazy... »

Week 28 of My Pregnancy – I can hear my baby’s heartbeat

I had my doctor’s appointment today. Blood pressure and urine are fine and the baby has now settled ... »

Week 29 of My Pregnancy – Can’t help but get excited, the end is near

I can’t help it – I’m too excited about the prospects of possibly moving to our first new home! I ju... »

Week 30 of My Pregnancy – Receive the great news that we’re moving to our home

Great news! Hubby has been accepted for a mortgage which means that we can now make arrangements to ... »

Week 31 of My Pregnancy – I can’t see my feet!

Picked up the keys to our new flat today. Hubby and I are now on the property ladder! We bought a re... »

Week 32 of My Pregnancy – Things are really getting to me now…

Having such a bad week this week. We’ve been at the new flat for a week now and the place looks like... »

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