Second Trimester

Week 26 of My Pregnancy – I can’t stop looking at other pregnant mums’ bumps!

I can’t stop looking at other pregnant mothers’ bumps! I feel like I’m in a private pregnant women’s... »

Week 25 of My Pregnancy – I have a nocturnal baby in my belly!

Our baby is really kicking now and responding to music. He is such an active boy! When I’m working d... »

Week 24 of My Pregnancy – Does drinking alcohol affect your unborn baby?

I decided to visit my hubby after work and met up with some mates in the pub as I was bored at home.... »

Week 23 of My Pregnancy – Babies come with suitcases

My sister exchanged contracts with her boyfriend to buy a flat early this year, but they’ve now spli... »

Week 22 of My Pregnancy – Started to experience Braxton Hicks contractions

I have been having some rude dreams lately, so hubby and I broke the drought, that’s all I’m saying!... »

Week 21 of My Pregnancy – Found a new job and it suits my pregnancy well

Back from North Cyprus, back from the scan and now I’ve found a job too!  I was searching and search... »

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