My Pregnancy

hospital bag

Week 35 – Finally got my hospital bag packed and ready

Finally bought my hospital bag and packed it all up nicely. This is what I included (with links to ... »

41 weeks pregnant - I finally give birth to my baby boy!

41 weeks pregnant – Finally my baby has arrived!

After 2 sweeps, walking up and down a gazillion flights of stairs, travelling the whole of London a... »

40 weeks pregnant

40 weeks pregnant – My due date has arrived, but still no baby!

Week 40 of my pregnancy has arrived and there is sitll no sign of baby in sight »

walk pregnancy

39 weeks pregnant – No sign of labour yet!

Hubby’s mum came over from Switzerland to stay for a week, which is great because I really enjoy he... »

38 weeks pregnant

38 weeks pregnant – the baby’s half engaged

I saw my midwife and she told me that, at 38 weeks plus 2 days, I am 3/5 palpable, which means I’m ... »

pregnant friends

37 weeks pregnant – Boxer is full term!

Hubby and I attended a water birth session with hubby at my local birth centre. We watched a very gr... »

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