First Trimester

4 weeks pregnant - The journey through pregnancy - Illustration by Charlotte Watkins -

4 weeks pregnant – First month of pregnancy

I was only a week late for my period, but I had known straight away that something was not quite rig... »

5 weeks pregnant - motherhooddiaries - Illustration by Charlotte Watkins

5 weeks pregnant – Can you feel the effects of pregnancy immediately?

I walked around our flat in a daze. I had stopped working, so I was now free to absent-mindedly clea... »

Week 6 of My Pregnancy – Time to register the pregnancy - Charlotte Watkins -

6 weeks pregnant – Time to register the pregnancy

I met with the doctor and registered my pregnancy by filling out a quick form. Even as I was sitting... »

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7 weeks pregnant – I’m tired all the time

It wasn't the most ideal of situations, but I had quit my permanent legal job back in February becau... »

8 weeks pregnant and feeling sick

8 weeks pregnant – The pregnancy has started to become a reality

It had started to finally sink in that I was pregnant now… I felt bloated and my stomach stuck out l... »

9 weeks pregnant - feeling sick

9 weeks pregnant – What is this metallic taste in my mouth!?

This week has been an absolute nightmare! Whenever I eat or drink, I get this horrible taste in my m... »

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