Birth Stories


Cytomegalovirus – what you should know

In July 2012 our lives took a different turn. My son and daughter-in-law were expecting their first ... »

Boy caesarean

My thoughts on caesarean section

I created this blog post after what Kirsty Allsop said about birth and parenting. On reading the art... »

Boy born from phantom pregnancy

From a Ghost Pregnancy (Negative Pregnancy Test) to Birthing a Very Real Baby Boy!

My name is Neo Brown, I am 37, I live in the UK, I am married to an Analyst, and I am a mother of fo... »

Jack's birth story - Mother and newborn baby

Jack’s Birth Story

If you’re reading this and considering your birth options, do look into home birth as, if you are ab... »

William’s birth story

William’s birth story

I honestly thought that baby number 2 would arrive early. Aren’t they supposed to? I’d finished work... »

K’s story

Labour: At 40+3, woke up with more of the BHs I’d been having, playing with my timer app on my phone... »

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