Call Santa directly via BT’s new InLinkUK service

Call Santa directly with InLinksUK BT
Call Santa directly via BT’s new InLinkUK service
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Christmas is in just a few short days and, although snow did grace our lands briefly, we now seem to be experiencing milder weather with a side of drizzle – disappointed.

However, this Christmas, the streets in London and Leeds will be having an extra sprinkle of festive magic thanks to InLinkUK from BT and their InLink hotline to the North Pole. InLinks provide free calls to kids of all ages so that you can let Santa know exactly what is on your Christmas wish list via the InLinks’ integrated tablet. The tablet will display an icon which, once pressed, directly calls Santa, allowing users to leave a message for him to assist in his and the elves’ preparation for Christmas Eve. That long list of unattainable items that your kids want for Christmas? Let Santa deal with it directly!

Here are my boys’ wish lists for Santa:

My 5 year old son's wishlist for Santa

(Note the ‘Tuda’ (Tudor) House that my 5-year-old son wants)

My 6 year old's wishlist to Santa

(I’ll let Santa deal with ‘Planet Mars’ for my 6-year-old boy)

My 6 year old's wishlist to Santa

As we advance through this digital age, so does our need for convenience at the drop of a hat. Why write a letter to Santa when you can call him up on a hotline straight to the North Pole? InLinkUk, which is essentially a communications service, offers that hotline, and mums like myself, who, perhaps, still enjoy the sanctity of pen and paper, can perhaps, allow the kids to enjoy a phone call to Santa, which, I believe, will encourage them to be ‘nice’ in the run-up to Christmas.

“We hope people join in the festive fun and enjoy leaving a message for Santa in the North Pole. The new InLinks provide many free digital services and we hope the new Call Santa feature is a hit with everyone.” Neil Scoresby, BT’s general manager for Payphones and InLinkUK

So, how does InLinkUK work?

BT InLinkUK in London

(Photo credit: http://inlinkuk.com/assets/img/site.jpg)

InLinkUK from BT uses ultrafast Wi-Fi and a host of other free digital services, which displays an icon that your child (or adult) can press, so they can speak to Santa directly. The integrated tablet with the ‘Call Santa’ feature is currently being enjoyed by residents and visitors of six of the London Boroughs where InLinks currently service, these are: Camden, Islington, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Hammersmith & Fulham. Leeds also has InLinks on its streets as well.

“We are thrilled to be bringing a little more festive cheer to the streets of London and Leeds with the new Call Santa feature. We are using technology to bring the magic of Christmas to life, providing the public with the chance to leave a message for Santa. Our aim is to provide boundless connectivity, and this Christmas, we are extending that all the way to the North Pole!” Matt Bird, General Manager at InLinkUK

The plan is for InLinks to replace thousands of BT payphones, so they can carry on providing those living, working and travelling in the above areas with the fastest free public Wi-Fi service available in the UK. Residents and visitors will also benefit from free UK landline and mobile phone calls, access to maps, directions and local services, a port to charge your mobile and a new BT phone Book app. Moreover, InLinks will also feature digital displays which provide real-time information, such as underground service updates, weather forecasts and community messaging.

The ‘Call Santa’ feature is all in the name of fun and it will really get the kids excited about Christmas. So, make your way over to one of the London Boroughs or Leeds (if that’s closer) and let the kids have a little bit of fun with Santa!

Merry Christmas!

* Feature image photo credit: http://www.primesight.co.uk/news/article/primesight-and-inlink-have-hotline-santa/ *

*Collaborative feature post*

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