Cakes by Robin – Thomas Celebration Cake Product Review

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Cakes by Robin – Thomas Celebration Cake Product Review
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It was great timing that I found myself with an opportunity to review a celebration cake made by Cakes by Robin, as my son’s 4th birthday was coming up and I didn’t have a birthday cake in mind yet. I’d never heard of Cakes by Robin before, but they were very easy going and happy to cater to my birthday cake requirements.

Cakes by Robin’s Website and Social Networking Sites:

Website: www.cakesbyrobin.co.uk/

Facebook: Cakes by Robin UK

Twitter: @cakes_by_robin

Pinterest: Cakes by Robin

What is Cakes by Robin all about?

After spending her early career in the fast-paced banking world in central London, Robin Green took advantage of the financial downturn to concentrate on her passion for cake design.

Specialising in bespoke wedding cake design, Robin works with you to create the perfect wedding cake for your big day. Robin also makes celebration cakes for any and every type of event, from birthday cakes to christening cakes, anniversary cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Just let Robin know what you want. Robin can also make special gluten free cakes and gluten free wedding cakes for those with food intolerances.

How much do Cakes by Robin birthday cakes generally cost?

The price depends on the design you choose. All elements are made by hand and priced according to complexity. A cake to feed 15 – 20 portions with a sugar model of a character on top will be in the region of £100.

Where can you buy Cakes by Robin’s Cakes?

Check out the website, www.cakesbyrobin.co.uk for details on how to order the bespoke celebration cakes.


Leyla Preston of www.motherhooddiaries.com


Aron (4)

Aidan (2.5)


With the generous offer from Cakes by Robin of a custom-made cake of Aron’s choice for his birthday party, I put on my detective hat and found out that Aron really wanted a Thomas and Friends cake. So, Cakes by Robin agreed to make a Thomas cake. I was impressed with the email manner, with Robin fully accommodating to my delivery time and place needs. And, as promised, Aron’s Thomas cake arrived the night before the party, packed in a super strong box which protected the cake very well. The box also conveniently stated Cake by Robin’s contact and social media details, so we had the chance to Tweet our cake picture and/or ‘like’ Cakes by Robin on Facebook.

My initial reaction when I opened the box was of complete surprise. I was instantly impressed with the level of care and skill taken to make this cake, as Thomas was very life-like and detailed.

Thomas sat happily on top of a green base cake and green board, in between two hedges. The board was personalised with the text, “Happy 4th Birthday Aron”. The detail was amazing!

Aron squealed with glee the moment he saw the impressive Thomas cake and was eager to cut it open and have a slice.

So, in we go!

And, yes, quite pleasantly surprised by the fact that it’s a chocolate cake! J

What did I like most about Cakes by Robin’s Thomas Cake?

The level of detail which went into the decoration, was commendable. Cakes by Robin seemed to have firmly researched details of Thomas’ body work, from buffer to boiler. I would assume most 4 year olds wouldn’t pay too much attention to the details surrounding the steam engine and settle for confirmation of who it was by colour, train number and facial recognition. Clearly, as demonstrated in the images, my son immediately recognised who his cake represented. As an adult I could not help myself being drawn to the extra details which mirrored the character’s shape and design of Thomas so well. I was also particularly impressed with the embellishments, i.e. the tracks, trees and bushes.

And, let’s not forget how well the cake actually tasted, we expected a chocolate cake and, as ordered, received a rich and flavoursome delight of spongy chocolate sensation.

What to watch out for:

There is not much to mention here. The only slight criticism would be that the symmetry of the face, in particular, the alignment of the eyes, were slightly off. Thomas’ overall face, although recognisable, could perhaps have received a slightly rounder nose, something which distinguishes him facially from the other characters of Thomas and Friends. Perhaps, some of the above could have been caused during transit or as a result of temperature changes.

Other points to note:

We suspected true cake making mastery upon inspection of Cakes by Robin’s impressively stylish website, which showcases many cakes created with high level of detail and imagination. We were very pleased that these skills were put to practice for our son’s birthday and would definitely recommend Cakes by Robin for your next celebration.


5 out of 5 – Top cake decorating with a delicious chocolaty taste. Very pleased with the outcome.

(Photos by Tomas Preston of Preston Perfect Photography)

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