Blackberry, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Chip Food Processor Ice Cream Recipe – No Ice Cream Maker Needed!

Blackberry, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Chip Food Processor Ice Cream - No Ice Cream Maker Needed!

I love blackberry season, partly because blackberries are my favourite of all berries and also because it’s a great way to spend time with the kids and teach them all about the beauty of nature and free fruit picking! I have been blackberry picking with the boys for three years now and every year we’ve tried to up the stakes in our blackberry recipe creations. 

Make the most of blackberry season - motherhooddiaries

Back in 2014 – Aron, 3 years old

Blackberries grow in abundance and can be typically found in the UK between June and November, however, they are at their peak in August/September. You can either try to grow your own blackberries in your back garden (we are very lucky as we have blackberries growing in our back garden already) or you can just step outside and find a road which has ample hedgerows along your path. Blackberries grow on brambles, which are found nearby woodland, hedges, waste grounds and pretty much anywhere where weed has been allowed to grow, seeing as these blackberry brambles are typically seen as weeds. 

Make the most of blackberry season - motherhooddiaries

2017 – Aron (6) and Aidan (5)

It’s best to pick the blackberries which have been growing in direct sunlight as these offer the most flavour. Also, pick blackberries above knee height, as the lower blackberries will have been tarnished by pee from animals and could post dangerous risks when ingested. Here is a great link on how to pick wild blackberries.

This year, we’ve really surpassed ourselves, creating one heck of a tasty ice cream made fresh out of homemade blackberries from a beautiful back garden. We added vanilla, strawberries and dark chocolate to the mix and,  boy, was this the best ice cream we have ever tasted! Plus, we didn’t need a fancy ice cream maker to create this soft scoop ice cream – we used a food processor!  

It’s very simple to make food processor ice cream – you gently heat up the double cream with the sugar and honey so both are dissolved well. Granulated sugar is better as it helps to achieve a better ‘soft scoop’ texture. However, I didn’t want to overdue it too much on sugar and opted for a mix of honey/brown sugar in this instance. Then just take the mix off the heat and add your vanilla extract which will essentially turn the cream into non frosted vanilla ice cream. Place the mix in the bowl and freeze overnight. You can leave the mix as it is and enjoy homemade vanilla ice cream, but I decided to incorporate the blackberries we had freshly picked and what was left of the strawberries in our fridge and dark chocolate in our cupboard. All the ingredients complemented each other and the result is a gentle stawberry/blackberry flavoured ice cream with a hint of dark chocolate to spruce up the palate. Think mint choc chip ice cream, but, obviously without the mint and with the strawberries and blackberries! 

Enjoy 🙂

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]So what are your top tips for picking wild blackberries? Please share your tasty blackberry recipes in the comments below! I’d love to give them a try.

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