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We mothers are constantly trying to solve that age old problem of how to keep our children entertained several hours a day, seven days a week. When they’re young, the simplest of things can keep them amused – our hands alone provide the most surreal experience for our babies! But, as they grow older and their brain begins to compute that they have their own pair of hands to play with, out comes the lure of Toys R Us, Smyths and pretty much any store with a toy section.

Luckily, with the invention of the tablet computer, there’s now an all-singing, all-dancing device that can keep our children entertained for hours, even though I don’t advise long periods of time on any form of technological device – we want to keep our children’s eyes young. But, even if it does offer you some respite, especially when there are educational games available, then it can’t hurt to please both sides. Let’s take a look at some of these tablets on offer.

Leapfrog ‘Epic’ Tablet

Some of these devices do not have to set you back hundreds of pounds. Prices of tablets have slashed rapidly over the last few years and companies have even begun making child-friendly versions of tablet devices. Leapfrog have been making children’s computers for years, but their new ‘Epic’ tablet is just as impressive as the name suggests. The tablet has a range of different home screens to suit any age, and its capabilities grow as your child gets older and want to experience new things. The colourful app even includes daily surprises to keep your child entertained in the bright and colourful world Leapfrog has created.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Amazon have even made a children’s version of their popular Fire tablet, which is just like the Fire tablet, but comes in a child-proof case that Amazon are so confident about that they’ve promised to replace the device for free if your child can break it. The tablet also comes with a year’s free membership to Amazon’s kid’s service, which gives your child access to thousands of books and educational games and videos.

Good old iPad

But, if you really want to buy a tablet that will be used throughout the day, even when the children are in bed, then the iPad may be the tablet for you. These tablets are capable of keeping you entertained too, with more mature games like Coral, which is an online slot game. There are hundreds of thrilling games based on different themes and new ones are added all the time, so keep an eye on new slots releases on Coral’s online slot site. Once the children are awake again, you can transform your tablet into a device for your children by downloading some apps to keep them entertained. Games like Math on the Farm and What’s the Sound? can educate your child whilst keeping them entertained with colourful characters and music.

These tablets are like having a whole toy box in the palm of your child’s hands. Whether they want to draw, watch a cartoon, read a book or play a game, these tablets can do it all. The great thing is that once it’s bedtime, you can just pop it in the drawer instead of having to spend ages putting all their toys in their toy box. Or, you could use it to help yourself relax at the end of the day, whether you fancy a browse of the shops online and even play games like online slots. They are even so compact that you can take them on car rides to help keep them entertained on long journeys.

Having said all of the above, please note, however, that there’s nothing better for a child to learn than holding a pen and writing on paper, or turning a page in an actual book. But, sometimes, unfortunately, we are living in a digital age and, even if we advocate old fashioned methods at home, school will be jumping on the tablet bandwagon. So, better jump on than be left behind, right…?

*Written by Paul Martin*

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