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I love challenges.

I, especially, love food challenges.

So, I was enthusiastic to take on another Bernard Matthews #bootifulmeals challenge, this time, centring on brunch and the growing trend of incorporating avocado, poached eggs and cooked meats into our in-between breakfast and lunch meals. Armed with Bernard Matthews Wafer Thin Turkey Ham and a deep penchant for creating great brunch/lunch recipes, I set about making something that the whole family could enjoy. And, indeed, they did – all six of them!

So, without further ado, I present to you the Turkey Ham Bruschetta recipe, showcased as the very first recipe in my new food blog, Five for a Fiver. And, thanks to Preston Perfect Photography, the images display the beautiful simplicity of how only a few ingredients can be combined to create a delicious, healthy and, actually, quite filling brunch meal.

Head on over to Five for a Fiver to view the full Turkey Ham Bruschetta recipe, but here are some pictures of the finished product to whet your taste buds a little.

Bernard Matthews Brunch Challenge - Turkey Ham Bruschetta -

Bernard Matthews Brunch Challenge - Turkey Ham Bruschetta -

Bernard Matthews Brunch Challenge - Turkey Ham Bruschetta -

I, normally, like to be quite creative with my bruschetta snacks, opting to include poached/fried/boiled egg at breakfast and tuna for a protein-busting lunch. This time, I included Bernard Matthews Wafer Thin Turkey Ham for a brunch alternative, which I have never done before and the result was a fresh, light and filling meal that served six people and only cost £4.38*

Apart from the fact that they taste great, the good thing about Bernard Matthews’ cooked meats, in this case, the Bernard Matthews Wafer Thin Turkey Ham, the fat content is low and it’s a very versatile ingredient that the kids can enjoy as well.

Bernard Matthews Brunch Challenge - nutrition -

And, as Bernard Matthews’ turkey products are 100% British, we’re helping our economy too! They’re even great for busy mums like me because you don’t have to go through the process of browning and cooking the meat, which can shave off valuable minutes when trying to feed hungry children. We enjoyed the Turkey Ham Bruschetta during a barbecue at the weekend, but you can incorporate any one of these cooked meats into regular staple recipes, such as:

  • Bernard Matthews Wafer Thin Turkey ham in an oozing cheese omelette
  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Ham in cheese muffins
  • Bernard Matthews Wafer Thin Turkey ham in a poached egg bagel

Bernard Matthews had recently undergone quite an expensive rebrand, but the result is an exclusively British feel, with its simple style reflecting the UK’s infamous beautiful countryside. Check out my post all about the rebrand here.

To find out more about Bernard Matthews’ products, head on over to their website or check out their Facebook page, which Bernard Matthews regularly update with their latest products and life in the fast lane of Witchingham Hall.

Have you got any recipes that include Bernard Matthews’ cooked meats? Then please share your recipe in the comments below or share them over on social media, making sure to tag Motherhood Diaries via Twitter (@M_Diaries), Facebook (@Motherhooddiariesrecipes) or Instagram (@motherhooddiaries) and using the #bootifulmeals hashtag (so Bernard Matthews can see the recipe too) and I’ll reshare to all my readers.

*Prices are at 4 June 2016 (Tesco). The total cost of the recipe may vary after this date.

Disclaimer: Bernard Matthews commissioned Motherhood Diaries to create a recipe using one of their cooked meat products. The recipe creation is 100% my own.

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