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Back when I was a wee child, I was so excited about getting to watch my favourite 2D cartoons in my bedroom, on my very own mini TV. My friends would come over and watch high tech movies like Back to the Future and Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo (showing my age now…) Then, something pretty awesome happened. I upgraded to a TV/Video Combi (remember those?) and was the talk of my friends at school.

“Whaaaaaat?! Let me record a variety of shows from the TV and bring the VHS video tape over, so we can all watch it together.”

“OR, we can rent a movie from Blockbuster and watch it on your Combi.”


Fast forward 20 plus years and life in the tech world has changed a little bit. Replace my super multifunctional 12″ TV/Video Combi for a standard 43″ Smart TV that connects wirelessly to video search engines like Netflix and plays any video format you can dream of. Now swap my 2D cartoon for the new age world of 360-degree video.

360-degree video!?

You may or may not have been aware, but huge Turkey giants, Bernard Matthews, have undergone a mega £3 million rebrand, drastically altering their brand packaging with the aim of “returning to its famous roots”. The new packaging now features Witchingham Hall, which has been Bernard Matthews’ original headquarters in Norfolk for over 60 years. Bernard Matthews actually used Witchingham Hall as his home for his turkeys before he turned it into the main hub of the cooked meats range that we all know and love now.

“The branding combines the best from the past, with the landmark Witchingham Hall, and a contemporary and fresh design that feels very British.” Rob Burnett, chief executive of Bernard Matthews.

Bernard Matthews £3 million rebrand - Google Cardboard Headset review -

As a Family Panel member, I got to watch Bernard Matthews come to life in 360, using the Google Cardboard Headset kindly provided by Bernard Matthews themselves. The Google Cardboard Headset allows you to connect and calibrate your phone, in order to watch the world of 360-degree TV through its lens. So, you’re not just viewing videos within your peripheral vision, you can move and circulate the world in 360 degrees.

Bernard Matthews £3 million rebrand - Google Cardboard Headset review -

Bernard Matthews’ cute new film features a 360-degree field of vast greenness that suddenly transforms into Bernard Matthews’ new designs, including a specially created animation of Witchingham Hall. The bright, modern animation, especially in 360, allows myself and other consumers to step into the ‘world’ of the brand. Bernard Matthews has set an industry first by introducing 360-degree branding, as well as snagging a sponsorship deal with TV favourites, The Simpsons, where you can briefly catch the brand’s fresh new animation in action.

So, what do we think of Bernard Matthews’ new rebrand?

The new animated packaging and especially Witchingham Hall, indeed, feels exclusively British, with its simple style reflecting the UK’s infamous beautiful countryside.

“We believe that the brand’s unique story will be better told by bringing to life the world of Bernard Matthews. Characters from the illustrations will also be brought to life allowing consumers to explore the world further.” Rob Burnett, chief executive of Bernard Matthews.

A little history on Bernard Matthews

Bernard Matthews was born in the 1950s, with the aim of making quality, affordable turkey. As Turkey wasn’t the mainstream meat in the UK at that time, it would not have been found in high street stores. Only seen as Christmas meat, and in butchers, it was still very expensive, costing around 2 weeks’ wages for the average worker. So, Bernard Matthews bought twenty eggs and a second hand incubator. 12 turkeys hatched which he sold to a local farmer for the equivalent of £9 today. By 1952 Bernard Matthews was selling over 3,000 turkeys a year! In 1958, Bernard Matthews Ltd was formed.

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How to watch 360-degree video

Bernard Matthews £3 million rebrand - Google Cardboard Headset review -

Assuming you can get your hands on a Google Cardboard Headset, then you can download the ‘Kolor Eyes’ app from the play store (Android does not have a Homido Player App). If you are having trouble with the Kolor Eyes App, you can also use another app called ‘360 video player’, which works just as well. You will find a selection of demo videos, which will whet your appetite for more 360 videos, and if you have any trouble, you can find the steps online on how to assemble the Google Cardboard Headset and connect and calibrate our phone.

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