Bathrooms.com Ultimate DIY Guide for homeowners to enhance their property

Bathroom.com diy guide
Bathrooms.com Ultimate DIY Guide for homeowners to enhance their property
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A lot of families are looking to sell their property for the maximum value they can get, whether it is to upgrade to a property to cater for their growing family or to move to a ‘forever’ home. Unfortunately, it is a buyer’s market out there at the moment, which means that property prices are plateauing and sellers are finding it difficult to drive the value of their property up, mainly because renovating their property to make it more sellable is costing thousands of pounds when they are already feeling the pinch. A lot of families have taken it amongst themselves to do the DIY work to save money and this has proven quite successful over the years.

In 2012, the British public spent £7.54billion on DIY, showing that the British public is undoubtedly growing bolder in their DIY projects, with 93% of people saying that they have taken on jobs around the home themselves.

Bathrooms.com has announced a new app to help minimise cost and enhance your property value


Bathrooms.com was founded in 2004 and have been providing the UK and Ireland with affordable bathroom design ever since. Based in Watford, the Bathrooms.com team conducted extensive research into the market and found that renovating your bathroom can add back double the value of the work you put in, making it one of the most cost-effective enhancements to your property. Even simply adding features like mixer taps, glass screens and chrome towel heaters to your bathroom can add an extra 3% to your house’s value.

But, can you do the DIY work yourself?

Thankfully, Bathrooms.com have launched their ultimate Bathroom DIY resource web app to help homeowners drive up the value of their home at minimal cost, whilst providing simple guides to frustrating DIY problems in and around the bathroom. Whether you are looking to replace taps, fix a radiator or fit in a whole shower unit, this web app will point you to the best resources available.

You can view the app here: http://www.bathrooms.com/ultimate-bathroom-diy-guide/

How does the Bathrooms.com Ultimate DIY Guide work?

How does the Bathrooms.com Ultimate DIY Guide work?

Ian Monk, CEO and Founder of Bathrooms.com said, “We pride ourselves in embracing new technology trends that give our customers an enhanced retail experience.”

The Bathrooms.com DIY Guide has curated the best tips, advice and how-tos from across the web to help homeowners increase the value of their property. You will find everything you need to know about cleaning, maintaining and/or replacing fixtures in your bathroom.

The guide is not just a PDF manual on how to fix your bathroom, but a swanky flash-based, interactive tool that shows you how to repair and enhance your bathroom, whether it is plumbing a toilet, fixing tiles, putting in a new shower, or anything in between. This guide is your map to those resources.

The app starts you off with two options, ‘Click here to get started’ or ‘Watch our how-to video’, which is a quick video on how to navigate the guide.

Click here to get started

There are two ways to use the guide:

Use the virtual bathroom

Use the virtual bathroom

You are taken to a virtual bathroom in black and white that is in dire need of being worked on. All the items are broken and there’s a ‘Bath-o-Meter’ on the screen that starts off as 0% improved and rises when you fix an item in the bathroom (or read the detailed guide on how to fix that problem).

Click on the item you wish to repair and tips for that item will appear under three main headings (other items may have more headings related to their complexity):

  1. Installation
  2. Maintenance
  3. Replacement

Just click on the heading that best suits your need and you will be taken to an extensive guide on how to fix that item.

Once you go back to your bathroom, you will see that the item has been fixed.

View tips for each of the items in the virtual bathroom to fix them and to build up the score in the Bath-o-Meter until it reaches 100%.


The second way to use the guide is to use the tips list:

Full List of Tips

Full List of Tips

The tips are all on a single page, so it is really easy to find the tips you need to enhance your bathroom. From here you can select any item and view the related tips.

Bathrooms.com can really help drive up the value of your property

By using this very handy Ultimate DIY Guide, you can start enhancing your bathroom to make your property more sellable and you may even raise the value on your property. This guide has everything you need to get started, from fixing a faulty item to fitting an item from scratch, and Bathrooms.com even provide you with products that you can buy at a fraction of the price from their online store.

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