Author: Leyla Preston

Boys playing keyboard in Yamaha Music London

How to encourage your child to take an interest in learning a musical instrument

Motherhood Diaries is working in partnership with Yamaha Music London to bring you a feature series... »

Child out in the grass

Seasonal affective disorder in children

The summer was great, but the dark nights are now here to stay. Unfortunately, when the weather chan... »

early signs of pregnancy

How to spot the early signs of pregnancy

You have reason to suspect that you are pregnant, but you are unsure as to what the symptoms are. Do... »

Christmas storage

5 storage hacks to keep everything organised this Christmas

Do you find it hard to stay organised over the Christmas period? Us too. Fortunately, Lisa Lyons, E-... »

mother and child on plane eating food

Innovations in the travel food industry

There are a few things that go through parent's minds when boarding a flight. Have I forgotten anyt... »

baby travelling with parents

The best holiday destinations for new parents

New parents can often stress and struggle to find a way to enjoy your time together as a family. Th... »

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