Author: Leyla Preston

How to clean out your garage to make your home look bigger

Garages are notorious for being a storage dump in most homes. Studies have shown that a quarter of h... »

The importance of plumbing maintenance in your home

Your house's plumbing is probably something you don't think about daily. You may take for granted th... »

Creating the perfect family bathroom - motherhooddiaries

Creating the Ideal Family Bathroom

Creating the ideal family bathroom can be a real challenge as you're looking to get it right for the... »

Easy ways to revamp your garden in spring - motherhooddiaries

Gardening maintenance tips this spring

With Spring almost upon us, we can expect to get ready for lighter days, warmer weather and generall... »

Child studying

How to motivate your child to do well in school

As a parent, you play an active role in the success of your child's education. In fact, studies have... »

kids bikes

Fun things to do with the kids that don’t involve them using a screen!

The topic of screen time damaging children's minds has ironically been on every screen available, bu... »

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