Amazon Prime Day Today – Start creating that Wish List now!

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day has come around again and that means tons of great deals with huge savings galore! It is truly an epic day full of discounted products and it kicks off today, running until midnight on Tuesday 17th July.

I don’t know about you, but I remember growing up wanting a particular pair of inline skates and I begged my parents to buy me them for my birthday, and then for Christmas, but they were always out of stock. Then one day, my mum kindly travelled literally miles to find the store that had one pair left and I finally got my wish. It took months to get the pair of inline skates that I wanted and the added bonus was that, by the time my mum found them, my inline skates were on sale! So we even saved money!


Not anymore!

Amazon Prime filled in the large gaping hole in the market

Nope, because Amazon sorted that problem right out. Now you just head over to Amazon, type in ‘Inline Skates’ (for example) and hundreds, if not thousands of options are thrown back at you. No mileage spent and no hairs pulled out thanks to whiny kids begging for their ultimate wish list product!

Welcome to Amazon Prime – the superpower shopping store and innovate search engine that offers countless products across all the categories that you can think of, with discounts and sale offers thrown into the mix. The added bonus (USP, if you will) is that these goods can be delivered straight to your door up to 9 pm (sometimes the same day if you order early enough).

Amazon spotted the gap in the market and filled it with its giant international boots, and for a nominal monthly fee, you can enjoy next day/same day service on your favourite products. (sign up for a free 30-day trial here)

Amazon Prime Day is a day of supercharged deals

Every so often Amazon Prime decides to supercharge the deals and this year, on Monday 16th July to Tuesday 17th July, Amazon Prime Day is featuring more than one million deals globally, with great deals on TVs, smart homes, kitchen, groceries, toys, furniture, fashion, appliances and much, much more. There are also 40 per cent more Spotlight Deals in the UK alone!

So, I didn’t want to waste any time. I got straight into creating my Wish List and sharing it with my friends and family. So, if they were feeling generous, they could save some money for their troubles. Likewise, I wouldn’t have to break the bank to shower my close family and friends with the products they genuinely wanted.

What exactly is Amazon Prime Day?

I wrote a post about last year’s Amazon Prime Day which covered the evolution of Amazon Prime, from offering Amazon Prime’s innovative next day service to Amazon Prime Now, and, currently, to Amazon Prime Day where Amazon Prime members can shop Prime Day Launches, which feature exclusive new items and special edition products from well-known and emerging brands.

It doesn’t stop there because there’s an app! The Amazon App allows you to watch early deals wherever you are, so you can preview, track and shop the limited time lightning deals while you’re at home, at work, picking up the kids – anywhere! Just make sure you sign up for deal alerts – learn more at

How do I create my Wish List

It’s very easy, you head over to Amazon to create your Wish List and I will take you through the steps below, so you don’t dilly dally about and miss those great deals!


Sign into your Amazon account and visit your Amazon Wish List Page

Create Wish List Here

You’ll see a tab that says ‘Your Lists’. Click on that and then click on the button that says ‘Create a List’


Check the ‘Wish List’ box and name the list whatever you want. If you want to share the Wish List with your friends and family then make sure you change the Privacy setting to ‘Public’, otherwise you can keep the list private and for your eyes only. Hit ‘Create List’ at the bottom of the box. Don’t forget that you can also share to Twitter/Facebook if you like. The hashtag we’re using for Prime Day is #PrimeDay UK and the handle is @AmazonUK.


Head over to and then you’ll see the deals that are already live until midnight on Tuesday 17th July.

Then just go nuts! Start adding as many products/deals into the list as you want. When you’re on the product’s page, you’ll see a drop-down menu that says ‘Add to List’. Select the Wish List you have just created and then your deal will be added to that Wish List. You can remove and add as many as you see fit.

I went ahead and created my own Wish List and this is what it looks like:

Create that Amazon Wish List!

There are literally thousands upon thousands of deals coming through for Amazon Prime Day so, I would thoroughly suggest you create that Wish List, download the Amazon app and get in on those deals quickly before you miss out!

Good luck – let the fun begin!
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