Almond and Blackberry Biscuit Squares Recipe

Almond and Blackberry Biscuit Squares - motherhooddiaries

As you know, in the UK, we are currently enjoying the peak of blackberry season right now, so I am going on a rampage, creating all sorts of blackberry recipes for the family to enjoy. So far, I have four delicious dessert recipes that you can try at home, one of which are these awesome nutty Almond and Blackberry Biscuit Squares.

Almond and Blackberry Biscuit Squares Recipe - motherhooddiaries

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This time, I’ve decided to create a biscuit recipe, as we found a ‘secret passageway’ (as the boys call it) on the way to the park that housed enough blackberries to feed a family of six! We had some ground almonds in the cupboard and so I just made a simple biscuit dough with flour, dairy free margarine, egg and brown sugar. I added the ground almonds and gently mixed in two-thirds of the blackberries. I then laid the mix down on a baking tray covered with parchment paper and decorated the top with the rest of the blackberries. Cooking time takes about an 1 hour, so leave plenty of time to make these, possibly start preparing this biscuit squares while you’re making dinner.

Almond and Blackberry Biscuit Squares Recipe - motherhooddiaries

These are perfect to have with a hot beverage or if you fancy something lighter, juice or lemonade works just as well. You’ll find these biscuit squares so almondy and light that the blackberries add that perfect zing of flavour which enriches the overall palate. Be careful not to overwork the dough or overcook the mix as both lead to biscuits a touch on the dry side.  

[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]So what are your best blackberry biscuit recipes? Please share in the comments below because I’m on the look out for more! 

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