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You’re probably wondering what or who Motherhood Diaries is…

Motherhood Diaries is an online platform where parents and parents-to-be can share their thoughts and opinions on all things related to pregnancy and parenting. Here, you will find articles, product reviews, service reviews, event reviews, recipes, stories and so much more, all related to this unique journey that we humans are blessed with, from preconception all the way to parenting.

Please keep reading on for more tips on how to use the Motherhood Diaries’ online magazine website. Hopefully, you will find the answers that you are looking for.

2010 – The birth of Motherhood Diaries

My name is Leyla Preston, I am an ex-lawyer turned full-time mum of two boys aged 5 and 6 years old. I now spend most of my limited spare time working on updating Motherhood Diaries and my new food blog, Five for a Fiver, which houses my 5-ingredient recipes for £5 or less.

Back in 2010, I became unexpectedly pregnant with my first child and was instantly thrust into the unwritten, unspoken world of pregnancy. No one around me was pregnant and so I did not have any idea about what to do with this new baby growing inside of me.

I did what many people do when they find out they’re pregnant and turned to Google, punching in the simple word, ‘pregnant’ into the search bar.

Bad idea!

Pregnancy search google - motherhooddiaries

Overwhelmed and feeling very much alone, I narrowed my search to an online pregnancy diary, something that I could turn to every week, so that I could relate to at least some of the symptoms that I was exhibiting, like nausea and bloatedness. I found one very corporate and generic site, which bombarded me with so much advertising that I had to unsubscribe instantly. Suffering in silence during one short lunch break, while working a temp job at a legal consultancy in Mayfair, I decided to create my own online pregnancy journey and I have since never looked back.

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Motherhood Diaries started off as a very simple personal weekly diary of my first pregnancy, from Week 4 to Week 41, and my only followers were my mum and my best friend, who wasn’t even pregnant, but, bless her, she was so very supportive of me. She became my bona fide proofreader and with her nod of approval, I published a weekly post, which, fast forward seven years, is now on its way to becoming a book! (where has all the time gone!?).

2010 – 2013 – And, then I had my kids

Leyla and boys - motherhooddiaries

After Week 41, I had my baby and the birth was hugely traumatic, to say the least. I had confided in my new circle of mummy friends from my NCT antenatal class that I had kept in touch with after the birth and they urged me to write about my birth story and share it with the world. At this point, I was largely anonymous, with only a handful of friends and family who knew that it was me behind the keyboard, blogging about my journey on Motherhood Diaries. Nevertheless, I wrote about my birth story and shared it with my NCT friends who then shared the story with their friends and family. Before I knew it, I had tonnes of emails from mums who wanted to share their personal birth stories on Motherhood Diaries too! Shortly afterwards, I had my second baby and expanded my blogging to recipes I had created along the way to becoming a mum and products that I had used which I loved immensely. In the late months of 2012, Motherhood Diaries suffered a security hack and a lot of my content had been wiped. I was distraught. After months of trying to grab whatever little content I had left, I decided to close the website down for a complete refurbishment and in May 2013, Motherhood Diaries relaunched itself as a global magazine.

2013 – Motherhood Diaries Global Magazine for Parents was re-born!

Motherhood Diaries contributors - motherhooddiaries

Complete with a press release, Motherhood Diaries Global Magazine for Parents came back out of the woodworks, now topped to the brim with factual articles and personal stories from 70+ contributors from around the world. In those 8 months, I had been ultra busy with my two boys, meeting and networking with all kinds of parents and sharing stories with one another. My love for the pregnancy and parenting industry became a full-time passion for learning how to birth safely and with support. My new aim was to provide a judgement-free platform where parents and parents-to-be could share their wealth of knowledge and experience on all aspects of pregnancy and parenting and lean on Motherhood Diaries as the go-to resource for those raw issues that most of us parents face, but may not always want to share with the world.

2017 – So, what is Motherhood Diaries all about now?

Motherhood Diaries family

Motherhood Diaries is an open platform for parents and parents-to-be to sign up and share their personal story with the world, in the hope that we can all connect and reach those millions of parents and support them in their own unique journey through pregnancy and parenting. You will find lots of really informative content on all aspects of pregnancy, from preconception to beyond birth. And our community is still growing!

Why is Motherhood Diaries any different to other parenting blogs/magazines?

The magazine is not just one person’s very personal view of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, it is a whole bank of people’s views. You see the raw deal here, the stuff people don’t really talk about openly or in public.

Sign up, become an MD Contributor and share your story with the world

How to navigate Motherhood Diaries

Motherhood Diaries is very simple to use. You will find easy navigation tabs related to each crucial stage, i.e the following:

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  • Preconception – Whether you are thinking about getting pregnant or actively trying, this section offers informative tried and tested articles that help to maximise your chances of conceiving safely and naturally
  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy comes in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to ensure that you are doing the best that you can to look after yourself and your baby. You will find tonnes of content from the early stages of pregnancy all the way to the latter few months.
  • Labour & Birth – No matter how much you prepare for birth, it never really turns out the way in which you expected. Read about how to help speed labour along and how you can maximise your chances of having a quicker and easier birth.
  • Beyond Birth – You’ve had your baby and now the fun begins! Read about how to live with a brand new baby at home.
  • Blog – I still like to document my life with the boys and include all my personal stories in the blog section.
  • Articles – These articles tend to be factually researched articles that pertain to current affairs or new updates in the world of pregnancy and parenting.
  • Recipes – Whether you are eating for two or making for the whole family, you’ll find a great list of recipes in this section here, which are healthy and nutritious for everyone to enjoy.
  • Events – Occasionally, Motherhood Diaries gets invited to related events. I provide a review post on each of these events.
  • Product Reviews – Occasionally, we will use a product that we really, really love and share about how great it is in this section. Products that have been gifted to me will be clearly stated in each review.

To be able to keep the magazine going, Motherhood Diaries now offers bespoke advertising packages for brands and businesses who would like to advertise their products and/or services on Motherhood Diaries. If you are interested in learning more, please check out our Media Kit and send an email to Leyla at advertise@motherhooddiaries.com. Please also don’t forget to check out our Ad Policy first and our section all about how to advertise with Motherhood Diaries here.

I hope that you love reading Motherhood Diaries as much as I love working on it. My home is your home, so please feel free to stick around and say hi. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up as an MD Contributor and share your story with the world too!

Much love

Leyla Preston - founder of Motherhood Diaries



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