A day at Champneys Springs with lights by TENA - #oooopsmoments

A day at Champneys Springs with lights by TENA to learn all about #oooopsmoments – #noonetoldme

A day at Champneys with Lights by TENA - motherhooddiaries

In my twenties, I had no idea what incontinence was, let alone having an oooops moment. I was young and fresh with glowing skin and bundles of energy. Ok, so the energy hasn’t died down much now that I am in my thirties, but there are some side effects of hitting the third decade in my life that no one has told me about. These, amongst many others, include:

  • Still getting spots in my thirties
  • Not being able to have a glass of wine without feeling some sort of hangover the next day
  • Watching my waistline grow in front of my eyes when I even think about carbs
  • Not having to give birth naturally to experience incontinence, no ma’am! I have had 2 C-sections and I may have experienced an oooops moment from time to time.

So, what are #oooopsmoments?

Oooops moments are these teeny tiny accidents that happen in our lives that we can’t control, like accidentally sending a naughty text to the wrong person, missing the last train, or experiencing a little leak when you laugh. These oooops moments happen to all of us and the more we talk about it the more we can laugh them off – c’est la vie we should all say! In fact, it happens to one in three of us women. So, if you’re ever in a group of more than three women, one of you has probably experienced light bladder weakness.

So, Lights by TENA invited a bunch of us bloggers to Champneys to learn more about light bladder weakness and their campaign.

A while back I was sent a little gift box from Lights by TENA to prepare for my little Oooops moments, but this time they upped the stakes and sent us off on an amazing trip to Champneys Springs in Leicestershire for some hardcore boot camp, re-energising yoga, and then a relaxing 30-minute back massage to finish the day off. And, guess what! #noonetoldme that, in my thirties, I am still flexible enough to do the Crow in yoga (yay, go me and @FaceUpBeauty) 😉

After a three and a half hour journey via train from Radlett, I had finally arrived at Tamworth train station, about one and a half hours before we were scheduled to meet the other bloggers and the Lights by TENA team. I met up with Helen from helsbels.org.uk and we shared a cab to Champneys. As we were the first ones there, I managed to find time to snap up some pretty pictures of the spa. The place is huge and it even hosts shops inside, where you can buy all sorts of accessories and health-related memorabilia.

Champneys Springs - lights by TENA #oooopsmoments #noonetoldme blogger event - motherhooddiaries

Some garden area at Champneys Springs - lights by TENA #oooopsmoments #noonetoldme blogger event - motherhooddiaries

Beautiful archway at Champneys Springs - lights by TENA #oooopsmoments #noonetoldme blogger event - motherhooddiaries

At around 2 pm, we met up with the other bloggers and made our way into one of the rooms for a welcome glass (or two) of Prosecco, some lunchtime nibbles, and a mini presentation on the new Lights by TENA liners.

#noonetoldme goody bags - Lights by TENA #noonetoldme #oooopsmoments blogger event

Empty presentation room at Champneys - Lights by TENA #noonetoldme #oooopsmoments blogger event

Champneys member of staff pouring Prosecco from her tray of bottles - Lights by TENA #noonetoldme #oooopsmoments blogger event

Me and Emma Stokes from www.emmavictoriastokes.com - Lights by TENA #noonetoldme #oooopsmoments blogger event

(Me and Emma Stokes from www.emmavictoriastokes.com)

Array of lunch nibbles for all the bloggers - Lights by TENA #noonetoldme #oooopsmoments blogger event

Maybe the Prosecco helped, but I came away learning a lot about lights by TENA, which included the following:

  • The Lights by TENA range are specifically designed for light bladder weakness and are manufactured by leading global hygiene company, SCA. Lights by TENA offers the ultimate security and protection when it comes to little leaks.
  • The new liners boast a narrower core and are thinner, softer and more flexible, giving you complete comfort and discretion
  • Both the Lights by TENA Light Liner and lights by TENA Liner are now 5x drier than regular liners***
  • The unique Feelfresh Technology™ combines a quick-dry top sheet and innovative fluid distribution layers to control moisture and odour. Thus, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind to tackle those Oooops moments™.

The lights by TENA range includes:

  • Lights by TENA Light Liners – the smallest product in the range, and the first micro-product of their kind. They are no thicker than a nail file!
  • Lights by TENA Liners – designed for those who are used to wearing a regular panty liner. They are just 3mm thick
  • Lights by TENA Liners (Single-Wrapped) – these are individually wrapped liners for your discretion, making them ideal for the handbag.
  • Lights by TENA Long Liners – these are specifically designed for women who prefer the reassurance of a longer liner. They are the same thickness as the lights by TENA Liners, but just slightly longer
  • Lights by TENA Ultra-Towel – These do what they say on the tin. They are the most absorbent product in the range, absorbing twice as fast as normal ultra-towels*** and offer women complete peace of mind.

We even managed to watch a little demonstration on how absorbent the Lights by TENA panty liners are in comparison to the Always Ultra pads, which are solely used for our monthly troubles. Thanks to Hannah from A New Addition for the presentation video below:

Onto Boot Camp!

After the presentation, we were scheduled to head on over to one of the gym halls to meet our instructor, Craig, and start our boot camp session. A couple of us were worried about whether we enjoyed too much Prosecco and lunch before the session and whether they were going to affect our performance. But, you know what? Even, if we had water and a bowl of fruit in the morning, nothing would have prepared us for the grilling we received in that boot camp class. Craig was brutal! In a good way of course. 😉

Bloggers waiting to start boot camp at Champneys Springs - #noonetoldme #oooopsmoment blogger event with Lights by TENA - motherhooddiaries

My #noonetoldme towel, water bottle and 5kg weight - lights by TENA blogger event #oooopsmoment - motherhooddiaries

The blogger crew - boot camp, champneys springs, lights by TENA blogger event #noonetoldme #oooopsmoments

We barely survived the session, but it felt so great to work out properly for a change. I hadn’t felt this beat in ages and I knew I was going to feel sore in the morning…

Me and Tracey from Face Up Beauty after boot camp - Champneys Springs Lights by TENA #noonetoldme #oooopsmoments blogger event - motherhooddiaries

(Me and Tracey from Face Up Beauty taking a breather after our hard-core boot camp session)

Stretching the limbs out at yoga

It was such a lovely warm day outside that we had all decided to practice yoga in the garden. I was truly amazed by the surroundings, Champneys is such a magically relaxing and calm place that I couldn’t think of anything better than yoga in such a serene setting. Again, Craig, our now yoga instructor, wasn’t pulling any punches and took us through some of the classic yoga poses, and even ‘the crow’ at the end, which myself and Tracey managed to pull off. I really enjoyed yoga and I am very keen on starting it up again properly. I was mindful of how amazing it felt to stretch out the muscles after boot camp and so I will be building yoga into the cool down portion of my workout every time now.

Bloggers waiting to start yoga - Lights by TENA #noonetoldme #oooopsmoments blogger event at Champneys Springs

Bloggers practicing yoga - #noonetoldme #oooopsmoments lights by TENA blogger event at Champneys Springs - motherhooddiaries

A relaxing 30-minute back massage treatment and then time to say goodbye to Champneys

Yoga felt so magical and enlightening that I couldn’t’ think of anything better than finishing off this truly amazing day with a 30-minute back massage. My masseuse was a lovely woman named Tanya who has four children and we chatted about our Oooops moments, which she said involved a lot of moments when she laughed too much. We had a lovely chat and I had never felt so happy to be a woman, regardless of the trials and tribulations that we face daily and even monthly (thanks to Aunt Flo…) I’m glad we talked about our Oooops moments so freely because it did make me feel better knowing that we gals do experience similar problems and that we can help each other out if we share our issues with each other. That wonderful saying, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, fits the bill perfectly here.

So, what was the main objective of this glorious day at Champneys with lights by TENA?

Lights by TENA aims to encourage women to talk about our #oooopsmoments by sharing our #noonetoldme stories with each other.

No One Told Me! Lights by TENA's campaign to share our #oooopsmoments - motherhooddiaries

To help us embrace the changes that life brings us, lights by TENA wants to hear about our surprising #noonetoldme moments and in return for sharing our secrets, we could win some awesome prizes, from shopping vouchers to city breaks! Simply head on over to www.noonetoldme.co.uk to find out more and share your #noonetoldme story. Here are some cracking #oooops moment stories, with the help of celebrity GP Dr. Hilary Jones. Maybe you can relate?

#noonetoldme… spots would continue to pop up

Many women assume that bad breakouts end during our teenage years. Unfortunately, that is not so. Spots can crop up at any age (I’m suffering from a couple on my face right now!) Stress, juggling a full-time job, parenting duties, and a busy social life produces the hormone cortisol and releases testosterone. This, in turn, causes oil glands to produce more oil and this then leads to breakouts. Brilliant…

#noonetoldme… about wanting more sex in your thirties

That’s right! Women’s sexual activity actually increases during their thirties. With menopause around the corner, the female libido peaks in order to make pregnancy more attractive, which basically means that nature wants women to enjoy more sex in order to procreate. Well, if nature wants it… who are we to argue?

#noonetoldme – I wouldn’t be able to handle a G&T like I used to

You can say goodbye to enjoying a drinking bender and not suffering a hangover the next day (unless you’re one of the lucky ones) because our bodies are now much less efficient at dealing with alcohol than when we were younger. As you get older, you have fewer enzymes to break down the alcohol, so toxins stay in the body for longer, resulting in prolonged headache and nausea. Yikes!

#noonetoldme… about those unexpected little leeks. Oooops!

Yes, 1 in 3 women, remember? We don’t get told about light bladder weakness** that occur when we sneeze or cough. It’s a good job Lights by TENA worked it out and made four ultra-thin liners and an Ultra-Towel product, which effortlessly locks in moisture and odour. You can grab your FREE sample at www.lightsbyTENA.co.uk.

#noonetoldme… my hair would be less luscious

I definitely had noticeable hair loss after having my two boys back-to-back. Gone were the days of thick curly locks and now I deal with dullness, dryness and thinning. Annoyingly, while we still keep the same amount of hair, our hair strands actually thin out and become more prone to breakages, so our tresses end up looking less voluminous. However, age isn’t the only reason for thinning, blame the constant dyeing, blow drying and styling which all adds up. So, if you absolutely have to blow dry your hair, make sure you use plenty of heat defense spray!

If you have any #noonetoldme moments of your own, give us a good laugh or cry and share them with lights by TENA at their Facebook hub, www.noonetoldme.co.uk*. Also, don’t forget to visit their Oooops Moments Facebook page here: https://en-gb.facebook.com/oooopsmoments/.

Goodbye Champneys, hello fresh new me

I left Champneys feeling invigorated, relaxed and blessed to have met such amazing people. If there ever was a time for feeling that girl power buzz, it was at Champneys, jumping up and down, stretching our limbs, and sharing our stories about our Oooops moment. So, c’est la vie to all the Oooops moments we endure almost every day and enjoy the fact that we women rock. Yes, we rock!

Goodbye Champneys and lights by TENA blogger event - #noonetoldme #oooopsmoments - motherhooddiaries

A video that sums up the day at Champneys

I managed to film a little bit of my time at Champneys, which briefly goes through the events of the day. If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Here is the link if you’d like to take a look:

Have you ever had an Oooops moment? Please feel free to share your moments in the stories below and don’t forget to enter the competition at www.noonetoldme.co.uk too. Good luck!

Disclaimer – Motherhood Diaries was invited by Lights by TENA to attend a boot camp session, yoga session and 30-minute treatment at Champney Springs. All photos, videos, and opinions are 100% my own.

* Terms and conditions apply

** International Consultation on Incontinence (ICI), publication 2013, Abrams et al.

*** vs. other Ultra Towels Normal within the UK market

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