7 ways to become a stylish mum

7 ways to be a stylish mum - motherhooddiaries

Once you become a busy mum, you start to feel that life is no longer your own. Your days are spent making sure that the kids look presentable when they go out, but you somehow end up looking like, well, a busy mum. Are you still holding on to that hideous, beige nursing bra? Are yoga pants and “mum” jeans really your go-to outfits now? You’re throwing your hair back into a quick ponytail every day, aren’t you? Stop the madness! You deserve better. It is time to go savvy shopping, which means you’re not going to spend a whole bunch of money at the salon or blindly grab random items off the racks at overpriced department stores. We are going to get your sexy back while keeping your credit cards in check.

Let your body do the work: jog, run, join a gym, join a health freaks cult (ok, maybe not that last one).

Do something to get your body moving besides going to PTA functions and walking around the office. You may be wondering what exercise and fitness have to do with being stylish. Well, some of the cutest outfits are fitness wear. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, leading a healthy life is actually a trend. A new outfit to workout with will motivate you to show off jog around your neighbourhood and keep your heart, mind and overall health in top nick too.

Whip your hair back and forth

Do what makes you happy! Want to change your hair color? Do it! Want a pixie cut that rocks? Rock out! Sometimes a simple haircut does the trick. With all the how-to videos available online at the drop of a hat, you may be able to save yourself a trip to the salon for something as simple as a trim or even a colour. A hair and beauty supply store is a perfect place for questions and advice about hair care needs. Familiar drug stores like Boots are also very good when it comes to hair and health. Take the time to choose your new do, so that it reflects your own style.

She walks in beauty

If you are into makeup, you should know that there is a sea of deals out there, especially at Christmas time. Most times, you can even get a free product with a purchase. There is a talented member of staff that will answer all your questions and provide great personalised advice on daily makeup/skincare tricks. With a purchase, you may also get your face done for free. These are the places that you should have relationships with going forward when you have a rare block of time to spare.

Beauty tips for mums - motherhooddiaries

Covering the Ooos and Ahhs

We’re all adults here, so let’s make this part straightforward. Mums, it is fine to wear thongs and boy shorts. It’s ok to wear a push-up bra or a strapless bra. And, thanks to the age of web 2.0, you can enjoy shopping for items online if you’re not comfortable going into the lingerie stores. No more granny panties, please. You’re so worth the hot bottoms. Although, I wouldn’t do the panties that say things like “Come and get it” or “Enter here” for everyday wear. Just saying.

Hey, fancy pants!

Don’t listen to those people that say clothes don’t define you. You make a statement by what you wear. “Today is laundry day.” “I can’t afford nice things.” Those statements should not exist anymore. Give yourself room for options. Understand that you can get a stylish outfit for the price that you pay for takeaway. Clothing deals are everywhere and digital offers are endless. There are so many stores and brands with year-round clearance sales, percentages off, and more. Let’s trash the excuses now, please.

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Shoes, bags, accessories…. oh my!

The shoe and bag addictions of our generation are real. I don’t judge women at all for using the money for the mortgage to buy an expensive pair of heels. I understand. But, maybe, just maybe, if there was a fairy who magically lowered the prices on those leathery things that we cherish more than a roof over our heads. That fairy does exist. You don’t have to pay two grand for a pair of shoes that you can get for an eighth of that price at a discount site. You can find awesome sale and clearance prices on shoes, bags, and accessories, even at luxury department stores too. It pays to shop around.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile

The way that you see life says a lot about you. When life gives you lemonades, use them to throw at the loud neighbours (just kidding!). Pushing through and seeing the Costa cup as half full instead of half empty will help to change your entire look. Honestly, a smile adds a lot to your style. Why wear a stunning outfit if you’re not going to wear a fabulous face to match? For example, things got better for the Grinch when he smiled. His heart grew 3 sizes, he didn’t have as many lines on his face, and he got a new red coat and hat. I think my point has been made here. If you fancy updating your smile, you can head over to Harley Street Smile Clinic and work on those pearly whites!

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