5 things you can do to protect your home this winter

Things you can do to protect your home - motherhooddiaries
5 things you can do to protect your home this winter
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As we’re coming up to the winter season and our clocks have already gone back, night-time will greet us as early as 4 pm nows. Our houses will also be plunged into darkness for longer periods, especially if we don’t have outdoor lighting or a security system in place, which can spot any movement outside the home. The winter weather is also harsh on a house and may show up any weaknesses through its pipes and exterior walls. Also, things to consider, especially if you are moving to a new house, is who you are protecting. Do you already have a family, or will you be planning to expand your family in the future? Either way, you will want to protect not just your home, but who is living there too. Here are five things you can do to protect your home this winter.

Invest in a good security system

Nowadays, home security systems come in all sizes, shapes, and colours and can range from simply sounding an alarm when they detect any movement or sound, to voice recognition and activation, as well automatically alerting you and the police as soon as the detection is made. It is important to know your budget and what you are looking for and well-known home security systems, like an ADT home security system, can offer a wide range of pricing plans to suit your budget.

Making your home winter-proof

There are home improvements that can be made to protect your home in the colder months and it is important to consider taking protective measures against extreme weather conditions. One thing that needs to be done is an inspection. You can do this yourself or hire a professional to do it, but you need to look at areas of your home that may show signs of weakness before there is snow on the ground. Check things like your doors, windows, and roof, as these parts of the house, in particular, is responsible for keeping you protected from Mother Nature. You might also want to replace, or at least check on the insulation in the basement and attic to make sure they are sufficient to keep the cold air out of your home. Check out remodelling websites like Atlanta bath and kitchen remodelling which can help to make your home winter-proof as well.


Pipes - check to protect your home this winter - motherhooddiaries

Protecting your home in the winter also means protecting the pipes. These things can cause homeowners a serious headache. At times, we can forget how important it is to insulate the pipes because they are out of sight. This is especially true with pipes that are in attics and basements. If you do not protect them with insulation in the winter, they could burst and cause major damage to your home and possessions.

You should also be sure to disconnect any garden hoses and make sure to drain any remaining water from any outside taps. After this is done, turn them off to make sure that no more water can get in there and freeze. If you live up north, you might also want to go ahead and invest in some frost-proof faucets.

Back it up

No matter what the season is, drastic weather can also cause the power to go out on occasion. For this reason, it is always a good idea to install a generator. This can power things like the refrigeration, heat, and lights, and help you to avoid any damages that could cost you a lot of money.

Speaking of electricity

Before the onset of winter, take a walk around the outside of your house. Pay close attention to all the wires and cables coming to and from your home. Make sure that they are all attached firmly and that there isn’t too much slack in the wires. Also, look for any way they could potentially lose their connection. If you notice either of these things, call the power company or a local licensed electrician straight away. Having this simple job done before winter hits can reduce the risk of there being a fire.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make sure your home is protected from the cold winter months, but taking the time to do the above small things can save you untold amounts of money if the unthinkable happens.

How do you protect your home during the winter? Please share in the comments below.

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