5 minute interview with Daniel Alexander – published author and public speaker

5 minute interview with Daniel Alexander - published author and public speaker - motherhooddiaries.com

Welcome Daniel to our interview hot-seat. We’ll only take up 5 minutes of your time!

Motherhood Diaries (MD) – Tell us a little bit about yourself, Daniel.

Daniel Alexander (DA) – I didn’t have a great childhood and I see more and more kids going through similar things. So a part of my life at the moment is making a better world for children.

MD – Daniel, you have written and published a book called, ‘Through the Crimson Mirror’. Congratulations on the success of your book. Why did you decide to leave your job as a programmer and become a writer?

DA – Life wasn’t fulfilling as a programmer. As a society, we’ve forgotten about the things that really matter: people and connecting with people; not machines and money. This isn’t to say that I’m a hippie and live in a van. We need some money to live. However, value and happiness come from self and others.

MD – You have had quite a tough childhood, to say the least! Can you tell us a little bit about growing up and how it’s made you the person you are today?

DA – Growing up was lonely. We didn’t communicate much as a family, and so my communication skills didn’t fully develop. Life in the ‘real’ world is a lot about communication, so if you don’t have good skills in that area, you may struggle. When I do public-talks I say there are two things that almost all human beings want at a deep-down level: to be loved and to be listened to. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like I had those growing up.

MD – You feel so passionate about parenting in this modern age that you’ve created a blog on parenting, called Parenting 2.0 The child’s perspective. Your blog is so refreshingly honest and to the point. What would you say would be your ultimate parenting tip and why?

DA – Make time to really sit and listen to your children! In addition, you may not like what your child has to say all the time: be it something towards you or just something very dark. Be open-minded enough to stick by your children even when the going is tough or not to your liking…

MD – You’ve also written an eBook on, ‘Beginner’s success in Public Speaking’, but you state that you were afraid of talking to crowds yourself. How did you overcome your fears and do you have any words of advice for young and aspiring public speakers out there?

DA – Hahahaha; you’ll have to read that book for that 😉 I think part of it is I want to talk about parenting and similar topics. Passion is something we’ve forgotten to teach children today. We learn all the maths and science behind our jobs, but it’s passion, and other intangible things, that drive a human being. When one is passionate about something, magical things can happen.

MD – When can we expect the second edition of your book?

DA – Less than a month (I hope). I just have one (maybe two) more read through to do, but at the same time, I’m formatting books for other people. So that takes up some time.

MD – Are you working on anything else right now?

DA – I do book formatting and I have a few books to do at the moment. I’m also writing talks and workshops. I’ve learned so much about public speaking in the past while, so it’s time to update my talks.

MD – Is there an author that you look up to? Who is your inspiration?

DA – I’ll quote four books from where I have learned much information, and their authors: Sperm Wars by Robin Baker, The Red Queen by Matt Ridley, Virus of the Mind by Richard Brodie and The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

MD – What do you like to do to relax when you’re not writing?

DA – Read, go to the beach in summer, watch a movie here and there, hang out with some people. All the usual stuff.

MD – Finally, what is your most embarrassing moment in life?

DA – When I was in junior school I wee’d in my pants in a shop 🙁

Yikes! Thanks for sharing and your time, Daniel.

If you are interested in following Daniel’s journey, here are some ways to get connected:

Daniel Alexander - Through the crimson mirror Kindle: www.amazon.com/dp/B00904HFTQ
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/215577
Web: http://daniel-alexander-book.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/daniel.alexander.book
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/danielalex_book
Blog: http://daniel-alexander-book.blogspot.com
Fax: 086 232 5217


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5 minute interview with Daniel Alexander - published author and public speaker - motherhooddiaries

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