5 Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained in Bad Weather

5 ideas to keep the kids entertained this winter - motherhooddiaries
5 Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained in Bad Weather
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It’s happened to the best of us. You have planned a fun-packed day out in the great outdoors with the family and then the weather plays spoilsport. You become distressed and frantically try and think of something that will keep the children occupied at home but it’s not an easy task. Don’t let the bad weather dampen your spirits. We’ve put together five ideas for when stepping over the doorstep and braving the terrible weather just isn’t an option.

Create your own t-shirts

Help your children find their inner crafter by designing their own funky t-shirts. They can create their own designs using a range of coloured paints and dyes. You can find a great range of art and craft products including dyeing and painting supplies at George Weil, they are effective on silk and finely natural fabrics such as cotton.

Build a fort

Build a fort - motherhooddiaries

We all have great childhood memories of making forts in the living room with mum and dad. Why not test your children’s team working skills and together build a fort using hordes of cushions, pillows, blankets and duvets (you could even create different compartments to the fort). Once you are all comfortable inside, enjoy a banquet of sandwiches and cakes whilst acting like royalty in your impressive creation.

Tidying up competition

Tidying up competition - motherhooddiaries

This activity is a parents favourite. It involves setting the children up for the challenge of tidying their room and seeing who can do it in the fastest time or to the best quality. It means less work for mum and dad and the winner can then choose which exciting activity to do next. You can even take a step back and take a few minutes breather here, whilst your children clean the house.

Indoor treasure hunt

Dress up as pirates and hide clues around the house which will lead your children to the loot. You could create a map, puzzle or even turn the hunt into a cooking party, which consists of each clue location containing an ingredient which comes together to make a ‘secret’ recipe. You could use pictures as clues and rhymes or for the older kids you could throw in some riddles and secret codes. The winner might receive a decorated box full of goodies such as sweets and coins. If you need a 5-minute breather, just hand over the clues to the kids, put your feet up for a bit and watch them busy themselves finding the clues. Or, you can just get your laptop/phone out and play a round of bingo on gamevillage, whatever floats your boat.

Disney movie marathon

Disney Movie Marathon - motherhooddiaries

Who doesn’t love a Disney film? It’s no hidden secret that even grown-ups love to watch Disney films including The Lion King, Up! and Toy Story every so often. Let the children line up all their favourite Disney movies, grab the popcorn, bring down the duvet and let the family enjoy watching these classic films for hours on end. Of course, there is always an underlying lesson behind Disney films so there is a bit of educational activity involved in there too!

What are your best tricks to keeping the kids entertained during bad weather? Please share in the comments below.

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