26 weeks pregnant – I can’t stop looking at other pregnant mums’ bumps!

26 weeks pregnant
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I can’t stop looking at other pregnant mothers’ bumps. I feel like I’m in a private pregnant women’s club and I now feel a certain bond towards other expectant mothers.  Maybe it’s because I know what they’re going through and how they feel…  but now I can’t help but compare my bump to theirs.

My belly button hasn’t popped out yet, but hubby has noticed that the bump is definitely growing. He can feel the baby too now and he keeps singing to him every night – he reckons that if he sings to the baby every night then when the baby is born and is in distress, hubby’s voice may be able to relax him.

Hubby also bought me a Mexican Bola which I’m supposed to wear around my neck and the chimes are meant to soothe the baby. Apparently, the same chimes can soothe the baby when he’s born too.

I’ve been thinking about Child Benefit. I’m self-employed, so I won’t be able to ask for Statutory Maternity Pay. I did a little bit of research on the net and turns out I can ask for the Health in Pregnancy Grant too, which is great. I will need to ask for a MATB1 Form from my midwife, so when I have my 28-week check-up, I will ask for a form then. Also, I can claim the Health in Pregnancy Grant from Week 25 so I need to ask the doctor for a form regarding that too. I’ve decided that I’m going to try and work up until my due date then claim for maternity allowance after that date, as I found out that you receive maternity allowance for 39 weeks after the date you finish work.

I’ve been feeling a bit spaced out lately. Hubby keeps joking about my slow nature – I say, relish the moment dear! You may win against me in a game of Articulate, but I can guarantee that my sharp mind will be back! How long does this baby brain last?

The Science Part

26 weeks pregnant - The science part

Your baby at 26 weeks

  • Your baby is now the size of an orange and growing so fast!
  • Their teeth even though still in the gum stages, have got their enamel coating already
  • They can clasp their hands now and they are playing around with their umbilical cord now like a toy.
  • Your baby is moving to the music, so sing to it, and play music near their bump.
  • Your baby’s brain continues to develop and their taste buds are fully developed too.
  • The foods you will eat will affect the amniotic fluid, which they are breathing in and out. This is essential for lung development and good practice for when they take their first breath in the outside world.
  • Your baby is starting to find the space in your bump a bit tighter now. But they can still flip and spin in your belly!

Your pregnancy signs and symptoms

  • You’ve reached the end of your second trimester, welcome to the third trimester. Not long to go now!
  • Is your baby waking at night? It’s because your daily movements are rocking them to sleep, but when you’re still they wake up!
  • If you’re having a hard time going to sleep then try a maternity pillow between your legs. I find a pillow to support my back helps as well.
  • If you’re still suffering from heartburn or reflex at night, try propping your head with a pillow.
  • Keep an eye on what you are eating as well as greasy and spicy food can cause indigestion, especially as your digestion is slowing down.
  • Your blood pressure may be increasing slightly, although it is probably still lower than it was before. Typically your blood pressure falls at about 22 – 24 weeks.

Your next steps

  • Keep an eye on your baby’s movements because if they’re less than normal you need to seek medical advice
  • Resting up is super important during the last few months of pregnancy, so make it a habit to spend time with yourself
  • Make sure to moisturise your skin and its stretching due to getting bigger and stretchmarks may occur

Note:  These are just general ideas of how you and your baby are getting on. Don’t forget that every baby develops differently. If you are concerned about your baby’s development, please consult your doctor or midwife.

A fun fact – The baby weighs 1.7 pounds and measures at about 14 inches. Growth spurt this week!

*Illustrations by Charlotte Watkins. 

If you have any questions about her work, please contact Charlotte via her website, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn*

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