24/7 Virtual Colic Clinic and Infacol’s Cosy Comforts Goody Bag

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24/7 Virtual Colic Clinic and Infacol’s Cosy Comforts Goody Bag
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I was once a mum of two under two, so I would regularly complain about lack of sleep, no resting time and constant noise at a higher than normal decibel. But, thankfully, I have never experienced colicky babies, and the horror stories I have heard from parents whose babies have had colic trumps everything that I have ever experienced as a mother.

What is colic?

Colic is defined in the dictionary as:

“Severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies.”

NHS Choices defines colic as:

…the medical term for excessive, frequent crying in a baby who appears to be otherwise healthy and well fed.”

Now, imagine you’ve just given birth and your baby doesn’t stop crying, no matter how much you feed, bathe, comfort and/or change them. I can only imagine parents with colicky babies are living in a constant nightmare, not to mention how their babies must be feeling, appearing frequently troubled and writhing in pain! Now, imagine you are a first-time parent, it is 3 am, and you have had no sleep because your baby has been crying for four straight hours and nothing, but NOTHING works to comfort them. Who do you call? Where do you go? What have you done wrong!?

You have done nothing wrong, actually… Colic is a common, yet poorly understood condition, affecting up to one in four babies¹, usually beginning in the first few weeks of birth and often stopping by the time the baby is four months old.

Infacol’s brand new website – 24/7 Virtual Colic Clinic

Realising that a lot of parents are experiencing colicky babies, Infacol (Simethicone), Britain’s number 1 selling infant colic remedy, launched www.ColicHelp.co.uk, an innovative website created to help desperate parents 24/7 to get to grips with the challenges of infant colic, because, let’s face it, there is no closing time, no out of office message, or holiday breaks. Babies with colic cry around the clock and these poor tired parents need to access help any time of the day or night to find solutions that can, at the very least, minimise the distress caused by their crying baby. The site has a unique virtual Q&A Colic Clinic – you ask questions about dealing with colic and you get an immediate video response from Infacol’s website, either through a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

On average, anxious first-time mothers make 16 trips to the doctor over a child’s first year², with colic being in the top three concerns of new mums³. Midwife Nikki Khan lends a helping hand to answer parents’ questions on the subject of colic and provides extra support for parents in need. The app encourages parents to choose from 50 of the most commonly asked questions around colic from a dropdown menu or, alternatively, to type their own, and then providing them with an instant video answer from Nikki Khan.

“We know that anxious parents are turning more to online research as GP’s are unavailable late into the evening, which is when colic can hit. Infacol wants to give new mums and dads someone to turn to when in need of this extra support and guidance, at any time of the day or night.” Nikki Khan, Infacol’s Expert Midwife.

Before we tuck into our Cosy Comforts Goody Bag, generously provided by Infacol, let’s take a look around the new website.

When you click on ‘Visit the Virtual Colic Clinic’, you are taken to a helpful introduction by Nikki Khan on how to navigate the website, i.e. type a question or select a question from the drop-down menu provided.

As I have never experienced colic in both of my boys, I asked the age old question, ‘How to comfort my crying baby?’ Let’s see what comes up!

I am greeted with Nikki Khan’s video response, asking me to retype the question as she didn’t understand what I was asking:

Let’s try again…

‘How to stop my baby from crying?’

Nope! Nikki didn’t understand that question either.

I started to write another question, beginning with ‘How…?’ and a list of questions automatically popped up in the drop-down menu:

So, I picked the last question, which I believed related to my question the most:

‘How can I tell if my baby is crying because of colic?’

I finally received a detailed response from Nikki Khan on how to tell whether my baby’s crying relates to colic. Not quite the question I was asking, but I didn’t realise that the questions had to be very specifically written in order to come up from typing the question myself.

The website does offer you the chance to email in your question if you can’t find an answer, so I anticipate that Infacol will learn from the frequent questions that will be asked by parents over time.

Cosy Comforts Goody Bag

Infacol very kindly sent Motherhood Diaries a goody bag filled with fantastic treats, no doubt to comfort the tired parent with a colicky baby, and I was very intrigued and excited about its contents.

So, what did we get?

  1. Calming candle, emanating a delicious orangey scent.
  2. A handy mug, complete with a spoon, for that all-important night-time beverage when you are soothing your baby
  3. A choccie stirrer to sweeten up your drink (yum!)
  4. And delicious cookies, which my boys devoured in 2 minutes flat!

“Now all you need to do is light your calming candle, warm up some milk in your stylish Infacol mug, stir in your choccie stirrer, and nibble on delicious cookies…” Infacol.

I didn’t get the chance to taste the delicious looking, beautifully shaped cookies as my boys caught a whiff and gobbled them right up! Here’s the proof!

Aidan (right) is eating the cookie in style – dipped into yogurt!

Aidan (right) is eating the cookie in style – dipped into yogurt!

On a serious note, parents with colicky babies need not worry about feeling helpless and lonely anymore now that they have access to this 24/7 Virtual Colic Clinic for parents. As a world’s first, there are gaps for improvement, namely the database of questions available for the parent, but as this grows, there will be no telling how specific Nikki’s advice would be to provide that all important support, especially for first-time parents who have no idea how to comfort a baby with colic.

A truly innovative step in helping parents like me understand what colic is about and how we can feel supported, whether it is at 3 pm or 3 am!

If you have a baby suffering from colic, please don’t hesitate to visit http://www.ColicHelp.co.uk now and listen to Nikki Khan’s advice on your questions. Good luck!

Research from:

  1. Crotteau, C.A., & Wright, S. (2006). What is the best treatment for treatment for infants with colic? Journal of Family Practice, 55(7), 634-636
  2. Study reported by Benenden Healthcare Society of 2,000 British mums. 30th November 2012
  3. Bounty Research Poll of 520 parents. Data collected October 2012


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