17 weeks old – It’s fun to be silly for a laugh

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It has been another crazy week.

I watched daddy swim with Aron today, which was quite an experience.  I had never seen Aron dive under the water before and I had to admit that I was a little apprehensive. But, I continuously reassured myself that four-month-old babies can instinctively hold their breaths when held underwater – a fantastic instinct that will soon fade when the ways of the world envelope their neurological and physiological senses later on. Aron was, again, not the slightest bit fazed at the daddies and babies around him, the blistering heat of the pool area, the aqua blue water enveloping him and the fact that he was being shoved underwater time and time again, as the daddies followed the instructor’s commands.

Aron swimming - motherhooddiaries

A newborn baby next to Aron, who couldn’t have been more than 6 weeks old (the minimum age a baby can attend swimming lessons, I was told by a neighbouring mother) started crying from the chaos of splashing and, quite rightly, demanded to get out and into the arms of her mummy, who swiftly brought out a bottle and ran over to her child.

After the session, we ventured back to my parent’s house and it was another beautiful warm and sunny day. Mum was preparing food in the kitchen and dad was outside firing up the barbie for a big kebab feast. Aron was exhausted from his swim and had fallen asleep before we had arrived and so I placed him into the travel cot that we had set up and left at my parent’s in the lounge.

Hubby and I are still trying to work out a bedtime routine for Aron. We want to incorporate the following: 12 pm nap, 3 pm nap, 7 pm nap, bath time, baby massage, feed and then bed. Everything is a bit late and both hubby and I haven’t slept properly in a long time, so we’re both exhausted. We think Aron goes to bed too late (at 12 am) and sleeps too much during the day. But, unless we can get him to sleep more at night, we are reluctant to reduce his daytime naps. I never thought that bedtime routines would be the trickiest to master!

Aron is becoming much more playful now. It’s easy to make him laugh and he seems like a content baby. He copies me by sticking his tongue out when I do the same. He’s especially playful when I’m breastfeeding him and periodically looks up and searches my face when I make the slightest bit of noise. He’s getting very efficient at picking up toys with his hands and constantly has fingers in his mouth, whether it is his or mine. To be honest, I think you can get away with not buying baby toys if your fingers are around! We went to the doctor for Aron’s 3rd immunisations. I told the nurse administering the injections about Aron’s persistent cough. The nurse said that her son had suffered a continuous cough during spring that lasted 6 months. The doctors had prescribed her son with an inhaler. The weather at the moment is hot, sticky and thickly pollinated. I had even come out in a rash from the smoggy air and felt like my hayfever was back, so of course, Aron’s 4-month-old lungs would suffer from the thick polluted London air.

Aron also had his 3rd immunisations this week. I mentioned to the nurse administering the injections about Aron’s persistent cough. The nurse replied that her son had suffered a continuous cough during the spring season that had lasted for 6 months. So, the doctors had prescribed her son with an inhaler. The weather at the moment is hot, sticky and thickly pollinated, and even I had come out in a rash from the smoggy air. I felt like my hayfever was back, so of course, Aron’s 4-month-old lungs would suffer from the thick polluted London air.

When Aron had finished being injected (such a good boy for bearing 3 injections) the nurse made arrangements for a doctor to check Aron’s cough. I was slightly worried at having to wait to be seen as I hadn’t given Aron any Medinol to curb the fever resulting from the jabs. So, I had to wait rather impatiently in the waiting room for about half an hour. Aron seemed fine, however. We were called and taken to see a rather jolly and chatty female doctor who proceeded to check Aron over with a stethoscope and a swab. She spotted thrush on his tongue and prescribed Nystatin. She also heard a slight wheezing in Aron’s breath but reassured me that this was fine. Aron was too young to contract asthma and it is quite normal for his lungs to suffer from the unusually highly pollinated weather. But she prescribed an inhaler anyway, which I never ended up using. The inhaler itself looked like a fancy tube with a wider part at the end to be placed over Aron’s mouth. I honestly felt like he did not have asthma and that my baby only had a cough, which only meant that his lungs were working, right?

We were invited to attend a distant relative’s Turkish wedding and I welcomed the opportunity to dress up and feel like a real woman again. I had lost a little bit of weight, albeit still two sizes bigger than I was pre-pregnancy, so I wasn’t as self-conscious as before, even though my boobs were now huge at 36E. It took me a long time to find a dress that didn’t make me look humungous and my sister’s best friend generously lent me her flattering black dress which made me look thinner and my boobs slightly smaller. I straightened my hair, put on some makeup and finally felt womanly again. My sister’s best friend had also brought Aron a lovely blue pin-striped shirt and grey trousers and a pair of DKNY socks for the wedding. Aron looked so handsome and everyone at the wedding was gushing over him and commenting on how beautiful and healthy he looked. An older woman advised me to go out and buy an Evil Eye Talisman, which is believed by Mediterranean/Asian cultures to be an ‘evil glare’ from someone and, as a result, causes misfortune or injury to the person receiving the glare. As we were at a Turkish wedding, this phrase or belief is quite common and I didn’t spare it any second thought. Although, I did think to buy an Evil Eye for the house to protect my baby anyway – just in case… 

Family wedding with Aron - motherhooddiaries

My little boy is developing a sense of humour now! He loves it when I surprise him with a funny face or play ‘peek-a-boo’. Sometimes if it is too loud or startling, he gets scared and sticks his bottom lip out as if to start crying, but as soon as I pick him up and give him a kiss and cuddle, he is all smiles again. I love making Aron laugh, so hubby and I make lots of funny faces and generally just act silly around him, so we can hear his melodic laugh and watch him smile and giggle. We do believe that Aron loves us doing that more than his toys. 

A fun fact – This month is a great month to travel with your baby because s/he can’t quite crawl yet and his/her sleeping and feeding habits are also likely to be less demanding.

17 weeks old - It's fun to be silly for a laugh - motherhooddiaries

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