10 Winter Art Projects for Your Children

10 winter art projects for your child - motherhooddiaries

It may be time to say goodbye to the long evenings, sunny parks and summer seaside trips for another year, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. With winter comes cosy evenings with hot chocolate, Christmas celebrations, and more indoor hours for craft activities. To keep your little ones occupied on the dark nights and half-term holidays below are 10 craft project ideas that you can get involved in with the children. You can get loaded up with materials from www.georgeweil.com or another reputable arts and crafts supplier and be prepared for a winter season of fun!

1) Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes will start gracing the shops as soon as school starts, so you should have a healthy selection of scary outfits for the kids to choose from if you start early. By 30 October, you may only be left with a rotting pumpkin, but you can dress anything up with a little bit of art and creativity. Just decide how scary you want to go and have a bash at creating a masterpiece with the kids from your materials. Check out online costume websites for some inspiration.

2) Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations - motherhooddiaries

Don’t limit your craft possibilities at Halloween to just jack-o’-lanterns. Make your own creepy crawlies using pipe cleaners, flying witches or cobwebs. There are more great ideas here.

3) Eid Decorations

Eid decorations - motherhooddiaries

Teach your children the meaning behind the Eid festival in October and create some craft related to the celebrations. String some crescent and star bunting together or create an Islam-inspired tissue paper stained glass window. It’s important to keep your children open-minded and aware of other religions and cultures surrounding them. 

4) Bonfire Night Collage

Have your own bonfire night indoors by producing arty Catherine wheels, crayon etching fireworks and tissue paper collages of bonfires. You also get to be creative in the kitchen with the kids and prepare some of the tasty snacks that go with it.

5) Christmas Decorations

Brighten up your holiday home by decorating the walls with Christmas cards that you’ve received over the years. If you don’t keep your Christmas cards, then it’s a good idea to start, even if you’re not the sentimental type. The front cover of Christmas cards are mostly bright, decorative and colourful, so they make ideal decorations to complement your craft. You could also use Christmas cards to create bunting for the walls or tree decorations. 

6) Christmas Cards and Presents

Christmas cards and presents - motherhooddiaries

While you’re getting busy creating snowmen, robins and Santas, why not produce your own holiday greetings cards? If you’re feeling especially creative, you can go that extra mile and decorate a picture frame or make Christmas sock puppets as gifts.

7) New Years Time Capsule

A New Years Time Capsule is a wonderfully creative way to capture the present moments in your family’s life. Set a date when you will open the capsule, perhaps five years from the time you bury it or longer depending on your children’s age. Next, choose a container to put the items in that represent your family’s lives at that moment and decorate it for added enjoyment.

8) New Years Resolutions Poster

New Years resolution poster - motherhooddiaries

Teaching your kids about New Year’s resolutions encourages them to think about goals and work at keeping to them. You can create bright and colourful pledge posters together and stick them on the wall or somewhere where you can always see them, so you can remind yourselves of your resolutions. Make sure to create a resolution for yourself too. It doesn’t matter if you don’t keep them, you can always prepare for next year with some more inspiration New Year resolution craft. 

9) Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese New Year - winter art projects - motherhooddiaries

Practice your origami and dragon drawings in February in time for the Chinese New Year. To continue the theme, why not cook a Chinese banquet and get the whole family helping out? Make sure to use lots of red and gold to mark the cultural colours.

10) St Patricks Day Decorations

st patricks day - 4 leaf clover - motherhooddiaries

St Patricks Day doesn’t have to be exclusively for the pubs. One idea is to produce some shamrock potato stamps or four leaf clover decorations. Perhaps use this opportunity to create four-leaf clover biscuits and handing them out to all your friends and family to enjoy. 

Whatever your choice of creation, ensure that it’s a project that you can all work on together. Art projects that you can get involved in with the kids, not only strengthens your bond with your kids but teaches your children to tap into their imagination and hone their creative skills.

10 Winter Art Projects for Your Children - motherhooddiaries

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