10 reasons why you should rent an RV this summer

10 reasons why you should rent an RV this summer - motherhooddiaries
10 reasons why you should rent an RV this summer
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You want to book a holiday with the family this summer, but the thought of wading through passport control and cramming the family into packed seats on an aeroplane fills you with utter dread. So, why not change it up this year and rent an RV to take you on your journey with the family. Sceptical? Here are 10 reasons why you should rent an RV this summer:

You can live in a house on holiday!

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You can pretty much cook, lounge, sleep and bathe as you would in your own home, but in, obviously, a much smaller setting. And, if you work remotely, you can work wherever you are travelling to, by hooking up to a local WiFi or carrying a TEP Wireless device around with you.

An RV has wheels, so you could be constantly on the go

The beauty of a motorhome is that you can travel wherever your heart desires in the comfort of your home away from home – 24/7

You can witness breath-taking views wherever you go

Beautiful views from an RV - motherhooddiaries

Need I say more?

You get a lot more storage for luggage

No more cramming everything you need into a 23kg limit suitcase (which is what the airlines generally allow for). Pack the kitchen sink if you want, the only restriction you have is the weight of the RV on the road.

You can build more travel memories with the family

Holiday memories wouldn’t need to start at the destination. In fact, most of your treasured memories could be while you are on the road to the destination.


You can make a pit-stop wherever you like

And, that pit stop could be in the RV, because you have your own toilet! Whaaat!?

Hiring an RV is way cheaper than travelling on the plane and even hiring a room at a hotel

Airfares are now riddled with hidden costs, no matter how cheap you can find the tickets on the net. Hotel rooms charge premium prices for using the same amenities that you would have for free in an RV (albeit on a smaller scale). With an RV rental, you are fully in charge. You prepare your own meals, you pay your own petrol and you never need to worry about where you’re going to spend the night.

RVs are multi-functional

RVs are not just for recreational use, they are literally temporary housing solutions for all daily needs. For example, if you have been forced out of your home due to works, you can live in an RV as a second temporary home for a while. If you have extra family coming over and not enough rooms in the house? Send them to the RV!

The whole family is invited to the fun

Bring the dog! Have mini parties whilst the designated driver is driving you guys to the destination. Play cards on your own kitchen table whilst sipping wine. Do whatever you want with the family because you can.

You are free to enjoy your holiday

The beauty of vacationing via a motorhome is that you can literally go where the heart takes you, in the comfort and cosiness of your own home away from home. Yes, I may have repeated this more than once, but remember, you call the shots on this holiday. Not the plane or the hotel, or even the travel to and from the plane and the hotel. It’s you, your family and the RV, all the way.

Have you ever vacationed using an RV? Please share your memories with us in the comments below.

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