Week 7 of My Pregnancy – No energy to move…

I had started my new job this week. I had quit my permanent job at a City law firm back in February as I wasn’t enjoying it and decided to take a couple of months off to sort out my head and rethink my career. When I found out I was pregnant, I got scared and searched high and low for any jobs I could find that were remotely related to law. I managed to find a temp job at an international legal consultancy firm in Mayfair, so I felt the pressure ease off my shoulders slightly. However, I wasn’t used to waking up so early as I had been out of work for 2 months, and was enjoying getting up late every day, so I figured that the early start was what was making me so tired and not the pregnancy. I started noticing a change in my sense of smell too. When hubby fried some eggs in the morning, I had to walk out of the room because the smell was so overbearing that it made me nauseous. This was definitely a pregnancy symptom because I love eggs.

It had felt like a long time since I’d been on the tube and the hordes of people were making me feel really slow and heavy. I had been working in the City for 3 years so I was quite used to the hustle and bustle of London, but I just needed silence and space, and the reality was quite the opposite. Weaving in and out, past the commuters on their way to work was quite a chore and I was glad to finally reach the building where I would start my temporary placement. I immediately got to work, reviewing some legal documents. It was only the beginning of the work day, but all I wanted to do was sleep, and a male employee next to me was chatting away and looking at me as if to expect a response, but I hadn’t listened to a word he had said. I just couldn’t focus or shake off this strange zonked out feeling. I wasn’t feeling sick or anything, just… weird. I tried to carry on as normal, but, by the afternoon, after rather a lot of questionable looks from other members of staff, I had to tell people that I was pregnant. I was greeted with a chorus of ‘ooooooohs’ and ‘aaaaahs’, and then the questions started. “How many weeks pregnant are you?” – “Do you know the sex of the baby?” – “How do you feel?” – “Any cravings yet?” It was nice that they cared, but I just wanted the room to be quiet, so I could stay hidden – in fact, I just really wanted to sleep! I had read somewhere, through my thorough research on the word ‘pregnancy’ that I was supposed to glow, but when I looked in the mirror, I just looked grey. So where is this glow these internet sources are going on about?

On Friday, hubby headed off to the pub after work and asked me if I wanted to join him. I would have normally jumped at the chance, after the very long day I had (which wasn’t actually that long considering, but my tired bones weren’t used to it) I just really wanted to sleep. When I got home, I instantly regretted not going with hubby as the pangs of loneliness and depression started kicking in. It was the first time I had stayed at home on a Friday night by myself. Instead of wallowing in pity, however, I decided to invite my best mate over for some Mexican and SingStar.

I couldn’t touch any of the strong Mexican food, despite the fact that I was starving before the food had arrived. This was becoming quite a regular occurrence now and it was driving me mad! My eyes are hungry, but my unborn baby says, “Nope, not eating that!” So I end up wasting so much food. I managed to coax my foetus into snacking on dry, bland nachos, which was actually a vast improvement to the bland toast and ginger biscuits that I’ve only managed to eat until now.

Having my best mate over for food and games had cheered me up a lot.  I managed to forget about being pregnant for a little bit despite the occasional bouts of nausea when watching her scoff the Mexican food. When she had left for home, hubby came through the door at the same time a little drunk and crashed out on my lap. Quite honestly, I felt like doing the same. I couldn’t believe something so small was having such an effect on me. I read, on one of the websites, that the baby was only the size of a grape, so I was surprised that this little grape had got me completely knackered! But I love grapes all the same.

A fun fact – Your baby is the size of a grape!

The Science Part

Week 7 of my pregnancy

(Image taken from  http://www.babycentre.co.uk/7-weeks-pregnant)

Your baby

  • Your baby has grown to about 10mm long, from crown (head) to rump (bottom)
  • The head and brain is starting to grow rapidly
  • The inner ear starts to develop now
  • The nervous system is now starting to take shape and the nerve cells continue to multiply
  • The black dots that are the baby’s eyes are now visible on an ultrasound


  • You won’t feel it, but your baby is moving around in your belly!
  • Your emotions might be swinging up and down at the moment due to the changing level of hormones in your body. This is very normal in the early stages of pregnancy
  • Still, continue your moderate exercise if you have done so before because this helps relieve stress of the pregnancy on your body – it also clears the cobwebs a little bit and gives you a bit more energy
  • Don’t take up any contact sport!
  • Try and eat well and keep yourself fit and healthy during these early stages of pregnancy
  • You may want to start telling friends and family – it is your choice
  • There may be good reasons to keep quiet at this early stage too – Read a story about pregnancy after a miscarriage here
  • Why don’t you take a break and go on holiday whilst you still can and before you get too big!
  • Food hygiene is extremely important at this stage as any food related illnesses could be potentially harmful to the baby – Read an article about Cytomegalovirus (CMV) – What you should know to prevent your unborn baby from contracting CMV

Note:  These are just general ideas of how you and your baby are getting on. Don’t forget that every baby develops differently. If you are concerned about your baby’s development, please consult your midwife.

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