How to use a Doppler and Finger Pulse


The one and only way to confirm a cryptic pregnancy to yourself and anyone with an ounce of common sense who will listen to you, is with a Doppler with a readout and a Finger Pulse. Both can be bought from Amazon or eBay.

If you are having a cryptic pregnancy you may have a tipped uterus, so the baby may be growing very high up or towards the back of your uterus. You may also be a bit overweight and/or have a lot of scarring from C-Sections or other operations. As with an ultrasound, these things also block the sound waves of a Doppler reaching your baby, so you must use a decent amount of gel and you must press really hard when using the Doppler on your abdomen to hear and see baby’s heartbeat.

I would never recommending using a Doppler without a readout with a cryptic pregnancy as you have no time to play the guessing game. So, unless you have the time and inclination to watch a lot of YouTube videos on how to hear a baby on a Doppler, it is going to be very hard to tell without a readout.

If you can only afford one without a readout follow the instructions, watch and listen to ladies on YouTube do it. But, remember, most of these ladies are not overweight as it is their first child, so they might hear the heart beat much easier than you will for these reasons.

As a rule, a baby’s heart beat sounds like the clicking of horses’ hooves. It will be much faster than your heart beat. if you have not got a readout you can at least hear the baby swimming and kicking the Doppler to reassure you, as bowels do not make kicking or swimming sounds, contrary to what some ignorant Doctor may try and tell you.

If you do have a Doppler and a Finger Pulse, find the baby’s heartbeat first, make sure the readout is at least 110 to 160, and that the heart rate is staying on the readout and that you are not losing it. Then, put your Finger Pulse on to get a reading of your own heartbeat. You might need help with this.

Your heartbeat on the Finger Pulse will be 80 or less, so that if your Doppler readout is 110 or more and you can hear the click click of baby’s heartbeat, then you are indeed pregnant, despite negative tests and scans. 

And, if I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, NO HUMAN BEING ALIVE HAS TWO SEPARATE HEART BEATS!


Also, please do remember that nothing has changed about pregnancy in the last 50 years. How could it? Pregnancy is pregnancy, you ether are pregnant or you are not and 50 years ago doctors confirmed pregnancy by hearing a foetal heart beat separate from the mothers.

Funny how, all of a sudden, this is not good enough for them, YET doctors cannot provide a valid reason why a woman would have two separate heartbeats in her round pregnant looking belly, if she is not pregnant.

So, again, if you have found a foetal heartbeat on a Doppler of 110 or more whilst yours on a Finger Pulse is 80 or less, you are pregnant and the negative urine blood and/or scans are very WRONG.

So congratulations.

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    Ms neo brown, I have a very interesting situation that’s going on with me and its very similar to yours, I haven’t given birth or anything but it really is very similar like yours and I feel you are one of the only people I’ve seen with a
    More commen sense brain and if you could email me and get back to me id be more than happy to tell you my situation. I feel so alone but something in my gut tells me im still pregnant and all I hear is that I’m not but I’m not yet convinced. Please help. Thank you for listening.

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