The 40 Week Pregnancy Myth

40 plus week pregnancy

According to some bloke called Karl Naegele, human pregnancy is 40 weeks as he “saw it in the bible”. Lucky him.

Except it’s not actually IN the bible.

Now I have been reading the bible since I was twelve as I’m just into that sort of thing and it is not in there. I have looked for it in the fake versions (niv esv message) and the real version (the old King James) and nothing. Na da. Not one tiny verse that says or even hints that pregnancy is 40 weeks.

Sure, Jesus was tested in the wilderness for 40 weeks and the Hebrews walked around in the desert after Moses led them out of Egypt for 40 YEARS but nothing about pregnancy being 40 weeks.

The only mention of pregnancy duration is one phrase: “When her time had come”.

John 16v21, “A woman when she is in travail (labour) hath sorrow, because HER hour has come…”

Emphasis mine. In Luke 1v57 talking about Elizabeth the mother of John it says, “Now Elizabeth’s full time came that SHE should be delivered and she brought forth a son”. Now, I do not want to make this into a bible study as such, but this bloke, Naegele, started it by basing every woman’s pregnancy length on a non-existent biblical fact, so please indulge me. Luke 2v6 speaking of Mary, “And so it was, that, when they were there, the days were accomplished that SHE should be delivered… and she brought forth her firstborn son”

You see, going into labour is all very individual as, indeed, all human beings and all pregnancies are. The bible, if anything, does not say one thing about pregnancy length, let alone it being 40 weeks!

Each baby will be born when the mother’s, “Days are accomplished that SHE should be delivered.”

That’s what the bible says. Sorry Naegele old boy.

Now of course, some women will deliver at 35 or even 34 weeks and their babies are completely fine. This is because HER time had come and it happened to be 35 or 34 weeks. According to the US National Institute of Environmental Health and Science, most women will give birth around 37 to 45 weeks, the current pregnancy “norm”.

But why is that? How and why do they all give birth at this time? Are they all REALLY ready?

Of course not! This is why we need so many ob/gyn doctors and midwives, especially hospital midwives, as they have whole hospitals filled with a wonderful pick and mix of drug interventions and surgical equipment from the stretch and sweep (no, no, no! Nobody, not even my dear husband, will ever put their hand inside of my cervix when I am in labour! How do you think childbed fever killed so many women in the eighteen hundreds?!) to the oh so familiar C-section and, trust me, they are ready and waiting, and more than willing to use them, all to make sure you do not dare go one minute over 42 weeks, if you are unlucky, 45, if you can afford a doula or a very progressive IM.

So, it would not even be fair to say that 40 weeks is the average pregnancy length as no woman is “allowed” to go much over 42 weeks, so how do you find an average if half of the women are forced in to labour by drugs i.e. induced or augmented?

Fact is you can’t really can you? At least, not an honest average.

I was pregnant for almost 12 months and, yes, I can prove it. There is a beautiful lady who says she was pregnant for 17 months as she had an unassisted pregnancy and it was her fifth child. She is called Lorinda N. Rainwater and can be easily found online and on YouTube telling her story on the Selina Ray Show. She’s now writing a book apparently. If you really look, there are quite a few other stories like this one, all within the last ten years. CJ Scott Media, an African newspaper, reports that in October 2011 Bridget Godfrey had a healthy baby boy naturally, her second child after a 15 month pregnancy. Finally anthropologist George Julius Engelmann, in his book ‘Labor Among Primitive People’, published in 1883, found that, ‘The Chinese believed that pregnancy can last two or three years because the child does not wish to leave the womb.’ Now, why would they believe such a thing if they had not actually seen a woman pregnant with the same child for two or three years? Come on now.

But what about the placenta failing after 40 weeks you say? Yes. That old chestnut.

The data for this is a very faulty study from 1958. Why are we using such an old study to force women by fear and guilt into inductions and C-sections, both of which carry huge risks, based on one fifty year old study? Probably because the more recent studies do not back it up. Now, sadly some babies do die in the womb and some babies are stillborn. I suffered a neonatal death with my first child (At 35 weeks) and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Bad things happen sometimes. That does not mean, after careful study and consideration of the REAL facts for yourself, that it will happen to you, and to tell expectant mothers that it will because of one faulty study is nothing but fear mongering.

The truth is that an ob/gyn doctor has got to eat, right? And the economy is very bad, so hospitals need to keep making money. You really do not want to know how many thousands of pounds a hospital gets for a C-section. Obstetrics is the department that makes the most money in any hospital.
Check out the facts for yourselves. It makes very interesting reading when an ob/gyn is telling you that, “You are killing your baby if you do not agree to an induction/C-section as you are ‘overdue’.

Don’t just believe what you have always been told, ladies. Knowledge is power.

It’s high time women took back childbirth from the “professionals” who make a very nice living out of our ignorance and stopped giving such starry-eyed respect so unquestioningly to anyone with a white coat.

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Neo Brown (3 Posts)

My name is Neo Brown, I am 37, I live in the UK, I am married to an Analyst, and I am a mother of four. I am a musician and I am also studying for a maths degree.To join the Yahoo! Group, Pregnantbutnegativetests, send an email to and follow the instructions provided, or go to to sign up online.

  • Sing it sister, like your tude. Medics have been trying to control childbirth for hundreds of years, and doing a very good job. The women who died of fever after a birth were in fact killed by their doctors because they refused to wash their hands in lime water. They did not believe in germs till the microscope was invented and they could see these organisms themselves. They use fear to make us compliant with their wishes and timetables and like you say, are making money hand over fist. I do not know what the answer is, if you defy advice and then something awful happens to your baby, could you ever forgive yourself, they have us by the short and curlies. Have been trying to teach women how to labour pain free for the past 11 years and feel like I am talking to myself cos the medics do not believe in pain free labour. Ann xx

  • Although I would probably hold out rather than be induced, this generalisation over a doctors agenda is hugely unfair. My mother is a doctor, and my brother and I were both late by the due date calculations but nothing was done to force it. My sister was induced mainly because mum was pretty fed up at that point (here I believe in a mothers choice to do what they want with their bodies). Although I get that in many countries doctors and hospitals get paid in this way for births and c-sections, in the UK it doesn’t work like that. I would also say that most of the time doctors are honestly concerned about the mothers welfare as well as the babies.

    Of course you should look at the evidence on both sides but I would strongly disagree with lumping all in together. I would also say that I was told the entire way through my pregnancy that my “due date” was only an estimation and babies could come “early” or “late” and as long as they were showing healthy signs then that was fine.

    Rather than starting a ranting war, why not just say childbirth varies, provide non-biased (& non-angry) information without attacking or defensive language, and let them make up their mind. In my experience most mothers (particularly in the summer months) just want it to be over and meet their baby.

  • Neo

    Hi ekm

    Let me give you a bit of my back ground. I was pregnant for 12 months with a pregnancy over 10 drs said did not exist as most of my urine tests all blood & 5 scans were NEGATIVE . My small bowel was in FRONT of my uterus due to 4 previouse cs & a tummy tuck that pushed my uetrus in to a very tipped position. On my last scan a month before i had the baby the tech said & i quote” i cant see much at all as there is too much bowel'” yet to my gp his report stated that everything was “normal”.
    I went to the hospital 3 times in early/pre labor. I could not walk or sit down yet they sent me home saying the pregnancy was ” all in my head”.
    I finally had a quick & easy labor in August & had my son in 6 pushes alone at home after four c sections as doctors had not given me a choice.
    My baby boy & i were fine & we were checked out at the same hospital that had told me 5 times that i was not pregnant but dillusional.
    I Am now writing a book & run a yahoo group called “pregnantbutnegativetests ” & in the space of 4 months have over 40 women who are pregnant but tests & often scans are negative. The only way they can confirm is with a doppler & a finger pulse. This is how i confirmed my own pregnancy & took my doppler & finger pulse which was always under 80 while my doppler picking up baby’s heart rate was always 120 or more, yet the drs point blank refused to listern to It. There is such a thing as righteous indignation & i believe after my experience with drs i am that personified & i make NO apologies for it as women & babies are & could die from drs ignorance on this matter as i almost did from what i call a cryptic pregnancy: this is a true pregnancy not a phantom pregnancy which infact, does not exist in humans unless they are EXTREAMLY mentaly ill & even then it is highly doubtful to any logical thinking person.

    The question here was : is there any real evidence for a 40 week pregnancy? I have proved that there is not. It is a myth. It is not in the bible as neagele said it was. pregnany length is not a one size fits all.

    Now you have said that your mother is a doctor & she cares about her patients. That’s great. But i & all of the women on my site have been treated like DIRT by the medical establishment.
    If my dad was a copper it would be understandable for me not to want to believe that any copper could be doggy but i would be illogical to conclude that of course.
    If you or anyone reading this can give me any concrete evidence that all pregnancies should last no more than 42 weeks than i will be all ears . until then, as katie perry recently said, you are gonna hear me roar.


  • Firstly, I did not suggest that pregnancy had to be 40, or even 42 weeks, infact I suggested I would be happy to wait until baby was ready as long as we were both healthy. I am happy to suggest a range of healthy times for a baby to come but I was suggesting a little less defensive/aggressive behaviour when putting your point forward.

    Secondly, I did not say all doctors were wonderful, or indeed try to suggest that any doctor couldn’t treat patients badly, you’re right that would be illogical. I suggested that it isn’t OK to generalise the other way either. I am sorry for your experience, but it doesn’t justify generalising all doctors.

    Thirdly, I agree, as a Theologian myself, that suggesting a rule about pregnancy (or any medical issue) based on a biblical text is a bad idea and misses the point of the text, and the Bible doesn’t suggest a clear time at all. On the other hand I feel that has very little basis on the situation – that’s one man’s silly statement – it doesn’t even register as evidence for either side.

    Fourthly, no doctor in the UK (please note this) can *force* you into any treatment ever. If a doctor did you should be reporting them. If on the other hand they put pressure on you to follow their advice, it is very much up to you to clearly state what you want to do and stick to it. The fact they denied you were pregnant, although obviously awkward to say the least and frustrating in many ways, does not relate AT ALL to induction or the number of weeks. You seem to be using it as a way to portray the medical service provided, and although I am sorry for your situation, it is not relevant to your point.

    Finally, the study you mentioned is one of a few studies which looked into the possibility of the placenta failing at some point. However, none of the studies suggested a conclusive answer, the main one I know of was done shortly before I was born (mid-80s) and when I requested information about it from medical staff they were perfectly happy to discuss it and agreed that although most staff are wary at leaving things going for too much longer than 42 weeks, it would be up to the mother.

    I simply ask for a more self-controlled discussion of the facts. There is a lot of data, a lot of range, and I believe strongly in a large range of experiences of child birth and that’s OK.

  • Neo brown

    Firstly i was pregnant for 12 months. yes a year. My friend was pregnant for 17 months someone on my fathers side 14 months. The Chinese believed a women could be pregnant for up to 3 years with the same child with no problems.

    Whilst im sure you are ” willing to wait” & some drs maybe, i REALLY doubt that they would let any women go that long. This is why so many women are induced.

    Come on.

    Secondly thank you for suggesting that i should be less defensive/”aggressive” . But i will pass thanks all the same as a. I care about women who suffer at the hands of drs & there are MANY of us so as i said before it is righteous indignation ,a bit like jesus in the Temple. & b. have you actually met me?

    Secondly point b, It is ok to generalise in my experience & judging by the experiences of 42 women on my yahoo group all going through a cryptic pregnancy. Again if this is not your experience with drs then bully for you, but from my experience 99.9% of obg /yn drs are idiots.
    Thirdly , great you are a theologian my favorite subject! How many books on theology have you written as i would love to read them.
    neagele based all pregnancy length on a fact that was not in the bible.

    A pritty huge & interesting mistake i would say seeing as 99.9% of drs since then have based pregnancy length on his lie but ok you do not agree that That is a big deal. You are of course entitled to your opinion.

    Forth, yes a dr in the uk CAN force you to have an induction.

    If you want to keep your baby after its born that is.

    As where i come from in the uk, my own sister a wonderful school teacher & loving mother lost her baby AT BIRTH because she disagreed with the drs on induction. Oh yes. You can be declared as “unfit” for disagreeing with a dr. Now of course, that may not happen on your side of the street. My sister is black as i am & we all know that dear old dr Sims the father of gynocology just loved to perfect his trade on the poor black slave women back in the day before he even dreamt of performing his trade on the white women. We all know that more black women & children die in childbirth than whites too.
    If you do not know or believe that a mother can lose her baby forever to forced adoption by social workers for disagreeing with drs then please read ” forced adoption” the uk website that deals with 100s of these cases every day.
    Yes, its quite an eye opener & a lot but not all, drs are satans little helpers when it comes to this kind of tyranny.

    Lastly yes we all know drs lie about study’s & make them say what they want them to say for their own agenders. Again wonderful, that was not your experience as drs were able to admit to you that most of the study’s about the placenta failing are false but again that is not my expirence with drs & nether is it that of the women i help & advise.
    & finally you seem to think that because ten drs were so dim that they could not diagnose my full term pregnancy i think this relate to induction.
    I am educated you know so please do give me some credit!

    As a theologian you will know that ” if the foundations be destroyed what can the rightouse do” you will also

    know that you do not pick good fruit from a bad tree.
    If gynaecology started with the slicing & dicing of the bits of poor black slaves & later obstatrics was born of men who like the dear lady Ann above so rightly pointed out, were to proud & arrogant to wash their hands between patients thus spreading child bed fevor, then the foundations of the whole outfit are destroyed as the bible says. Not much hope for them really is there?
    As with the good & bad tree, i knew that if a dr can be so painfully dim as to not diagnose a full term pregnancy in myself & over 40 women on my yahoo group then what else are they blinded too? What other bad fruit are they producing? What is the degree to which god himself has given them over to their own pride & therefore a darkened intellect?
    I did not have to dig too long before i found the 40 week pregnancy myth.

    I wonder what other lies drs are perpetuating.

    • I think it’s quite common for a lot of doctors at the moment to feel so highly pressured by the rules and regulations they have to follow that they forget about trying to minimise risk when there actually is a problem and not when they take the preventative approach when there isn’t an issue to fix, I.e. forcing induction due to overdue pregnancies, which is what Neo is talking about, and that leads to a whole heap of complications during birth. I think it’s great, EKM, that you have had such positive experiences, especially when you have doctors in the family. My mum is a doctor and I know she will argue on your side too. But, unfortunately, for Neo, she has had bad experiences with doctors who refused to believe she was pregnant and I can’t imagine how that must have felt for you Neo. You must have felt so lonely! Some doctors out there are truly ignorant. In fact, I experienced it twice with both of my births. But you’re right, it wouldn’t be fair to say that all doctors are like that. But, it is unbelievable what Neo has uncovered with her perseverance into phantom pregnancies. This happens a lot more than we think! X

  • amiller

    Obviously no one is reading your whole story. First off “etholgy” is related to zoology. In reading your various stories I am finding it hard to believe you are for real. I cannot find a news story relating to this birth. It should have been news worthy. In one post you say you delivered the baby at 47 weeks. Now you are saying 12 months. That’s a 5 week difference. Hardly something you would miss as late pregnancy is very uncomfortable. I think you are a fraud and are perpetuating this lie as would a “Catfish” in order to receive attention. Prove me wrong

  • Amiller you are obviously not very bright are you poor thing?

    As you think that by trying to disprove my birth story it will cast doubt on all of the research i have done to date regarding the cryptic pregnancy.

    You remained me of a retired CIA operative: thinks he is still smarter than the rest of us when in fact:

    he is not. As Jane Dow has cought up with you AND overtaken you.

    & who said anything about ” ethology ” in that article? Do try & keep up dear. Read it AGAIN.

    But i digress.

    Firstly this is my story. my baby son has just been picked up by grandma & i do have positive pregnancy tests dating back to October 2012 right through to August 2013. I also have empty scan reports & a video diary of me quite big & pregnant finding the baby’s heartbeat on my doppler of 150 whilst mine on a finger pulse AT THE SAME TIME was 80 or less in June 2013.

    My labor STARTED between 46 & 47 weeks but i have blocked a lot of it out as it was BEYOND stressful as i went to hospital twice at that time in LABOR after 4 cs & they said it was all in my head. They would not even look at my positive tests as theirs were negative , & always point blank refused to use a doppler or a finger pulse which would have PROVED IT!

    As my tubes were tied & i had cycles throughout i do think that i may have been pregnant for LONGER than 12 months thats 52 weeks but not LESS. But there is of course no real way to prove that now hes here is there?

    You are right, i would have had a bit of media attention if i had wanted it but i am not a media ho.
    I do not need it plus i have other older children to think about & my husband is very old fashioned & thinks that media attention about personal matters like childbirth & his children are extreamly unseemly. again, how could i really prove this to the media if the drs AT THE TIME ignored my 8 positive pregnancy tests ( most of them positive by dilution as i sufferd from the hook effect) & refused to use a doppler or a finger pulse? (although one midwife & trainee dr used their doppler & their finger pulse during one visit to a well known london teaching hospital when i was around 6 months, found the heartbeat, & had SUCH a look of shock on their faces as thy knew that no baby had been seen on my scans before. i Then had another 3 second scan by a stroppy consultant , right down by my bikini line & nothing was seen so of course the midwife & trainee dr were told to ” ignore” the second heartbeat.)
    As i pointed out in this article there are other NEWS stories that prove pregnancies much longer than mines so in comparison my story kind of pales dont you think?

    Look at the nigera women pregnant for 16 months! It is in the nigerian NEWS & trust me, I have uncovered MANY MANY more stories like this one.

    What happened to me & my baby is really nether here nor there amiller as what it has caused me to beging to uncover is HUGE! I am about to prove through the scientific paper that i am writing that women have been lied to for DECADES by drs, obg/yns & midwives regarding the TRUTH about pregnancy lengh & childbirth.

    In my yahoo group pregnantbutnegativetests i have over 100 women all pregant with negative tests.

    How do i know they are preganant?

    they have , as i did , movement that they & OTHERS can SEE & FEEL from outside of the abdomen.

    & more importantly there is a foetal heartbeat of 120 or more on a doppler whilst theirs on a finger pulse taken AT THE SAME TIME is 80 or less.

    Nobody alive has two seperate heartbeats now do they amiller?
    In fact, this was the ONLY way pregnancy was ” diagnosed ” forty years or so ago: the dr would feel for movement & use a fetoscope to hear the baby’s heartbeat seperate from the mothers.

    This is how my own mothers pregnancy was confirmed as her urine tests were also negative with me.

    But the plot thickens as the ladies in my group are all going way over 12 months. I have women with the same two above symptoms at 12 , 13, 16, 19 & 23 MONTHS pregnant WITH the same child.

    Whilst i do not expect you to be able to wrap your mind around these facts as im sure they are well out of the realm of you immediate experience amiller, this IS happening & only time will prove them right.

    As it stands the drs say that these women are all having ” phantom pregancies & phantom labors” ie: they go in, dilated to at lest 4 as i was, are having regular contracrions as i was, lost their plug weeks before as i did, even bring a picture of it to show the drs as i did, & they are STLL TURNED AWAY.

    The three criteria to diagnose a phantom pregnany are: no baby seen on scan: check. No baby deliverd at 40 weeks: check & no foetal heartbeat or tones found on a doppler ( it is all there for anyone to read in Webmd.)

    Now by basic reason & deduction one can see that: if a baby is seen on a scan it is not a phantom pregnancy. If a baby is produced around 40 weeks it was not a phantom pregnancy &


    I do not care if there is still a second heartbeat after one two three or four years SHE IS STILL PREGNANT AS ALL THREE CRITERA NEED TO APPLY IN ORDER FOR IT TO BE A PHANTOM PREGNANCY!

    Take one CRITERA of off that table & the whole diagnosis falls apart.

    You might want to read that a few times to really let that sink in amiller.

    You see what people like you fail to comprehend is that it is no longer about me & my cryptic pregnancy. It is about what going through a cryptic pregnancy is leading me to uncover!

    & if anyone reading this works in health care, if you are not already sitting up & taking notice of these facts then:

    You soon will be.

    Amiller i eagerly await your illogical response as you do not seem to be a worthy intellectual apponent For me simply because, as you can not logically dissect the basic theory that i have put forth in this very small article you attack me personally & bait me by trying to say that i am a liar.

    As i said amiller, you do not seem very bright.


    • Leaafa

      Neo why do you lie to everyone? You were never pregnant, the story you wrote is totally false. The man you claim to be your husband is your ex boyfriend who you held a false pregnancy over in the hope of keeping him. He never delivered your baby, and no son was ever born. Infact you continue to tell him your still pregnant after 2 years. I know your ex partner very well and what you have done to him is disgusting and what you tell other women such as these who replied here is also disgusting as you are giving false hope by lying about the birth of a son. You are well known in your area for this pregnancy lie and what upset me most is that you lie to other women.

  • amiller

    Unfortunately you are going to continue to lie to these women. You are giving them false hope. A cryptic pregnancy always produces a baby. Dopplers pick up other noises that if not held in one place can simulate a heartbeatlike sound. This can cause you to believe that there is a heartbeat other than your own when in fact there is none.
    As for your reference to “Ethology” that was in your other post on this same site. This is where you claim you have a very high IQ. Maybe you should cross reference one story to the next to get your “facts” straight. Your initial story claims you didn’t have positive results until you read about the hook effect.
    Your claim that you now “lost track of time” and “have blocked it out” is foolish.
    Attacking my intelligence is just another way to deflect.
    A person with such a high IQ would certainly have better spelling than you have. As well would know the difference between Etholgy and Etiology.
    You are a fool and are a Catfish. You need real help. You are causing women who are not pregnant to believe they are.
    You are making these women believe you have the answers, when you don’t.
    An intelligent person knows that they can not believe everything they read without proof.
    You have no proof. Even your existence outside these few posts and your group is questionable.
    You must be one lonely person.

    • leaafa

      She is a liar and I am about to expose her, so watch this space.
      Her real name is Abby and she lives in Brighton, my own sister believed her rubbish, thought she was pregnant for months. But I know who Neo is, and I aim to stop her and her lies on the web. She never gave birth, is not married, she just tells one lie after the other. I recently got told that she lied to her ex to try to keep him from leaving her. Told him last year she had giving birth to her phantom baby, it died in her arms and he needed to come quick as it was laying in the hospital freezer. Of course he gets there and its all a big lie. Thats the kind of sick woman this Neo is.

  • Oh dear dear amiller.

    Wow.who rattled your cage love?!

    Ha! Just keep it coming as I am pleasantly amused by your obvious lack of real ability to dispute my theories. As with any bully you can only resort to slander & name calling.

    How very very grown up of you amiller.

    Yes i DID have some very FAINT normal positive tests that were hardly worth mentioning in that article with my son but ALL of the drs urine AND BLOOD TESTS were negative for pregnancy. I had two blood tests.
    The only tests with a bold line were the ones i had diluted proving the hook effect.


    You are right my spelling is far from perfect but then i hardly ever went to school.

    I was a child carer for my mother before being a child carer was ” fashionable ” & before children in need on tv so i missed whole chunks of my schooling. I did not even sit a math gcse but i do have a math open uni degree now.

    But i digress.

    A second foetal heartbeat on a doppler is VERY distinguishable from ones OWN heartbeat or BOWL sounds as it is MUCH faster & normally sounds like the clicking of horses hooves. Of course i tell the ladies to keep the doppler still! What do you take me for?! I have published a whole article on how to use a doppler & a finger pulse to confirm a CP for this very magazine!

    I also ALWAYS tell ladies to get a doppler WITH a readout so that of course, if they find the heartbeat of 120 or above whilst theirs on their finger pulse is between 60 & 90 at the same time, & the readout stays the same or gos up, they will KNOW that it is a baby!

    If this is NOT the case then HOW & WHY did drs use a fetoscope 40 years ago to confirm pregnancy?!

    If you can ” never be sure ” with these devices then why do midwives & drs use them every day?! Using a doppler is hardly rocket science now is it!
    & even if it were


    Noooo! Intestine can NEVER move like a baby!

    It is basic classical obstetrics.

    Again i am always amazed at most people’s ignorance on these matters.

    Bottom line: i am onto something REALLY big here & my logical thinking continues to help & enlighten these very PREGNANT very stressed out women.

    How am i lonely because i am helping these pregnant women stand up to the medical establishment?!
    How does that make me ” lonely”? I mean seriously! You are not even intelligent in your slander!

    As for the world ” ethology” that you seem so obsessed with my dear amiller, i answer SO many post & write lots of articles for my yahoo group that i do not always immediately remember every single TINY word that i have even written. But i do remember now. I had
    intended to write the word aetiology: referring to the cause or set of causes of a condition or disease.

    So what? What is your point? Because i spell a few words wrong then i am stupid?

    It must be so illogical & void of true insight & meaning on your planet amiller.

    Etherway, insult me, call me names, sling mud at me, do WHAT EVER YOU LIKE.


    I have stumbled onto a truth here that in its own good time will shake the medical establishment to its very core.

    So watch this space & remember my name.

    you be sure to take good care of yourself now amillerxxx


  • amiller


    The proof is in the pudding. You claim in your post that you can prove your “story”. Upon questioning you agree that you have no proof.
    The only person on the attack is you.
    I challenge you to show some evidence to support your claim.
    There is no plot to get thicker.
    You sound like a conspiracy theorist.
    As well “slander” is spoken. I have not spoke anything. “Libel” is in print. Regardless there must be proof, real evidence, which you are lacking, as you admit.
    I would like to know which medical journal you are writing a scientific paper for, when you admit you are not even educated, with the exception of your “Maths degree”.
    I would also like to know why you fail to mention names of actual places. This is no longer worth my time, as you have proven my point yourself.

  • Women why are you so angry & bitter?!

    I do not need to prove my child to you when he is right here in his high chair!

    Do try & keep up amiller!

    Names & places? Tell me where all of your children were born then? As if that is AT ALL RELIVENT TO WHAT I AM PREPOSING SCIENTIFICALLY?! Are you going to go to the hospitals i visited in labor & ask for my DETAILS? What are you amiller, some kind of stalker?!

    Creepy man.

    My CP son was born at home. You read the article right?!

    You call me at catfish as my profile picture is of when i did some hair modelling a few years back. & of course i am black.

    Are you trying to insinuate amiller that because i scrub up ok & i am black that i can not be intelligent enough to logically bring my questions & theoris to fruition?!

    Racist are we?


    No i have no real science back ground to speak off apart from a math degree, & chemistry & biology British A levels you are RIGHT! I do have almost two years of research on the subject however & that continues.

    But i am entitled as indeed, ANYONE IS , to put forth a scientific theory & paper & this is what i am WORKING ON along with working on my yahoo group of 105 women all pregnant with negative tests.
    I am working on this with a family friend who IS someone who has a very good science & engineering background , British author & speaker chris Harris futures. Google him all you want he won’t mind.

    So dear amiller when i finish the paper you will be the first person to know which medical journals i will be sending it to, so dont you worry love.

    You amiller have proven by doing nothing more than being rude to me & attempting to sling mud that you can NOT DISPUTE MY THEORIES LOGICALLY AT ALL.

    Oh yes, the proof is in the pudding & i will continue to fight & speak up about these truths as i WAS THERE this time last year & i will NEVER forget it!

    You better hope to GOD amiller that this does not happen to you or anyone close to you as people like you love, tend to reap what they sow.

    As for me being a ” conspiracy theorist” this is another diss info technique on your part as you think by saying that it automatically somehow writes off my work yet i have not referenced ONE conspiracy!

    It is not a ” conspiracy” that the medical establishment has not had the God given common sense to call these truths into question before now.

    It is just further proof of their blind ignorance & arrogance!

    Now keep it coming amiller as i am just now,

    Getting warmed up!


  • frenicia

    People kill me with their ignorance. I’m pretty sure most people watched or heard of the show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant”. Many people made fun of those women because it seems unheard of. How could a woman not know she’s pregnant? She should’ve felt the baby move or have looked pregnant. That woman has to be in denial to not know. Why did I bring that up? I’ve had negative urine & blood tests only 4 hpt came out positive. I was always taught that if the test is negative then you’re not pregnant. LIES!!! Every pregnancy test looks for the hcg hormone, and the problem with that, is some babies don’t send this hormone out. Since this baby doesn’t send this hormone out it gets fewer resources. My hcg levels was at a -2. Women like myself who have a hormone imbalance face this problem of still having cycles while pregnant, because that hormone that show tell you to stop having periods doesn’t. I’ve had my monthly “cycle”. My normal cycle is 5 days during my pregnancy it’s now only 2 days. The reason I say cycle is because you’ll bleed around the time your period is expected to come. Some doctors will tell you this is normal and some women continue to have a monthly cycle. Except very few women are actually releasing eggs. Yes, there are women who can carry two babies at one time and the babies aren’t twins. Imagine yourself having a baby in May 2013 then turn around have another baby December 2013. Get it? Next, I didn’t get the outrageous bump. I thought every woman got the big bump. According to personal experience & my doula, I’ve learned EVERY WOMAN carries their baby differently. I carry my baby in my pelvis, instead of in the front like people are use to. I didn’t gain a lot of weight either. I gained 15lbs & lost it. Still in my normal clothes. Unlike those women on that show, I chose to pay attention to my body. A test meant nothing to me. Once I felt & saw my baby’s foot, I knew I was pregnant. My doppler, my doula, & ultrasound confirmed I’m pregnant. Due dates are estimates doesn’t mean you’re going to drop a baby that day. The baby comes on their time, not yours. To the woman that said Neo is giving women false hope, no she isn’t. I’ve talked to her personally. Even though many of women out there experienced what Neo went through, we still face the two inevitable have a baby or not. Just because she sympathizes with us doesn’t mean she telling everyone they’re pregnant. There’s two things she always tells every lady that joins her group is, to get a doppler & a finger pulse to rule out your own hearbeat ; use your own common sense. Doctors play a guessing game with us. We’re their lab rats. I had a doctor, 3 weeks ago tell me my cervix was inflamed, leaking fluid, and it had tear in it. He thought I had gonorrhea or chlamydia. I had neither. My baby is sitting in my pelvis & I’m leaking amniotic fluid. The cervix tear…..well….I like to get a little rough.
    You women can chose to make fun but it’s NOT funny. The people we’re asked to get help from is the people we find ourselves running away from. I’m a woman, I don’t need a complete stranger to tell me I’m pregnant or not.

    Cryptic pregnancies are REAL pregnancies and it doesn’t just apply to woman didn’t know until giving birth. It applies to us women who have to trust either our instincts or the doctor. In our situation we’re not sure who to trust. Put yourself in our shoes, go months with negative tests, a cycle, people telling you’re crazy, pregnancy symptoms, & fetal movement. Your sanity is put to the test. We all know we’re either going to have a baby or not. When? We don’t know. So watch who tf you’re judging. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • amiller

    I have not stated that a women can not be pregnant without knowing it.
    I have not said that a woman can not have negative tests and still be pregnant.
    These unfounded accusations that are being thrown out here are ridiculous.
    What I am saying is that “Neos'” story is changing. Read the first and then the second. Also review her comments. Compare them. You will see the discrepancies I have noticed. It is not wise to advise a woman that she is still pregnant even after 2 years when a baby has not been produced or seen on an ultrasound. This type of delusional thinking can cause severe mental distress to someone.
    I have asked “Mrs. Brown” to provide some objective evidence, other than news stories, to prove her claim.
    She will have to provide sources if there is a scientific paper being written.
    If you have met “Mrs. Brown” in person, and spoke to her in person, and have proof of such interactions, then you can believe her story.
    BTW – IBS can cause swelling of the abdomen, feelings of movement, and muscle spasms in the abdomen.
    I am looking for objective proof.
    Neo Brown – I have made zero racial comments. I have not attacked you. You have attacked me. You have brought the element of race into this conversation. I am extremely (note the spelling) offended by this.
    Provide proof that the image you claim to be you, is in fact you. You are claiming this story as truth. You claim in some spots you have proof. Then admit you have none. Then you sling nasty comments when called to task. I have made no claims on this or any other website that would put me under any microscope. I do not have to provide proof to you.

  • Amiller why are you so obsessed with my picture?

    Not even the picture of my baby but the PICTURE OF ME?!

    Want so you want, me to email or text you my picture?

    Have you got a crush on me amiller? Are you actually a bloke? Well it sure wouldn’t be the first time.

    yes that is me in the picture . Why does that even matter?

    Maybe i should take the fact that you do not think my picture ” matches ” what i have to say as a back handed compliment?

    Ha ha amiller!

    I have TOLD you about my evidence: pregnancy tests, empty scan reports all dated & my video diary but I AM NOT JUST GOING TO SEND THAT INFO TO YOU NOW AM I?!

    You could be anyone!

    So you are saying that everyone who runs a yahoo group has to ” personally” meet all of their members from around the world in order for what they have to say to be classed as valid amiller?


    No my proof will all be in the scientific paper that i write amiller.

    Are my theories correct? Have i got evidence to back them up? Yes i have. But you along with everyone else will just have to wait & see.

    again what is your point & reason for all of this? & i really do not like people talking about my children for hours on end as, it kind of makes me wonder about your motives?

    so lets get this straight: i DO have a LOT of evidence about my cryptic pregnancy & it will be in my paper & or in the book that i am writing.


    So again i ask, what is your POINT? First you attack my birth story & want evidence then i tell you i have the evidence as indeed i do, then you attack me for the way i LOOK?!

    What i can NOT have a cp & know all that i do because of it , AND be the person in the PICTURE?!

    You really are illogical aren’t you amiller?

    my story does not change. I left out a LOT in the birth story article as i had to condense it. Again what IS your point?

    My husband has had ibs for years & so has my poor mother.

    They have NEVER EVER Had a belly like a pregnant belly & THEIR INTESTINES HAVE NEVER MOVED OR POCKED OUT LIKE A BABY’s FOOT OR KICKED THEM! a baby moving is NOT a gas spasm! You must be a man to even THINK that!

    Thy also have never had a reading of 120 or more on a doppler or the foetal tones & sound of a baby kicking & swimming. Anyone can hear bowel sounds on you tube.
    They normally go ” GLUG GLUG” not ” thump thump ” like a baby kicking a doppler or the quick galloping sound of horses hooves that is a foetal heartbeat!

    Hello amiller?!

    What exactly is your beef? Are you another mindless arrogant dr? As they told me & many of these ladies that it is just ibs but get this: I DO NOT EVEN EAT WHEAT PRODUCTS! Have not for at lest 4 years! Most ibs is caused by consuming these products. I also never had pain in my belly apart from labor pain & never ever ever had any bowel problems, as IS THE CASE with my ladies some almost 2 years pregnant YES!

    You can not even disprove my phantom pregnancy theory! There IS NO phantom pregnancy in humans! Drs change the ” criteria” for a PP all the time! One day she can have positive pregnancy tests in a phantom pregnancy ( go figure) one day she can not possibly!

    A phamtom pregnancy seems to be dr code for:” i do not know whats wrong with her. I know! Lets blame the patient! She is a women! Lets call her nuts! That will shut her up!”

    The only definite way to tell , as i have said, is to find a second heartbeat on a doppler IF there is no baby SEEN on a scan ( this does not mean it is not there) & IF she has yet to deliver!

    Use your head amiller please!

    By trying to say that because i do not feel safe ” suddenly” sending you, a perfect stranger all of my birth details & pregnancy information & by saying that my picture can not be me is COMPLETELY ILLOGICAL!

    Will the scientific journals i send my paper to be as concerned ABOUT THE WAY I LOOK as you are amiller?

    Or will they only care about the contents of my article?! Answers on a postcard please.

    Even if most of them will want to sleep with me.

    & there is NO ” objective evidence” to date other than NEWS stories that prove the fact that women can be preganant for 12 months or more with negative tests & with the child being missed on a scan as NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT & IF THIS EVER CAME OUT MOST DRS & MIDWIVES WOULD HAVE TO CALL INTO QUESTION THEIR VERY CAREERS!

    Hense, this seems to be something that i must do as i have at lest been through it & studying it for the last year & a half.

    Now I have MANY more news articles pertaining to this so please contact me on my private email & i will link the articles to you no problem at all amiller.

    & if your ask me very nicely & prove that you are an attractive intelligent MALE over the age of 21 but under 45 i may even send you some even nicer pictures of myself when i did some underwear modelling a few years

    now do be quiet amiller as i want to watch eastenders with the baby!

    Lots of love neox

  • & amiller if you want to meet me in person i am all for it!

    It would have to be in the evening & i would need to get a sitter as my husband is not great with the baby on his own sadly but i really do not mind meeting you amiller so that you know it is me in the picture plus i can show you all of the evidence i have for my cryptic pregnancy!

    Meet me at east croydon station south london this Thursday night!

    I will bring my bass player eric just to be safe as he will do anything for me, bless him.

    Just email me for the details.

    Im looking forward to it!


  • frenicia

    Bless your heart. Do you do research at all? People believe what they want to. There was a woman in Nigeria that was pregnant for 25 months, try being her. Look it up. The woman pregnant for 40 years baby never came. Her baby is called the “stone baby.” Quite cool actually. Point is pregnancies happen differently for everyone. Not all of us got the bumps, delivered on time, delivered early, positive test first try, no period, ridiculous weight gain, all pregnancy symptoms, etc. Also, how can you call someone else a liar? Were you there? No. Even if she was lying what does it concern you? Is she effecting your life? Last time I checked no one forced you to this page or to comment. What are you going to do? CAPS LOCK her to death? LMAO!!! This is why she made a support group for women going through this, because of people like you. Judging another person because they’re different or because of their own bias way of thinking. Yet, you’ll be the same DAMN people that will criticize us for not getting prenatal care. Truth is. We tried! The medical world didn’t give a damn. So yeah, we needed some support. I read different forums trying to find women going through this or went through it. It’s very common. 1 out of 450 pregnancies are cryptic. Let’s do this the mature way. Do some research first, then we can discuss our findings. Calling a person a liar, makes you look worse. Unless you were there, you remain neutral. If the roles were reversed you’ll be pissed. Seriously, we’re grown women here ACT LIKE IT!

  • amiller

    What a foolish reply.
    To all other readers a change to this website has been promised, as well as a note regarding personal attacks. This story was not fact checked as it is a personal story. Although the website states it is triple fact checked. I have e-mails from the website stating personal birth stories can not be fact checked. Please explore all medical options. A 14 month old baby would not fit inside a woman’s abdomen and babies do not stop growing out of convenience. They keep getting bigger.

  • amiller,

    What is it exactly that you don’t believe? You are not very clear on what you are skeptical about. Do you not believe that a woman can be pregnant, but her blood and urine tests be negative? Do you not believe that and ultrasound can “miss” a baby that is truly there? Or do you not believe that a pregnancy can go past 42 weeks? Which is it? or is it all of the above? What exactly do you want for “your proof?”

    If Neo is a fraud, then so am I, and so are the 100 women that follow Neo’s group, and the 50+ women who follow my group! I am CURRENTLY 46 weeks, 2 days pregnant with a cryptic pregnancy. Thankfully, I found Neo’s group in October 2013 at 17 weeks pregnant. I am not sure what I would have done if I had not found her! A few months ago I created my own group to help women who are experiencing this because the number of women who this is happening to is astonishing. These women are terrified, confused and angry. These women are from all over the world and NONE of us have gotten a physician to believe us and ALL of us are treated like dirt, when we are simply trying to get help. This even happened to my best friend back in 1988 and her “according to you, nonexistent cryptic pregnancy” is now 25 years old!

    Like Neo, I have a retroverted uterus and I had a tummy tuck 3 years ago. Because of this, my baby is behind/under my small intestine and not easily visible on an ultrasound. Because of my uterus being retroverted and the changes in my abdomen from the tummy tuck, my uterus never “popped” out over my pubic bone and grew up in front of and under my intestines, like with a “typical” pregnancy. Instead, my uterus grew behind/under my intestines, towards my back. This is what is known as an “Incarcerated Uterus”. I got 2 faint positives around 11 weeks with hpts, but did not get positives on any of the blood tests that I had at 7, 13 and 24 weeks. My negative ultrasounds were at 14, 19 and 26 weeks. Neo may have trouble remembering every little detail because of the SHEER AMOUNT OF STRESS THAT GOING THROUGH A CRYPTIC PREGNANCY CAUSES, but I REMEMBER EVERYTHING, I’M STILL GOING THROUGH IT! and I have a DETAILED, DAILY LOG OF EVERY SYMPTOM AND EVERYTHING THAT HAS OCCURRED SINCE CONCEPTION. I KNEW I was pregnant 4 DAYS AFTER CONCEPTION BECAUSE I NKOW MY BODY and I have been pregnant 3 times before! So far, I have been told by 2 OBs, 1 GP and 2 Radiologists that I am not pregnant. Like Neo, I have doppler recordings of the heartbeat AND the placenta. I have photos of my positive hpt, I have medical documents and records of all three of my negative blood tests as well as my negative ultrasounds. I have photos of my growing belly that was EXTREMELY FLAT after my tummy tuck with muscle reconstruction. I began having braxton hicks at 20 weeks. I also have photos of the mucus plug that I lost on March 1st, 2014. I have been in labor off and on since February 2nd 2014. Like I said, I lost my mucus plug on March 1st. I have contractions at night for 3 or 4 days, then my body will rest for 3 or 4 days. I have been spotting for two months from the blood that is lost, as my cervix dilates and effaces. I began feeling movement at 9 weeks and the movement became definite at 14 weeks. On Christmas Eve 2013 my fiancé was able to SEE AND FEEL my baby move from the OUTSIDE, for the first time. My pregnancy is VERY REAL.

    I and the majority of the women going through this continue to have “period type” bleeding EVERY MONTH, at the same time we would normally have our periods if we were not pregnant, but the bleeding is lighter, shorter and often only spotting. The continued bleeding has something to do with the negative tests and is indicative of a cryptic pregnancy. I have received confirmation of my pregnancy from a Chinese Medicine Practitioner/acupuncturist who felt my pulse and confirmed that I was pregnant. I will assume you know nothing of Chinese medicine, so I will inform you that the majority of diagnosis in Chinese medicine is done with the pulse.

    Neo and I are not lying to anyone! The medical industry lies to us! I am 48 years old and my father was a physician. I have been around the medical world my entire life and I can promise you that the general public has NO IDEA what ACTUALLY takes place in hospitals and doctors offices. We are helping these women to cope with what they are going through because NO ONE ELSE WILL! For you to automatically assume that we are frauds, simply because this has not happened to you or anyone you know, makes you the troll, not us. Just because you are introduced to something that YOU or ANYONE YOU KNOW have no personal knowledge of, or experience with, DOES NOT MEAN IT IS NOT VERY REAL! That line of thinking makes you small and closed minded.

    Now, before you try to attack my intelligence and education level, the way you did Neo, you need to know that I have a B.A. in Communications, a Minor in Psychology and I am 3 quarters away from finishing a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, WITH HONORS! With that being said, I will tell you that “Phantom” pregnancies, which you people love to use as the diagnosis of the day when you are too stupid to use logic to diagnose a cryptic pregnancy, are EXTREMELY RARE occurring at the rate of .07% and when they do occur it is typically to a woman who already suffers from a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia. The women who are going through this are educated and sane. Many of them were on some type of birth control and some had even had their tubes tied. The majority of them already have children and are not “trying” to become pregnant. Disbelieving a woman who says she feels a baby move in her body, and telling her that the movement is gas, cysts, fibroids or bowels moving is what is INSANE!

    You criticize Neo for there not being “Media” coverage of her sons birth. She happens to be a private person who had just gone through the most stressful, difficult experience of her life. I, on the other hand, have NO problem with my story being in the media and I plan to go VERY public with my story after I deliver my baby. I am not afraid of ANY OF YOU, NOR DO I CARE WHAT YOU OR OTHERS LIKE YOU THINK. So why am I defending Neo, myself and all the other women going through this if I don’t care what people think? Because people like you are the reason the lies are perpetuated and it has to stop! I don’t give a crap what you think, but the fact that this occurs VERY FREQUENTLY and the medical industry continues to know nothing about it, and ignores it when it is presented to them, has TO END. I guarantee that babies and women are dying because of the denial and ignorance! So far, I know of two women who have lost their babies, including a set of twins, because their doctors would not believe that they were pregnant and they could not get them to remove their Norplant implant or Mirena coil.

    For you to criticize Neo’s intelligence is simply vulgar! She is a remarkably brave and intelligent women who used her intellect and ability to use reason and logic to diagnose and survive her own cryptic pregnancy, when the idiot doctors could do nothing but tell her that it was in her mind and she was just fat! You have NO IDEA what it is like to go through a cryptic pregnancy, therefore you have no right to judge! AGAIN, just because it has not happened to you or anyone you know, DOES NOT MEAN IT IS NOT REAL!! YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING, AND ASSUMING THAT IT CAN NOT BE TRUE BECAUSE “YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF IT” IS SIMPLY IGNORANT! Attacking “Motherhood Diaries and it’s owner also shows your ignorance and simple mindedness. Just because “you” don’t believe something is true, and you don’t feel it should be posted, DOES NOT MEAN THAT OTHERS DO NOT WANT OR NEED THE INFORMATION! IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE TO DICTATE WHAT SHOULD OR SHOULDN’T BE ON THE SITE. AGAIN, this shows that you live in a bubble and DO NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF!

    My pregnancy is an open book and I will do everything I can to help other women who are experiencing this, including dealing with people like you! You are welcome to look at my page as well, if you are interested in educating your obviously closed mind. You can find it on Facebook under “Cryptic Pregnancy Support Group”. Remember our names: Neo Brown and Suzanne Wheat. You have not heard the end of it from either of us. We will change the face of Cryptic Pregnancies and the lies that surround the Obstetrical industry in this world.


    • emilee walker

      I don’t believe for one second that Neo is a fraud, I believe her story 100% you, however Suzanne, are a total fraud.You tell every woman, that inboxes you, with complaints of fetal movement, “oh yes, u r definitely pregnant! ” you encourage their fantasy. Middle aged woman, like your self, who are most likely experiencing the symptoms of menopause, if you have done your research like you claim to, then you would know, that a very important fact of most women approaching menopause is the complaint of feeling, “fetal movement” you take many childless woman, who are in a very unstable mind set, and you convince them they are indeed pregnant, so when they realize they really are not, and no baby has arrived after 3 years, the heartbreak, and realization, they have been living a delusion is worse, then that of a miscarriage. .NOW, let’s get down to your story SUSIE Q, hmmmm what are you 48? And how long have you been pregnant, about 2 years now? Maybe longer? You have a huge pot belly, probably because you ate to much, and f**ked up your tummy tuck, of course when you get a tummy tuck, and then gain weight, it’s gonna stick out like that, they cut through your muscles. ..DUH! LMAO! anyway, your nasty a** mucus plug, that you posted on a public website, is Nothing more then, a disgusting discharge of probably an std..a mucus plug, looks nothing like that, hun and truthfully, most woman don’t even notice the lost of their plug…I’m not sure if u have children, my guess is probably not.and if u do they are, most likely older, and from a previous marriage, you are now, robbing the cradle with a much younger man, (right) he will probably leave you, when he comes to his senses, so u think by convincing him, that you are having his baby, he will never leave your old ass..RIGHT? LOL what are you going to do, when ten years have gone by, and you still haven’t given tell you the truth Suzanne, you fit the criteria for those crazy woman, who pretend they are pregnant, then kidnap a real pregnant woman, lock them up in your basement, kill them, and steal their baby, and pass it off as your own!! Get help wack job, YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT!! and my guess is over 90 % of those poor, confused, mentally ill woman, in your group are not either..Cryptic pregnancys, are very real, and they do happen, but THEY DO NOT HAPPEN AS OFTEN, AS YOU ARE TRYING TO CONVINCE THESE WOMAN!! I would love to know, between your group, and neos, how many woman, experiencing this phenomenon, have actually given birth? Again Suzanne You ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE A BABY!, and if you do, I pray to God they do a DNA test, because I would have no doubt, you stole the child.if you are going to have a support group, for woman having real cryptic pregnancys, then please have them, give real facts, as to why they think they may be having one, do not just except a request to your group, based on someone having fetal movement, or a recording of their own heart beat, or a recording of a throbbing artery! Or a big fat gut!

      • Leaafa

        Neo is a fraud, she never gave birth and was never pregnant. I know because I know her ex who she claims is her husband which he is not and will never be. Until today she is still telling him she is pregnant and its been 2 years now she has carried that baby. She lives in Brighton not London and is not a medical researcher. I could tell you so many stories about this woman and her manipulative behavior it would make your hair honestly curl. You only need to ask people in her neighborhood, they will confirm it. Neo needs some serious mental health help and it disgusts me she is lying to all the women out there on the web who listen and believe her stories. Oh and Neo is not her real name. We own a local business in her area and this pregnancy has been going on forever and the story she has posted of the birth of a son is totally false, no child was born, her ex was never step father to her kids as they do not live with her, she was never married to her ex, its all LIES. Thankfully her ex is now with a sane woman who would never manipulate him the way she did.

        • Raesha Williams

          Shut up you bitter b*tch. You have no proof for anything that you say. You just sound bitter and pathetic. Get a f*cking life instead of stalking this woman. I’m tired of seeing your ass every site I go. You are deliberately stalking Neo, Abby, or whatever her name is. It’s a no brainer that Neo isn’t her real name. Who would use their real name when there are crazy stalkers out there like yourself.

          • Please do not swear on this website, thank you. 🙂

          • Raesha Williams

            My apologies. I just hate bullies and liars.

          • Thanks for understanding, Raesha. 🙂

          • leaafa

            She has written a story based on a lie that has affected a member of my family and she has made death threats towards her ex boyfriends new partner and her child and his family. WHY should anyone be able to lie about a baby that was never born and give medical advice based on a lie that DOES affect people. STOP DEFENDING A LIAR

  • Ohh amiller you really do have a bone to pick with me! Why dont you take it up with me in PERSON as i have suggested?! Email me please come on now & i will send you my evidence & you can & will send me evidence of exactly WHO you are. I have even offerd to meet you WITH MY PROOF! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!

    This article ” the 40 week pregnancy myth ” is fact as NAEGELE LIED! HE BASED IT ON THE BIBLE & IT IS NOT IN THERE!
    Why are so angry? Are you going through this & the drs have also treated you as a leper & you are angry as i did not believe them & had a healthy child? Are you angry as you still feel pregnant long after 40 weeks?

    Who are you & what is your motive as it must be pritty big love, if you are also throwing stones at this magazines editor ALL BECAUSE OF ME!

    If not, then i know from your ALL DAY argument that i must REALLY BE ON TO SOMETHING!

    But i already know that & so do my ladies in the group.

    A personal story is a FACT you fool! I did not go to the ” media” why should i? Why should my baby son & family be splashed all over some cheap tabloid?

    & for your information babies DO NOT KEEP GROWING & GROWING AFTER 9 MONTHS!

    That is ANOTHER medical MYTH & i will expose this as well in my paper & MY book!

    The theory that you are referring to is the ” obstetric dilemma” ; we as humasn have to give birth before the baby gets too big for the pelvis.

    Rhodes scientist & Anthropologists HOLLY DUNSWORTH disproved this theory very recantly by stating that & i am paraphrasing; ” metabolic rate determines human pregnancy length ” which in a nut shell means: the fitter the women the LONGER SHE CARRIES!

    Holly dunsworth also said in her paper that pregnancy could last for 45 weeks.

    I can not post a link to her paper here as i do not have the right divice but if you email me i will do so. She was all over the net summer of last year!

    I believe that holly only scratched the surface with her theory as of course i was pregnant for 12 months & my ladies much longer but she HAS DISPROVED THE OBSTETRIC DILEMA!

    How could you not know about this?!

    & as for the fact that a baby can not be carried for MUCH longer than any dr will tell us: google the four year pregnancy or corona burns on you tube. This BLACK lady has been pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy for four years! She has the EVIDENCE OF CT SCANS & DR REPORTS IN THE VIDEO!

    Again, if you email me i will post you the link.

    For everyone else reading this , please look up the you tube vidio yourselves as you have to see it to believe it! Shes been to hospital after hospital & nobody will help!

    Somebody has got to start speaking out about this & i for one am going to do it, no matter what people like amiller do or say!

    This is about the truth & about the fact that we have ALL been lied too regarding pregnancy & childbirth!


    The female body is NOT A FALTY MACHINE!


    Use your head love!

    Again i will & am going to prove this in my paper & you dear amiller will be the FIRST person to get a copy!



  • frenicia

    Playing victim? Really? -_-
    Why haven’t you left yet? Clearly, you don’t agree. Let’s agree to disagree. The only foolish one is you. You come here interrogating someone you never met. Why would you do that? Where is your decorum??? You came here to start an argument and for what? You just made yourself look immature & like bully. Please take your leave!

    • Ladies, it’s great to see such a strong debate, but let’s pretty please keep it friendly and professional for the readers. Thanking you kindly! 🙂 x

  • frenicia

    Thank you Leyla. I’m going to agree to disagree. Arguing is a waste of my time. You ladies have fun with this.

  • N.Alexander

    Leyla I find it hard to believe that you’re advocating professionalism when you have given out AMillers personal email address to Neo’s group and encouraging them to flood her mailbox! That sounds like harassment and breach of confidentiality to me. What did you expect to happen? You know how Neo is and the few diehard followers that she has. It is all very unprofessional, which is why I unsubscribed from that group today! We’ll see if you let my post be heard or will you be like Neo and only post comments of those who agree with you.

    • Thank you for your message. I try to advocate professionalism as much as possible and Amiller requires proof of factual stories from Neo and the group, which I can’t give her, so I have asked the group to send these to her. I have not gone about this situation in the right way as I have never experienced such animosity and argument between groups before where I have been caught in the middle. I have made a decision to remove myself from the group and the situation too, so that I can continue to follow my aims and objectives for the magazine without my impartiality being compromised. I apologise for any inconvenience and issues caused that you have experienced. Please note that this magazine is not a business and I am a mother of 2 boys under 3 just trying to share everyone’s experiences with the world and on my own with very little sleep. I receive very little money for this magazine and everything gets put back into the website, so that I can carry on and try and provide stories and articles for you all.

      Last night my little boy was screaming and crying from pain and I was fed up because I haven’t slept for days, so I sent a collective message to the group to send Amiller some proof of their cryptic pregnancies because I received another email for proof of Neo’s story. That I should not have done. Amiller I sincerely apologise, my only clear intention was to provide you the proof you have asked for from the women going through the pregnancies, so that I am not a part of this debate.

      I really wasn’t expecting everything to blow up. I will now remove myself from the situation completely and I have added a small disclaimer to the ‘About us’ page that facts of personal stories are not verified due to the nature of their content and that readers should tread carefully when relying on information in personal birth stories that may put them at risk. To be honest, that is the best I can do for now.

      I wish you the very best of luck with everything and remember we are all following the same aim, so please let’s keep it all friendly.

      Once again, I apologise for my participation in this particular debate and stress again that I am now back to being completely impartial and fair. In order to do this, I have now removed myself from the Yahoo! Group and further correspondence related to this situation.

  • Seriously n Alexander?

    You are going to be that rude to leyla & for what?

    I never said i was a professional. Im a mother & a writer end of story.

    i told you Alexander to leave the group if you did not like what was being said & you did.

    So what exactly is your problem? No i did not post your last two messages as you were going over old ground that i had already gone over on in the group with Veronica only last week!
    you did not like me posting about pregnancies over 12 months as you feel that you will deliver at 40 weeks. Thats great but ALL of the ladies in the group who were due have gone way over 40 weeks, some of them almost 2 years so the information is RELIVENT to the majority of the group right?

    So as the group owner i can dismiss posts that keep going over the same ground.

    This is my prerogative.

    So i told you to leave if you did not like it & you did but now you attack leyla? Why not just attack me?

    Dont get it sorry, when you are pregnant the last thing on your mind should be picking fights but whatever.

    Like i have the time.

    Amiller well done love. You have got what you wanted but heres the thing:

    I still have my group it is still growing.



    All of My articles are FACT

    I have posted ALL OF MY EVIDENCE TO THE GROUP & to LEYLA .

    Recant Pictures of my son, empty scan reports , blood reports, pictures of me &my pregnant belly EVERYTHING.

    I have also offered to meet amiller in person with the evidence & i will gladly post evidence to amiller if she can contact me in a friendly no threatening manner as she has been very threatening to poor leyla & blatantly harassing her with constant emails for the last two days!

    About me!

    I ca not for the life of me understand, if what i am uncovering is not The TRUTH, why she would be so upset about it?


    So amiller put that in your pipe &smoke it.

    As for me i will keep fighting & speaking the truth as i know it to be truth

    So help me GOD.


  • N.Alexander

    AMiller never said she didn’t believe in cryptic pregnancies and therefore needed no “proof” from the group. She repeated stated, that here issue was with the inconsistencies in Neo’s story…period!

    I respect what your magazine is trying to do, and I wish you luck as well.

  • N.Alexander

    As for you Neo, my post were most definately not on an old topic. One of them was on an article you posted that day or the day before on the Islamic belief of a woman being pregnant up to four years. My post stated that the article did not back what you were saying, and in fact gave credence to the very opposite.

    My next post was about how unprofessional and childish I felt that a few of you had been in regards to the motherhood diaries comments, which had just happend that day as well.

    I told you that your support group seemed to be changing and wasn’t being very supportive.

    I did not attack Leyla, I just stated my opinion. And Leyla being the intelligent business woman that she is recognized that.

  • N.Alexander

    Neo just so we’re clear, I didn’t leave your group because you rejected my post (you’ve done that to me before). I didnt leave because I personally felt unsupported (I have a wonderfull support system of my own).I left because of the attitudes you and a couple of members displayed here on motherhood diaries. I literally turned my stomach and I dont want to associate with people who act like that.

  • ” turned ” your stomoch ” did i Alexander?

    Oh well we can’t have that now can we.


    Oh i see! You mean I have an attitude?

    Yes you would be very correct alexandr i DO have an attitude & i will tell you why:


    Have you ever had a cs alexandr?

    You see you are one of the VERY lucky ones going through a cp:

    You have had more than one normal previouse birth

    You have a great support system as you say.

    I had nether & a lot of the women in the group have nether, or less.

    Can you imagine being forced to give birth UNASSISTED after just ONE cs let alone FOUR?!

    Am i still a bit angry over this?


    Plus there is another VERY IMPORTANT element to my birth story that i will not reveal due to legal matters as we are suing the hospital but that is MY PEROGATIVE.

    Just because all is well & rosy with you alexandr it does not mean that things are that way for every women with a Cp. it sure was not for me.

    Far from it!

    Nowm the Islamic article i posted states that pregnancy CAN CAN CAN

    See the word there was CAN, did you get that?

    Go to four years.

    Not ALL. I did not say ALL & nether did the Islamic dr in the article.

    More importantly, i also posted information form Islamic law that to THIS DAY says that pregnancy can be as long as 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 years!

    Their words not mine.

    Yes of course, the Islamic dr was ridiculed by ” mainstream ” drs for his view!


    isn’t that EXACTLY how women with a cp are treated, even before 40 weeks? Haven’t you yourself been treated this way by drs as you are also pregnant with negative

    tests which is why you joind my group?

    Correct me if i am wrong but the medical establishment does not for ONE SECOND believe that any women can be pregnant with negative tests & scans.

    We who are not stupid, know that that is a LIE!

    So if they are wrong about this couldt they ALSO be VERY wrong to say that ALL pregnancy is ALWAYS 40 to 45 weeks WITHOUT EXCEPTION?!

    Just because you do not for a second believe that it will happen to you alixander, it can & IS happening to many women in the group.

    How do you think they feel?

    Can you IMAGINE for one second being them? Being pregnant for 12 months or more? & worse: NOBODY BELIEVING IT?

    You might want to try before you get a bee in your bonnet about my posts.

    You can always start your own group alexandr. Might be a good idea.

    I am VERY VERY VERY angry about the injustice of what i have been through & about the injustice & lies that continue to be peddled to these women & women like them & i make no apologies for it.

    I am not a ” touchy feely flowery ” person.

    I NEVER said that I as a professional at any time.

    I am angry & raw & real & yes my attitude can be very harsh & rude even.

    But i am & i will get the job done alone with ladies like Suzanne once she has had her baby.

    & that is it.

    Thats all of it.


  • & Alexander thank you as you are helping me to branch out.

    My group will be changed & now be called an ” information group for those going through a cryptic pregnancy”

    I will give the information & if anyone does not like it they can leave.

    Not a support group as im sick of having to sit around singing “com by ya ” in my head answering the same old questions posted & then worse:

    Having people like you who ASKED TO JOIN the group

    Stick a knife in my back.

    Im not JESUS CHRIST you know?

    So as with you, if they do not like the information that i give ( information that i spend hours & hours a night researching after the baby is asleep) in the group thy can leave.

    As you did.

    Nice. Thank you alexandr. You have actually helped me to see that i do need to change the dynamics of my group.


  • N.Alexander

    Again you have missed the point and dramatically took it somewhere else…I’m Done!

  • I addressed your ” issues” is what i did.

    Yes i am nothing if i am not dramatic you are right Alexander.

    Your done?

    Be done then.

    Anyone else?

    Come on. Whos next?

    But the next intellectual contender must ACTUALLY be able to DISPROVE with evidence , not meanness & mud slinging , my theories.

    Ok thats probably asking a bit too much.

    Can anyone disprove this teeny tiny article then?

    Im waiting.


    • Netta Marve Thompson

      I love you for your bravery! Thank you Blessings to you Neo

      • Hi, I’ve had to delete your other message because I don’t tolerate swearing on Motherhood Diaries. This is a family magazine. Please feel free to re post without the swear words. Thanks 🙂

  • Miisa

    Hi Neo, I’m Miisa. I am currently 43 weeks pregnant with twins. I have seen over four doctors. I was given three urine tests and one blood test and they were all negative (two urine test and blood test in October). Before then, in August I took two pregnancy tests and they were negative. The original reason why I went to the clinic and then straight to the ER back in October was because I began to feel movement. At first I thought I just had to go to the loo. It always happened around the same times each day. It began with noticing two small bumps. One on each side. The one on my left would occasionally go to my back. The one on the right would go back and forth between the front of my belly and my right side. During the ER visit, I was tested for a bladder infection, kidney infection, ovarian cysts, and you name it. After the urine test the doctor felt around and then placed his stethoscope on my left side. He said that he heard and felt something. So then he ordered a blood test…negative. Afterwards he told me that there was no ultrasound tech available and to schedule an appointment. We left the hospital disappointed. I went in looking for answers just to find out that I am healthy. I was stuck between two things: either I have worms or I’m pregnant. I remember laying down with my husband and looking at him and telling him “You know what? Worms don’t kick.” He had been trying to tell me that I was pregnant but I kept brushing it off because of the negative tests.

    Fast forward to early April, we went to the ER again. This time they gave me a urine test andmy husband was able to convince them to use a doppler. As soon as they placed the doppler to my right side, I heard and felt my baby kicking the doppler. The doctors ruled it out as the doppler sound. There was a heart rate of 165. My husband shouted, “see, I told you!” One of the doctors smirked and placed the doppler on my risk. Heart rate of 86. They ruled it out as my heartbeat. One of the lady doctors told us that there is no way that I can be pregnant and be this far along and barely be showing and that I would be huge. Shows her ignorance. I have a tilted uterus by the way, which explains why they are in my back…literally. Just recently, we have noticed that we can see the babies through my skin! I have taken many photos as evidence of my pregnancy. As I look back at my old photos, I can see them. I can’t believe that I have never noticed it before. People doubted that I really am pregnant but after the pics, they believe me now. I have not been back to a doctor yet. Honestly, I don’t care to go. They were so rude and careless.

    My pregnancy is evidence that women can go well over 40 weeks with twins and not have a huge beach ball belly. If you would like to hear more of my story, you can email me at
    My story is my testimony and I will use it to educate more women. I can also send you pictures of them showing through my skin if you would like to see them. I thank you for sharing your story. It’s encouraging to hear other women’s stories because I know now that I am not alone and that I can do this. I never thought that this could ever happen to me. I was clueless about cryptic pregnancy and I have never heard of the show, “I didn’t know I was pregnant” until a few months ago. It’s truly amazing.

  • Hi miisa

    Thank you so much for posting.

    See its just SO funny but despite my almost constant attack the women who are pregnant & know it well over 40 weeks even with twins are all coming out of the wood work.

    Oh yes. I Have been emailing a dear lady all week who is TWENTY SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT & COUNTING.

    Yes you did read that correctly people.

    Her story is the best i have heard. She has all sort of evidence from midwives , & quack , i mean drs reports too.

    Oh yes.

    So you have probably got a bit of a way to go yet with your twins miisa but just do NOT put on a huge amount of weight & if you already have do your best to lose it as, anyone who can add 2 plus 2 can see that a women does not need to put on even half of the huge amount of weight that they are told to put on during pregnancy.

    Of course if we can all hardly walk with such a stupid amount of weight gain at 40 weeks twins or not, we are all going to be begging for a cs or inductions which means more money for the quacks, i mean drs.

    So as you are having a cryptic pregnancy a dr will not help you bless their darling little hearts as your tests are all negative & their poor little brains just can not compute, so be very very careful of the amount of weight you put on, twins or not.

    To all the nutcase’s who are following this post if you want your five minutes of fame take a good running shot now as i do have a bit of free time for idiots today & if anything, you will amuse me.

    Miisa please feel free to join my yahoo group pregnantbutnegativetests of almost 115 women all pregnant with negative tests some heading towards 2 years as we could really do with your kind of intellect in the group.



  • Miisa just to add, reading through your story again, you say the drs found a baby’ s heartbeat of 165 on your belly then placed it on your wrist & the readout was 86 & they said it was your heartbeat?

    & smirked.

    See heres the thing: ARE MOST DRS ON DRUGS OR SOMETHING??

    As now, the poor things can not even COUNT!

    165 minus 86 is 79 so now you are telling me that most drs can not even count as well as an average ten year old child?

    I mean i know most drs are idiots but this even surprises me!

    The SOUND of a 165 foetal heartbeat will be much faster obviously, than yours at 86. So how thy did not even possess the basic CURIOSITY of an average ten year old child & KEEP the doppler on your belly for at lest 30 seconds so that the reading stabilised & then did the same thing with your pulse on your wrist , since the two heart rates had a difference of 79 i will NEVER know!

    I mean are they all really & truly THAT stupid & ignorant?

    Of course they are.

    But i am their worst nightmare so they better be afraid , very afraid as i have backing behind me now that nobody knows about & by exposing & uncovering these well hidden truths i am about to shake the medical establishment to its very CORE.


  • Miisa

    Neo, thank you for your advice. I haven’t gained much weight. I gained 15 pounds in the beginning but right now it seems to be up and down- my weight normally goes up and down.

    Yes, they were more focused on proving us wrong. I have videos of them moving. I showed a nurse and she told me to demand an ultrasound. When the lady doctor entered the room, I tried to show her the video but she didn’t bother to watch. She told me that if I were this far along, I would be much bigger. They didn’t leave the doppler on my belly long at all. Just moved it around the front of my belly. Once we saw the reading of 165, that’s when they placed it on my wrist to try to prove us wrong. It shocked me that they didn’t take the time to feel my belly. It’s hard and I do look pregnant. I look as if I am 4 or 5 months though. I chart my periods and the days that I have intercourse. I did this in order to avoid having intercourse on and near the day that I ovulate. Clearly, that failed. I do remember experiencing light pink and brown spotting for three days in late July- which I know now to have been implantation bleeding. My cycle was 10 days late which was unusual because I’m always on time or early but never late. In the beginning, I did experience more frequent urination, cravings, and I had to go to the loo around the same times each morning. I would feel sick to my stomach as if I had to vomit but it would come out the other end. The symptoms were there I just ignored them and tried to think of other things that could have been going on. I had diagnosed myself with blood in the uterus, bladder infection, kidney infection, and worms lol. I still have my “cycles”. They are just shorter and lighter by 2-3 days.

    I am looking forward to joining your group. As I said before, it is very comforting to hear from other women who are experiencing the same thing. And yes, these doctors better watch out! Though I have more evidence of my pregnancy, I still don’t trust them. I hate to generalize but I have lost all trust in them, truly. I hope your book becomes an eye-opener for many medical professionals and women out there.

  • leaafa

    I suggest you all read this
    exposes Neo Brown and her lies. She never gave birth, her story is

  • Hey guys, how are you all doing? It’s Leyla, the founder of Motherhood Diaries here. Did you have your babies in the end? A number of women have contacted me with concerns that they are having a cryptic pregnancy. So I have created a FB group where you guys could all support each other.

    Please join the FB group here: for support. Thanks

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