Simple hacks to spruce up your nursery for summer

Simple hacks to rejuvenate your nursery - motherhooddiaries

Summer is here and the hot weather in the UK is almost upon us, so now is the perfect time to inject some new life into your baby’s nursery. Here are some simple hacks you can take to spruce up your nursery in time for those warm months of summer!


Simple hacks to spruce up your nursery - decor - motherhooddiaries

Though it’s always tempting to stray from the typical décor of your home when designing a nursery, in favour of bold colours or murals, it is worth thinking about keeping the décor and home accessories in line with the rest of the rooms.

Your child’s tastes, interests and hobbies will evolve, which means you may need to spruce up your nursery more often than you think. Bold colours can be difficult to cover and bright carpets can be expensive to replace, so opting for neutral or pastel colours during those early years will allow for more flexibility as the years go on.

Facilitate crawling and walking

Facilitate walking and crawling - spruce up nursery - motherhooddiaries

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If your nursery has hardwood floors, you may want to consider buying the kind of plush rug that is more suited to the trials and tribulations of a little human learning to take their first steps. The same goes for covering any sharp corners on cupboards or shelves to avoid any accidents as they pull themselves upright.

Heavy, black-out blinds

Summer brings with it longer daylight hours. To combat this, it is important to invest in some heavy, blackout curtains to block out light, so your child’s sleep is not interrupted – and to help with the struggle of getting them to sleep in the evening!

Vertical bookshelves that double as wall art

Vertical bookshelves in nursery

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Vertical bookshelves are a vital space-saver. As well as being the perfect piece of furniture for storing the number of things that such a small person needs, bookshelves can also pose as an artistic purpose. Storing children’s books at the forefront of vertical bookshelves allows them to double that space up as wall art. If large objects can serve multiple purposes in the room, then the opportunity must be seized with both hands. Save the space you have left for the brand new member of your family.

Double up

Speaking of doubling up, another way to make the most of the space you have is to insert two rails in a wardrobe where normally only one would suffice. Baby and toddler clothing are miniature in size, so two rails can fit where only one could before, giving you double the space for clothing.

Get creative with shelves

Similarly, installing practical features with an artistic eye can result in some beautiful yet intelligent solutions. For example, a simple shelf can morph into just one of several clouds in a blue sky if approached in the right way.

Don’t forget to protect your property

You’ve spruced up a great new room for your baby, now it’s time to protect your property with home insurance. Home insurance is a form of property insurance that is designed to protect your home against damages to the house or the possessions in the home. Homeowners insurance can also protect against accidents in the home or on the property, so it is worth doing your research on the best deals out there.  If you are based in Ireland,, is a great start to get a quick quote now.

Any of these options are worth following up to rejuvenate your nursery for summer. Whatever route you take, the importance of preparing ahead of time cannot be overstated.


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