Seek or provide pregnancy and parenting advice anywhere and anytime with 121with

Seek or provide pregnancy and parenting advice with 121with - motherhooddiaries

New platform ‘121with’ launches to enable ‘know-how’ to be shared anytime, anywhere, from any device and on any matter.

Being a new mum-to-be can seem like the most exhilarating, exciting and extremely daunting time in your life. Where do you look for help on what’s happening to you and your body right now? If you Google ‘pregnancy’, it will throw literally billions of results at you, some containing conflicting information to the last blog post/article that you read or prior YouTube videos that you watched. You’re now bombarded and overwhelmed. You can rely on your friends and family for support, which is great, but who’s around off-peak to help, especially if you don’t have a partner around?

Fast-forward through the pregnancy and you now have a baby in your arms. What now? It’s 3 am, and s/he won’t stop crying and you’re staring blurry eyed at your laptop/PC screen. Your other half is asleep, you’re covered in poop, sick, or both, and you just want to sleep. Where do you go now for support? Trawl through the billions of search results on Google again? Call up your mum? Wake up your partner? Or just go it alone?

Well, luckily, you have clicked onto the right blog post because I now have the answer. Read on, with one eye open, if you have to…

A new online platform, 121with, provides that personal and professional support that you need online – anytime, anywhere.

Most parents that have gone through the haze of pregnancy and are now becoming bona fide experts in most aspects of parenting, especially if they have a growing brood. So, 121with have come up with this unique concept to provide online support in so many ways. The real experts, mums and dads, can register as ‘Providers” and charge for their time in imparting their gold dust wisdom on common issues including lack of sleep, a crying baby at night, difficulty breastfeeding and some lesser talked about pressing problems like postnatal depression or life after a miscarriage. Remember that haze you felt in the middle of the night? Well, you can now find someone to talk to and ‘buy’ a professional’s time to advise you on the situation and sort out a solution that works there and then. So, how does it all work? Well, let’s dig in a bit deeper and find out.

The main 121with objective

121with offers that chance for expert mums/dads (Providers) to provide those transferable ‘know-how’ skills to new parents/parents-to-be (Seekers) who seek trained and professional help from the Providers through live and interactive video/phone call/messaging, on a whole host of pregnancy and newborn-related matters. The beauty of it is that the 121with platform provides these personal sessions, where the Seeker is charged per minute and when they are satisfied with the solution, they can hang up and make direct and instant payments to the Provider through Stripe, 121with”s 3rd party payment merchant. If the Provider can provide a solution in 3 minutes, that’s all the Buyer pays for. And, this is all from the comfort of your own home and eliminating the need for overwhelming search results on the internet, self-help books or calling your mum up at 3 am!

“Unlike generic and pre-recorded video tutorials on YouTube 121with is exploiting the interactive and personal benefits that live video delivers…. By charging per minute on the 121with platform, the ‘Seeker’ can pay only for the time they need… their costs are reduced – unpaid travel time and travel expenses to a client’s own premises or the need for office space or dedicated space within their home are not necessary…” 121with Joint Managing Director, Alex Valentine

What can you seek advice about?

Providers can offer professionally trained support and advice on pretty much anything you require, but for pregnancy and parenting related matters, you can ask any of the burning questions that you need answering at that time. If your baby is struggling to latch on at 3 am, then contact a breastfeeding expert who is online at the time. The live video means that the expert can see how you’re latching on and provide advice on the best way to successfully breastfeed. If you’re struggling to get your baby to eat and you’re frustrated because their ribs are popping out and you know they are hungry, call up a baby feeding expert and ask them whether there are any alternatives to get them to eat and the expert can help you through the process, there and then. If your child is having a temper tantrum in the middle of the street and you have no idea what to do, call up a mum of five or a child behavioural therapist and request their professional help at that time. You will soon make 121with your new home for advice and reassurance.

Seek or provide pregnancy and parenting advice anywhere and anytime with 121with - What can you seek advice about? Motherhooddiaries

How do I pay for my advice?

You can either message or videocall the Provider. Just check their schedule and whether they are online and you’re good to go. You can download the app on your iPhone or Android, so you can use 121with on the go.

How can I offer advice and get paid for it?

Alex Valentine says that the talent from mothers, fathers, self-employed consultants, retirees or practically anyone with knowledge for both business and personal reasons, on literally any matter or subject, can have their talent tapped into by 121with and have the benefit of monetising their experienced skills and knowledge.

Even if you’re not a professional, your personal experiences may make you an expert by default. Perhaps you’ve conquered the ‘terrible twos’, successfully breastfed for a stretch of time or are managing a large family. You can offer your expert advice to others experiencing similar problems. All you need to do is head to and create a profile. It is free of charge to register and by using relevant tag words, i.e. ‘breastfeeding advice’, ‘legal advice’, ‘aromatherapy’, or ‘sleep advice’, seekers can find you within the online marketplace to tackle their specific problems. There will be a ‘shop window’ where your know-how can be found by those seeking it.

Providers can set their per message or per minute fee (with a minimum rate of £0.50 per message/minute). Unlike other online marketplaces that demand high commission rates of 50% + and massive ‘slashed prices’ from merchants/suppliers, 121with takes just 20% from each call made on its platform, and does not dictate the rates set by its ‘Providers’.

Provide advice on all qualified, professional and transferable skills that you have attained

Seek or provide pregnancy and parenting advice anywhere and anytime with 121with - motherhooddiaries

You don’t just have to provide expert advice on pregnancy and parenting. 121with”s platform is extensive and varied, with sectors available for Providers in the legal, financial, health, academic, digital marketing, and PR fields. Plumbers, chefs and interior designers can also offer their support.

121with”s aim is to empower a whole new breed of ‘Providers’ from all walks of life who have never had the chance to share their knowledge on such an innovative setting before.

“Everyone has knowledge. Whether that’s gained through hobbies, experiencing education, effort of circumstance, both qualified AND life skills have a place on 121with.” 121with Joint Managing Director, Tom Stokely.

Business advice states that live video for small businesses is taking over the world of content marketing. In its first year, Periscope users – the Twitter-opened live video feed – watched an average of 110 years of content every day. Facebook users currently watch more than 100 million news or videos combined every day.

So, with the spirit of 121with”s platform and our current digital age, I urge parents out there to register as Seekers if you require that on-call advice on-the-go from qualified professionals and bona fide experts at a reasonable rate and register yourself as a Provider if you feel that your skills and qualifications can offer expert advice to Seekers in need. Make sure to think of ways you can sell yourself on your profile. Be clear and succinct with the skills that you offer and be readily available to accept messages and video calls from Seekers who may need help at off-peak times of the day.

We all know that the real experts are parents themselves, so let’s help each other out and share our ‘know-how’ on how to make pregnancy and parenthood as easy a ride as possible.

Seek or provide pregnancy and parenting advice anywhere and anytime with 121with -

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  • A fantastic resource for mothers, look forward to reading more!

    • Thanks Darryl, appreciate the comment. Love your site too! 🙂

  • Donna

    What a fantastic page and service to offer new mum’s who have no idea where to turn. Good Luck hope it goes well?

    • Thank you Donna! I would thoroughly recommend you join and add your services too 🙂 xx

  • Jo Romero

    I remember when I first had my daughter it was all so overwhelming. This is a great idea!

    • Thanks Jo. I have 5 and 6 year old boys and I’m still overwhelmed!:)

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