Great Ideas for what to include in a Modern Teen Bedroom

Teen's bedroom

If you’re looking to revamp your teen’s bedroom, or are thinking of getting some ideas for your child’s room in the future, knowing what to do to it can be difficult. After all, teens aren’t exactly the easiest to please, so how do you create a room they’ll actually approve of?!

We’ve taken to the web to have a look at some of the best ideas out there of what to include to help transform your teen’s room into the refuge they’ve always wanted, and one that you’ll like too!

A chalkboard wall

Whether we like it or not, teens love putting stuff on their walls. Instead of the continuous battle to get them to stop, why not give them one wall (or certain areas) dedicated to putting their pictures up? We love the idea of a chalkboard wall as it’s so modern and easy to do, and any mistakes or old things can be erased. You can paint your own with chalkboard paint which isn’t even that expensive, either. They’re guaranteed to love it as it’s so unique and interesting, too.

Mix-matched colour scheme

Instead of sticking to traditional, regular colours, why not opt for a mix-matched colour scheme to highlight their creative personalities? This look is perfect for teens as it’s the one time in life where we can make chaos look great! We love this example found on Pinterest as it’s so pretty and bright, but there are lots more on there to look at, too.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights add a magical appeal to any room and teenagers will love them especially. They can provide a really soft light to dark corners or around certain room features like bed frames or chairs to accent them further. Or simply, they look great strung up on walls! They’re not too bad for the electricity bill both as the bulbs are much smaller than normal ones, and you can even get battery operated ones.

A window seat

Provide them with the perfect space to do their day dreaming – a window seat can be a great idea to give them somewhere to sit, especially when they have friends over and don’t want to all be piled on the bed. Invest in some new plain curtains or blinds from sites like (they have a great selection of plain ones) so that the spot remains tranquil. Pile up squishy cushions on the seat too so it’s nice and comfy.

A study space

Of course, the main priority for teens is that they should be studying…! Well, perhaps not, but giving them a great study area is certainly one step nearer towards that goal. You can get compact ones if your space is compromised which is handy. Add lots of little storage boxes too to help them get organised. Picture frames on the desk will also make the space look a lot more appealing which is good for when you’re trying to get them to do their homework!

Add some accessories that they can just pick up and use

A teen’s life is busy and full of drama, so equipping their room with important gadgets and gizmos they can use on the go will help set them up for a more organised adulthood. The life of studying has just begun, so keep their desk as minimalistic as possible, using a desk tidy and tray to file away their homework and little picture frames of their loved ones to keep their bulging hearts close. And, when they’re going out and about with their new best friends – mobile phones, an iPhone Wallet case by Jimmy Case is brilliant for keeping their cash and cards together in one place. Anything that helps to make their lives less dramatic than it already is will help them massively now.

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How have you kitted out your teen’s bedroom? Send us your tips below!

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