The conception plan – Journey to getting my girl – Part 2

It has been a while since I agreed to take Urobiologics up on their offer to review their two tests ... »


Introduction – Journey to getting my girl – Part 1

It’s no secret to close friends and family that I want to have another baby. I am one of four ... »

Trust and Support during conception and pregnancy

What’s Trust Got to Do with Healthy Pregnancy? The 4 Steps to Cultivating Trust for Empowered Conception and Pregnancy

When thinking about getting pregnant, your mind might turn to physical aspects like improving your e... »


3 Ways a Healthy Heart Improves Fertility

When speaking to audiences about fertility I often ask how many people in the room believe that thei... »

Urobiologics Cycle

Have multiple babies of the same gender? How women can determine the gender of their baby during conception

Dr. Kuldeep Verma, CEO, Urobiologics LLC Got multiple babies of the same gender? Here’s an effective... »

Thinking of Having a Baby? Here’s What You Can Do Right Now!

Thinking of Having a Baby? Here’s What You Can Do Right Now!

Are you dreaming of having a baby but feeling overwhelmed by all the contradictory information out t... »

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