9 reasons why you should visit the Antarctica this summer

10 reasons to visit the antarctica - motherhooddiaries

Sun, sea and sand this year? That’s so last summer! If you haven’t read my post about cruising in the Arctic then I strongly urge you to read it because it’s time to change up your holiday and hop onto a cruise to the Antarctica this summer. Here are nine reasons why:

1 – It’s cold

Antartica state of mind - oceanwide-expeditions - motherhooddiaries

Arguably the best hangover cure in the world? https://oceanwide-expeditions.com/blog/the-antarctica-state-of-mind

You’re probably thinking that this isn’t really the most positive way to start a list of reasons as to why you should visit the Antarctica this summer, but please hear me out. Antarctica’s weather isn’t like a normal wet and windy winter day in the UK, it is a real wake-up-your-brain, bone dry and icy cold. However, you will quickly acclimatise to the Antarctic polar temperature and it may even become one of the best parts of your holiday. Think skiing in the Alps, only sharper and chillier.

2 – It is steeped in history

Edmund Hillary leading the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1957-58 - Oceanwide Expeditions - motherhooddiaries

Edmund Hillary leading the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1957-58

Very few people have visited the Antarctica, so it is virtually untouched. This means you will become part of the continent’s steep history of adventure and exploration. Step into the shoes of the likes of Edmund Hillary (in the above image) who led the New Zealand component of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1957-58, which was under the overall command of British explorer Vivian Fuchs. You can read more about his expeditions and other historical explorers who have braved the lands of the Antarctica here.

3 – The adventures are endless

Kayak fun © Oliver Richter-Oceanwide Expeditions - motherhooddiaries

Kayak fun © Oliver Richter-Oceanwide Expeditions

Camping, hiking, helicopter tours, kayaking, mountaineering, and polar diving, to name a mere few… You may think that there’s not much to do on the ice, but you would be surprised. Perhaps you’d like to head to the Weddell Sea via helicopter in search of the Emperor Penguin or maybe a whale watching voyage takes your fancy more. Whatever floats your boat (no pun intended), the options are plentiful. Just head over to Oceanwide Expeditions’ website to select your cruise.

“Oceanwide Expeditions offers unique, small-group expedition cruises to the Arctic and Antarctic that allows you to enjoy the natural wildlife and scenery of some of the world’s most spectacular and pristine shorelines.” Oceanwide Expeditions

4 – You can get away from the rest of the world

Falklands, South Georgia, Ant Peninsula © Fotografie Dietmar Denger-Oceanwide Expeditions - motherhooddiaries

Falklands, South Georgia, Ant Peninsula © Fotografie Dietmar Denger-Oceanwide Expeditions

Even if you choose to do nothing on your cruise but relax, Antarctica is the best place to get away from the rest of the world because the vast emptiness will make you feel like you are truly on your own, along with your shipmates and any other travellers you may meet along the way. It is a peaceful place, where you can sit quietly and stare at the vast icy wilderness. Nobody owns Antarctica, it is its own unique space of natural beauty and wonder.

5 – Amazing nature, science, and wildlife

The Ross Ice Shelf – understand the science behind ice - motherhooddiaries

The Ross Ice Shelf – understand the science behind ice

Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf (pictured above), which is a whopping 487,000sq. km – around the size of France – plays a hugely pivotal role in stabilising the Antarctic ice sheet, where you will find nature at its very primitive form. Wildlife is also in abundance. You’re never too far away from a penguin and you will find birds flying endlessly above you, tending to their nests and nursing their young. You will hear seals barking by the harbour and whales calling out to each other in their own amazing communicative way. And, they’re not scared of humans, they are confident and very curious, so you will have your chance to get up close and personal with each wildlife.

6 – You can capture amazing photos

King Penguins in the Antarctica sun - motherhooddiaries

King Penguins in the Antarctica sun

Antarctica is every photographer’s dream! Everywhere you look, you will find a photo opportunity. From towering icebergs to crystal clear waters, to amazing wildlife, you’ll come back with a portfolio of award-winning, show-stopping photography. You can opt to attend the photography trips where pro photographers will be on hand to ensure you get some pretty amazing photos of the Antarctica under your belt. There are two workshops currently available, one where you stay on board the ship with 20 other passengers and participate in onboard lectures and workshops that introduce you to your equipment and the theory behind taking better pictures. The second workshop is land-based and more practical, aiding you to adjust to real-life situations such as falling snow, dim light, and moving wildlife. If you are interested in attending one of these photography-specific cruises, visit Oceanwide Expeditions for more information.

“Select voyages have pro photographers on board who are happy to share their expertise with you. Go home with some knew shutterbug knowledge and a mitt-full of fantastic photographs” Oceanwide-Expeditions

7 – It is so peaceful

© Dietmar Denger; Oceanwide Expeditions - motherhooddiaries

© Dietmar Denger; Oceanwide Expeditions

Thanks to the Antarctic Treaty System, the Antarctica is free of scientific investigation and military activity, so life is very peaceful. You get to see how nature is truly intended without the man-made touch of a human. This means crystal clear waters, curious wildlife and pure iceberg-to-ocean views aplenty.


Image taken by Elisabeth Hallm a customer story on Iceberg Encounters in Antartica - https://oceanwide-expeditions.com/blog/iceberg-encounters

Image was taken by Elisabeth Hall, a customer story on Iceberg Encounters in Antartica – https://oceanwide-expeditions.com/blog/iceberg-encounters

There are icebergs everywhere you look, some the size of small countries. But, no two are alike, so, grab your camera and hop onto an Antarctica cruise, then sit back, relax, and feast your eyes on the magic of nature’s creation.

9 – Sun, sun, sun!

Ski Trekking Antarctica across the island of South Georgia, Antarctica - Oceanwide Expeditions - motherhooddiaries

Ski Trekking Antarctica across the island of South Georgia, Antarctica – Oceanwide Expeditions

You may think that because it always feels like winter, Antarctica must be mostly dark like the dreary cold days of January. Yet, surprisingly, there are only a couple of weeks in mid-winter (around 21 June) when the days are dark and two weeks in the summer (around Christmas) when you have sunlight for 24 hours. Lots of sunlight means lots of opportunities to capture the amazing views of the Antarctica that cannot be likened to any other part of the world, apart from the Arctic.

Whatever your reason to experience a different kind of holiday this year, it cannot be argued that the Antarctica, along with the Arctic, is one of the most unique and breathtaking anomalies of the world, one which should be treated with the utmost respect. Preservation of this beautifully untouched continent can mean that we can enjoy its natural habitat in its purest form for years to come. 9 Reasons why you should visit the Antarctica this summer - www.motherhooddiaries.com

* All images are taken from https://oceanwide-expeditions.com

* Having not been to the Antarctica myself, although I do intend to visit sooner rather than later, all opinions have been taken from reputable sources who have witnessed the Antarctica themselves and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

* Collaborative feature post*

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