7 Unique Benefits of Live-In Care

7 unique benefits of live-in care - motherhooddiaries

Did you know that up to 97% of people would prefer to remain in their own homes whilst receiving support? With so little information available about provisions such as live-in care, people can often be left settling for services which do not fully satisfy their wishes and needs.

These figures highlight a real need for more resources that not only help people find live-in care services but also explain the distinctive benefits of professional support in the home. The ‘7 Benefits Unique To Live-In Care‘ info-graphic can help you understand the ways in which the lives of your loved ones can be transformed by choosing live-in care.

How Is Live-in Care Different?

Before making a choice about your loved one’s care, it is always best to understand what each provision entails, and where and how they will receive the support they require. There are 3 main types of care to likely consider:

Care Homes

When choosing a care home, your loved one will agree to move out of their current property and into new accommodation, this is often one room within the home itsself. Once living in a care home, they will receive support from the staff there. Their care team is likely to be made up of many people who rotate shifts. Where their care home is located will largely depend on availability, so this means they may not be able to receive care in their preferred community and in some cases, they could be separated from their partner.

Hourly Care

Hourly care is the type of domiciliary care which means it is delivered in the home, however, this type of care is not consistent throughout the day. A care assistant will visit your loved one’s property at specified times helping with a range of jobs including getting out of bed in the morning and preparing food. The time spent in their home supporting your loved one is relatively short compared to live-in care and can mean that they may spend extended periods of the day alone. For those with more complex needs, hours spent without care can be particularly problematic – increasing the risk of falls and accidents. Like care homes, you may be supported by a variety of different staff week on week, giving you little opportunity to develop friendships and meaningful relationships.

Live-in care

When a carer lives within your loved-one’s home and provides around the clock support this is called live-in care. By choosing live-in services, they’ll receive the undivided attention of their carer through one-to-one support, with a carer that will be assisting them and only them. Live-in care is very flexible compared to other types of care, a super strict routine is not necessary as there is no time limit on when their care ends – allowing for a greater level of independence, choice and fun spontaneity. Working in teams of two, live-in carers are trained to provide anything from companionship to complex care for a variety of conditions including Dementia, meaning your loved one can remain in the comfort of their home even if their care needs change.

Why You Should Consider Live In Care

Choosing live-in care can help improve, health, happiness, and well-being in some of the following ways:

  • Consistent Care – Your loved one will receive care as and when they need it.
  • Tailored Assistance – They’ll be cared for by a person who understands their individual needs.
  • Comfortable Home – Carers will help keep their home safe, clean and tidy.
  • Build Trust – Live-in care allows your loved one to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship with their carers.
  • Immediate Care – Their carer can immediately respond to medical emergencies.

Learn More About The 7 Benefits Unique to Live-In Care

7 Benefits Unique to Live in Care - motherhooddiaries

The Good Care Group is a Live-in care provider rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission. We provide excellent care, support and companionship to help you continue to live safely and comfortably within your home. Find out more about live-in care by The Good Care Group by visiting https://www.thegoodcaregroup.com/ or contact us on 020 3728 7575

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