5 Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom

5 stylish ways to spruce up your kid's bedroom - motherhooddiaries

Usually, when bona fide interior designers, like we hands-on DIY’er parents, tend to focus our attention on living spaces such as the dining room, living room, and other communal areas when finding ideas on how to spruce up our home. However, starting with the kid’s bedroom can be a fantastic source of inspiration, and a great way to bond with your child. Here are 5 stylish ways to decorate your kid’s bedroom – and get them involved too!

#1 Pick a Theme

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Does your little one love the great outdoors, or perhaps he or she is into comic books or even pirates? Whatever their pleasure, their room can be decked out based on their preference.

For example, you can paint a landscape scene with animal prints, or you can use stencils to draw their favourite characters. Let their imagination guide you.

#2 Incorporate Storage and Organization

Kids are messy, what with toys and clothes always finding their way onto the floor. So, one way to mitigate this problem is to have plenty of storage in their room. You can customize these additions with colours and designs that match the theme, but make sure that they can put everything away themselves when needed.

#3 Encourage Artistic Tendencies

Does your child like to paint or draw? If so, then you can enable them to express themselves with chalk paint or a whiteboard mounted to the wall. This way, they can not only be creative, but you can wipe it off and they can draw over and over.

#4 Keep It at Eye Level

Keep storage at eye level - motherhooddiaries

When designing, it can be easy to think of things from our perspective, but try not to make the various elements unreachable for your child. Keep storage containers and shelves at his or her level so that the room is designed specifically for them.

#5 Have it Bright

If possible, use large windows and some lights to add some vibrancy to the room. Kids do much better when exposed to the world outside, and they will love having a room that is bright and cheerful.

In the end, no matter what you do, make sure that you get your kid’s input and their help along the way. This will encourage them to take care of their room and their things much better once it’s all in place, and it’ll foster memories as well. As Beverly Hills interior designers, we also always love to add a little elegance and luxury to every child’s room!

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