5 reasons why you should holiday in the Elba Island with the family this summer

5 reasons why you should holiday in elba island with the family this summer

I have fallen in love with Italy since I have been doing my research on the best places to holiday with the family this summer, so I’m sticking with the Mediterranean islands, especially as the weather in the UK has been so abysmal. Last week, when I stepped out of the house, I thought we had fast-forwarded to late autumn, it was so windy and rainy!

So, this time we’re heading over to Elba Island, a quiet retreat on the Tuscan coast and an island that’s best known for Napoleon’s exile. Last year, the family and I were but a stone’s throw away in Perugia and I loved our time there so much that I never wanted to leave. I loved the people, the culture, the town, and the stress-free lifestyle… it fit me like a glove. So, even though I can think of twice as many more reasons, here are just 5 no-brainers as to why you should holiday in the Elba Island with the family this summer:

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(Image taken from http://www.lonelyplanet.com/maps/europe/italy/map_of_italy.jpg)

The colourful small towns

There seems to be a trend on Elba Island where pockets of towns are draped in all the colours of the rainbow. And, every part has its own unique feel, culture and, even, economy! San Piero’s economy is based on granite extraction while Marciana, for example, is based on agriculture, woodcutting and sheep farming due to its plentiful chestnut trees. Rio is a mining town and Portoferraio is the place that harboured Napoleon. The Italian dialects may prove a challenge to a beginner, but there’s no way you can get bored in Elba, especially if you can just escape to the sea.

The sea

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(Image taken from https://thinkingnomads.com/2016/07/3-good-reasons-visit-isola-elba-italy/)

The beaches are beautiful, but the Mediterranean Sea is magnificent – I know, I’ve enjoyed it all the way from North Cyprus and Tuscany. While we’re educating ourselves on the different islands on the Med, below is a map of the countries that surround that beautiful sea. The red cross/arrow shows where Elba Island is situated and the blue cross/arrow shows where my ethnic roots, North Cyprus, is on the map.

Mediterranean Isles - nationsonline.org - motherhooddiaries

(Image taken from http://www.nationsonline.org/maps/Political-Mediterranean-Region-Map.jpg)

Back to Elba Island. Its 156 beaches boast crystal clear and inviting water with coastlines ranging from rocky coves to white golden sand. During the high season, you may find that you are sharing the space with hordes of sun worshippers, but the beach offers more than just basking by the sea. You can also enjoy the amenities and facilities the beaches have to offer, like snack bars and diving centres. The main fine-sand beaches in Elba to visit, however, are Procchio, Fetovaia, Cavoli, Marina di Campo and Biodola. Whichever, your choice (perhaps visit all five?), the salty Mediterranean will also leave you with glowing skin and a certain state of euphoria that one only gets when they’re gracing the Mediterranean waters.

The beaches - travelsonspot - motherhooddiaries

(Image taken from https://www.travelonspot.com/en_GL/article/5-must-do-things-in-elba)

The steeped history

The northern coast of Elba faces the Ligurian Sea, the eastern coast faces the Piombino Channel, the southern coast, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the western tip divides the Corsica Channel from neighbouring Corsica. So, no town is without its own unique history and culture. A major historical mark was Elba Island’s harbouring of Napoleon during his exile in 1814. If you want to know more, there’s a great post on the history of Isola d’-Elba on thinkingnomads.com. But, the infographic below should point you to some of the best sites Elba Island offers for a great family holiday.

The culture

If you love culture then you’re heading to the right place. Art thrives and diversity lives through its people. The island is large enough to host eight different municipalities: Portoferraio, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Campo nell’Elba, Porto Azzurro, Rio Marina, Capoliveri, and Rio Elba. Each one has its own unique characteristic, from the architecture to the subtle linguistic diversity.


Elba’s views and landscapes look simply breathtaking, not just promoting itself as an island surrounded by sea, but a place enriched in nature and wonder. The climate is mostly Mediterranean, except for Mount Capanne, where winter can get quite cold. Any road racers in the family will enjoy the network of trails that Elba Island offers, so get out your dirt bikes for some fun! There are also great alternative routes for families with children, so you will not have to compete with the racers on the road. The following infographic provides you with five great attractions to make the most out of your holiday to Elba with the family:

Elba on the road infographic - traghetti-elbareservation - motherhooddiaries

There are so many things you can do with the family in Elba Island, but if you’re visiting from Italy, check out the ferries to Elba from the mainland, so you know your travel options before you set off.

There is no doubt that Italy is my number one choice for a fun-filled, culture-infused, sun, sea and sandy holiday with the family this year. It’s now a matter of whether I choose between Sicily, Sardinia or Elba Island. Which one would you go for?

 *Featured image taken from http://www.elba-island.org*

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