10 things we can all do to help change the world for the better

10 things we can do to change the world for the better - motherhooddiaries

The best things in life are free and I am inclined to agree with this adage. Yes, money buys you options, but kindness, manners, hospitality, and charity are completely gratis and can make the world a better place. If everyone practised one good deed every day, the positive outcome of our global home would be exponential. So, whether we are busy stay-at-home mums of four kids or a working parent of one, here are ten things we can all do to help change the world for the better.

1. Show kindness to the people around you

Show kindness to the people around you - motherhooddiaries

We all harbour our own stress and frustration, which we may end up inadvertently taking it out on other people. But, imagine there’s a universal domino effect that stems from that negativity you project into the world – you yell at someone on the street for accidentally running into you, who then angrily passes a homeless person and decides not to donate any food or money. That homeless person goes without food and causes distress to the next person they see, who then goes home and yells at their kids, and those kids then take it out on the teachers at school, who then get frustrated and, in turn, shout at their own kids. It’s like a web of hostility that just grows and grows. Now imagine the same sequence of events where, instead, you smile at the person who accidentally runs into you on the side of the road. They are so warmed by your token of goodwill that they decide to donate enough cash/food to the homeless person who is then able to buy a full meal and be motivated to start the road to recovery. That homeless person then smiles at the passer by, who then donates some more money/food for the nice gesture. They go home and give their kids a hug and tell them that they love them. Those kids are happier and enjoy school the next day and the teachers get a welcome break and pass on the love to their kids. You get the gist.

If you’re feeling angry, frustrated or stressed, it is important to know how to take a step back from the situation and breathe. What is going on? Do others need to feel your pain? Can you change your tone and talk through the problem so that you can at least let others in to help you? It is amazing how much kindness can go a long way. A simple smile to a person down in the dumps can be all they need to perk themselves up and carry on. Plus, smiling is infectious, so start spreading that love.

2. Donate blood

Donate blood - motherhooddiaries

Many countries are experiencing a shortage of blood stores and desperately need more people to donate their blood. Blood is the most precious gift that you can give to someone else because it saves lives. Blood transfusions can be used for helping women who have had complications during their pregnancies or boost children with severe anaemia. Giving blood can also help people with trauma and/or complex medical/surgical procedures, as well as even cancer. The procedure only takes half an hour and you walk away feeling like you’ve made a real difference in the world. That is the kind of feeling money can’t buy.

3. Donate to a charity

Donate to a charity - motherhooddiaries

We all work hard for our family and challenge the grindstone of financial, work and family pressure daily. But, imagine the lives of those whose basic rights have been taken away from them, whether it be through natural causes or man-made war. Maybe they don’t have enough food and water supply to take care of their own family or their living circumstances make it difficult for them to tend to their loved ones. Charities are set up to help those in need and whose sole aim is to rid the world of hunger, pain and suffering one step at a time.

Maybe you can’t afford to give cash, but if you have any items that you don’t need at home, charity shops in your area are always looking for donations. If you can afford to part with just a few quid a month, you can choose the charity you feel most connected to and donate online or over the phone. Some websites like ‘Give as you Live’ even offer cashback-style opportunities to donate to charities at no extra cost to you. Just make sure you visit Give as you Live’s website first, then you will be redirected to the online store where you can make your online purchases as normal. Give as you Live will take care of the rest and donate a percentage of the sale to a charity of your choice or Give as you Live’s charity of the month. These options are great for those who can’t afford to donate but want to make a difference by ensuring they’re giving back somehow. We are living in an age of growing awareness and this mentality needs to transpire to our children, who can then pass on this ‘giving’ mentality to their own kids. Donating to charity is one of the more tangible ways to combat the inequalities and imbalance of our world and help rid the ‘third world’ label once and for all!

4. Give food to a homeless person

Give food to a homeless person - motherhooddiaries

When passing a homeless person, do you wrinkle your nose in disgust or do you secretly wish you could help in some way? Perhaps, you don’t even notice them because the pressure of looking after your own family is hard enough. But imagine you were in their shoes (or lack thereof in some cases), how would you feel about being ignored or worse, disgraced? Not many know their back stories, but everyone in the world should be able to have all the necessities they need to survive in this world. When you see a homeless person, the safest bet is to donate food in the hope that it feeds them for a while. Donating clothes to shelter them from the colder seasons is also very preferable. You should then report that person to StreetLink, a charity that connects rough sleepers to local services, who will then provide the necessary support that is available to them. So, next time you pass a homeless person, give them some food and alert StreetLink. Then you can go about your day feeling like you’ve really made a difference in this world.

5. Teach your children to be dignified and kind

Teach your children to be kind and dignified - motherhooddiaries

They say charity starts at home, which means that kids learn about charity and acts of kindness at home first. It can also often mean that you should take care of your own children, family, and people around you before helping others.

If we take both meanings, then we should focus on teaching our children to be dignified, i.e. to show composure and respect to others, no matter their background. Teach them the feeling of helping others and how fulfilling and satisfying it is to be kind. In fact, kids are hardwired to be considerate and kind anyway, so their desire to help is innate. It is up to us parents to nurture that wonderful characteristic and encourage them to lead the way in changing the world for the better. Remember, kids, are the legacies of our future world.

6. Pass your junk to someone who needs the treasure

Pass your junk to someone who needs the treasure - motherhooddiaries

Taken from the well-known phrase, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”, which means that the material items that you own may be worthless to you because you don’t use them or need them anymore. But, for someone else, they could seem worthy because they might not be able to afford or access the items that you no longer need. It’s time to go through all of your possessions and bag up anything you can’t see yourself or your family using anymore, then head over to your local charity shop or google where to donate your belongings, so someone can benefit from your extra junk.

7. Recycle, clean up and look after your environment

Recycle, clean up and look after the environment - motherhooddiaries

In the UK, not every town has the recycle rule for sorting out rubbish into colour coded bins, i.e. food, general waste, paper/plastics, bottles etc. If you recycled everything in your bin, you could power a TV for 5,000 hours! Recyclingbins.co.uk say that if every person in the UK recycled just 10% more paper it would save approximately 5 million trees each year. Now, imagine if we scaled that statistic up to the world. What if everyone in the world recycled? Watch this video for some shocking results!

Even if you make every effort not to litter in public, walk wherever possible and pay extra attention to taking care of the environment, you can prolong our worlds’ lifespan and create a more welcoming habitat for our future generation.

8. Change your eating habits

Change your eating habits - motherhooddiaries

You might be surprised, but our eating habits can directly affect our world’s environment, sometimes in ways that you wouldn’t even notice. But, even a small modification to your diet can have a huge impact on the world.

Eating meat, for example, has the most significant impact on our environment. There have been many changes in agricultural practices in the past 50 years and food and climate change are becoming inexplicably linked to each other. Agricultural emissions make up around 30% of global emissions and higher emissions mean increasingly disturbing the diversity, composition, and functioning of the natural ecosystems of our world. In short, changing your eating habits not only helps you on the inside, but it keeps our world healthy too. Opt for more plant-based foods and fewer animal products, so that the demand for these giant agricultural industries decrease over time.

9. Volunteer your services

Volunteer your services - motherhooddiaries

Volunteering your services means donating your time and skills for the benefit of the individual, group of services or organisation and for no financial gain to you. That could mean running 1500m for a charity of your choice, helping at the local hostel or donating your money to a charity. Nowadays volunteer groups and services run like huge corporations and some can even offer specific training on how to volunteer. People are becoming more aware of the sheer inequality of the world and want to give something back to help the poorer nations. I say, if you have a spare ten minutes, use it to make good in the world and volunteer your services or your time to those who need it.

10. Lead by example

Here are some well-known people who definitely did lead by example and changed the world. I don’t think I could have explained it better myself!

Steve Jobs quote - motherhooddiaries

Michael Bloomberg quote - motherhooddiaries

Liam Neeson quote - motherhooddiaries

Miguel Angel Ruiz quote - motherhooddiaries

Gioconda Belli Quote - motherhooddiaries


Michael Jackson - motherhooddiaries

(Michael Jackson – http://www.sueFitzmourice.com/)

Mark Zuckerberg - motherhooddiaries

Ghandi quote - motherhooddiaries

How have you changed the world? Share your tips in the comments below.

10 things we can all do to help change the world for the better - motherhooddiaries

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